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Notified Body number 0572


03 27.03.2014

Company name: Postal address: Name: Position in company: Note that all Ramboll employees have signed a confidentiality agreement and are obliged to process all information in confidentiality. Attachments for your application:   

Description of the product that shall be certified, and which standards, normative documents, and directives the product shall be certified for, if the applicant has knowledge on this. The scope of the desired certification. Technical documentation and information (see checklist). Please fill out the attached checklist and attach this with the technical file.

Certification requirements         

  

The applicant will: Facilitate the implementation of the evaluation, including examination of documentation and access to all areas, registrations (including reports from our internal revisions) and personnel who are affected by the evaluation (e.g. testing, inspection, assessment, surveillance) and processing of complaints. Inform, without delay, about changes in the certified product that can affect the compliance of the certification requirements. The applicant makes claims regarding certification only in respect of the scope for which certification has been granted. The applicant does not use its product certification in such a manner as to bring the certification body into disrepute and does not make any statement regarding its product certification which the certification body may consider misleading or unauthorized. The applicant will stop applying all advert material with references to the certification and will return potential certification documents when the certification dissolves or is withdrawn. The applicant endeavors to ensure that no certificate or report nor any part thereof is used in a misleading manner. The applicant will meet the certification body’s demands when the applicant refers to its product certification in information medias. The applicant confirms that it has not applied for type-examination of the same product in other designated control agencies. The applicant/contractor will keep a register of all complaints regarding the EC type-examined product and: Implement necessary initiatives regarding these complaints and potential deficiencies found in products, that affect compliance with the certification requirements, Implemented initiatives must be documented. The complaint registry will be available upon request from the certification body. The certification body will inform the applicant of changes in certification requirements and control the implementation of the changes by its clients The applicant will always fulfil the certification requirements and implement necessary changes when they are communicated by the certification body.


Certification body:



Applicant’s representative (sign.):

Ramboll’s representative (sign.):



Ramboll Oil and Gas AS, Erik Børresens álle 7, Pb. 113 Bragernes, 3001 Drammen, Norway. Tel. + 47 32 25 45 00 Application form EC type-examination.

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EC type-examination acc. to the Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC

Signing of an agreement between client (applicant) and Ramboll Applicant signs Ramboll Application Form and sends technical documentation acc. checklist for documentation.

Ramboll: Verification of documentation

The applicant completes/ revises its documentation


Does the documentation meet the requirements?


Ramboll conducts examination and inspection

Applicants implement necessary improvements


Does the examination/ inspection confirm that the requirements of the MD are met?


Ramboll issues EC type-examination certificate

Applicant issues Declaration of Conformity with certificate number

Applicant can now produce the device and put it in the market

Ramboll Oil and Gas AS, Erik Børresens ålle 7, Pb. 113 Bragernes, 3001 Drammen, Norway. Tel. + 45 32 25 45 00 Application form EC type-examination.

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Checklist Necessary Documentation Documentation 1



Name and address


Production location


Type of equipment


Registration of complaints regarding the certified product


Description of the machine


An overall description of the machine


Main technical specifications


Dimensions and weight


SWL person lift

2.5 3

Visual information about the machine´s appearance Technical details




Appendix no. /comments

Name and address of the manufacturer or his authorized representative

Designation name, type, number, or serial number Confirmation that the contractor holds a complaint registry. This register shall be available if enquired.

Necessary description and explanation to understand how the machine works  working height, 

Rated load,

number of people,



power supply,


Such as drawings, photographs, video

3.1.1 Assembly drawing with main measurements 3.1.2 Detailed drawings / diagrams

Ramboll Oil and Gas AS, Erik Børresens álle 7, Pb. 113 Bragernes, 3001 Drammen, Norway. Tel. + 45 32 25 45 00 Application form EC type-examination.

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Documentation 3.1.3 Design of structural components



Appendix no. /comments

Including list of components, material specification, ie, steel, rope, chains, hoses, etc.


3.2.1 Strength Calculations 3.2.2 Stability Calculations 3.3

Electrical Standards / guidelines: • Low Voltage Directive LVD 2006/95/EC • EMC Directive 2004/108/EC • IEC 60204-1 • ISO 13849-1 Safety related parts of control systems • ATEX 94/9/EC

3.3.1 Electrical wiring diagram

Control Circuit, main power safety circuit

3.3.2 List of electrical components 3.3.3 Control system acc. ISO 13849-1 3.3.4 Description of software 3.3.5 Documentation of radio control acc. EMC directive 3.4 Hydraulic / Pneumatic

Information about version must be accessible.

3.4.1 Hydraulic diagrams

Power and control circuit

3.4.2 Complete list of hydraulic components 3.4.3 Pneumatic connection diagrams 3.4.4 Complete list of pneumatic components

Power and control circuit

Ramboll Oil and Gas AS, Erik Børresens álle 7, Pb. 113 Bragernes, 3001 Drammen, Norway. Tel. + 45 32 25 45 00 Application form EC type-examination.

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Documentation 3.5

Specification of structural components made of special materials




User Manual


Risk Assessment Applicable standards:  EN 5814 

ISO 12100:2010


Optional FMECA


Documentation of residual life


Test Procedure


All technical reports


Welding Certificates


Material Certificates




Appendix no. /comments

Ref. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Annex VII Preparation of the manual must satisfy the requirements of the Machinery Regulations Annex I, section 1.7.4: ( and Documentation of the risk assessment with a description of the procedure followed, including:  The requirements that apply to your machine. 

Description of the methods chosen to remove known hazards or minimize risk.

Residual risks are still associated with the use of the machine.

The results of the tests carried out either by the producer or by the body manufacturer has chosen.

Ramboll Oil and Gas AS, Erik Børresens álle 7, Pb. 113 Bragernes, 3001 Drammen, Norway. Tel. + 45 32 25 45 00 Application form EC type-examination.

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(Section 1b, appendix VII A, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC) Description of measures taken to ensure that the machinery produced remains in conformity with relevant requirements of appendix I (essential health and safety requirements, EHSRs)

Series production  Monitoring

Compliance reports / statements on any component parts. Certificates showing compliance with other directives List of technical standards and specifications used, including a description of the requirements for protection against damage to life and health meet these standards

Battery chargers, electrical safety, etc., engines / winch, remote control, etc. if this is applicable

Inspections, test at various stages of production & on finished products

Ensure subcontractor quality

EN ISO 9001 certified?

Appendix no. /comments

That is:  Strength Calculations  Hydraulic / Pneumatic Components  Electrical system  Management  Life Calculations  Etc..

Ramboll Oil and Gas AS, Erik Børresens álle 7, Pb. 113 Bragernes, 3001 Drammen, Norway. Tel. + 45 32 25 45 00 Application form EC type-examination.

Application form ec type examination certification agreement ramboll  
Application form ec type examination certification agreement ramboll