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THE ARCTIC’S LEADING CONSULTANCY PLANNING & URBAN DESIGN Ramboll’s holistic approach to urban development encompasses strategy, planning, and world class technical design services and is based on an integrated multidisciplinary skills base. We have an extensive track record working with a number of the world’s largest cities to create liveable, sustainable, and implementable urban development solutions that are fully adapted to the local context. Read more at: www.ramboll. com/planning-and-urbandesign

WATER Water is essential to life and one of our most precious resources. Our water specialists address global water and climate challenges by working across the entire water cycle from water resources and supply, processing and treatment, to sewerage and discharge. We draw on proven multidisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and liveable solutions for our customers and society. Our key service lines are climate adaptation/bluegreen infrastructure, water management & planning and industrial water & wastewater treatment. Read more at:

TRANSPORT Mobility fuels economic and social development and with 50% of the world’s population now living in urban areas, efficient and reliable transport systems are essential. To meet this need, Ramboll has been working on some of the world’s largest, most innovative infrastructure projects and is the leading consultancy in the Nordic market. We create value for transport authorities, contractors and local authorities by providing multidisciplinary technical excellence and minimising resource usage. Read more at:

OIL & GAS To make it in today’s fast paced and competitive oil and gas market, companies depend on advanced technical solutions that combine economic efficiency with stringent health, safety and environmental (HSE) safeguards during the production and distribution processes. These elements form an integral part of Ramboll’s independent and multidisciplinary consultancy service, which covers the entire project cycle. We excel in onshore consultancy and have designed offshore structures for industry giants such as Maersk Oil, DONG Energy and Statoil since the 1970s. Read more at:

3 We define the Arctic according to the Arctic Council definition of Arctic administrative areas: AMAP Arctic Circle Source: Arctic Council Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)


RUSSIA (Moscow and St. Petersburg)


GREENLAND (Nuuk, Sisimiut)

With a 30 year proven track record operating in the Arctic, Ramboll is the region’s leading consultancy with unparalleled knowledge of the area’s sensitive natural environment, societal considerations, and special working conditions.

FINLAND (Oulu, Rovaniemi, Raahe, Ylivieska, Kajaani) NORWAY Norway (Bodø, Setermoen, Tromsø, Alta, Longyearbyen)

ICELAND (Project based partnerships)

SWEDEN (Luleå, Kiruna, Piteå, Boden,Umeå)

ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH As a top ten global environmental and health consultancy, we have earned a reputation for technical and scientific excellence, innovation and client service. Advances in science and technology and evolving regulatory, legal and social pressures create increasingly complex challenges for our clients. We evolve to keep pace with these changes – by adding new services, contributing to scientific advances or expanding geographically. Read more at: www.ramboll. com/environment

BUILDINGS Buildings form a fundamental part of our lives by shaping our communities and daily activities. For these reasons, Ramboll’s design philosophy is to always make room for the human experience. As one of Europe’s top 3 buildings designers with decades’ of experience in the global market, we create visionary, sustainable, and awardwinning buildings that improve life for users and enhance the surrounding landscape. Read more at:

ENERGY Security of power supplies, climate change, energy efficiency and resource scarcity are top priorities on the global agenda. Ramboll is at the forefront of addressing these issues as the global market leader in offshore wind, waste-toenergy and district heating consulting and the leader in Scandinavia for large-scale thermal power consulting. We also have a specialist competence in designing power transmission masts and offshore wind met masts. Read more at:

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING National, regional and local authorities are responsible for issues that affect us all; from health care, education and day care to strategic planning of infrastructure and climate initiatives. Drawing on 500 management experts, Ramboll acts as a trusted partner to public administrations, creating the insights needed to make informed strategic decisions that promote stronger societies. With unprecedented levels of competition in the global economy, Ramboll focuses on empowering private sector customers with expertise and powerful management tools. Read more at: www.ramboll. com/management-consulting


ARCTIC ABOUT US Revenue in 2014 41.5 million EUR Number of employees 450 Geographical spread We have 17 offices across the Arctic region of Greenland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Alaska. POLARLED SUBSEA PIPELINE, NORWAY This unprecedented 481 km offshore pipeline will connect new fields in the Norwegian Sea with existing infrastructure, hereby crossing the Arctic Circle, to secure future energy supply to Europe. Drawing on extensive knowledge of the environmental conditions and of subsea pipeline design and state of the art software, Ramboll specialists are delivering an optimised, innovative, and cost effective solution. (Image top)

BARENTS FREEWAY FEASIBILITY STUDY, NORWAY, SWEDEN, FINLAND AND RUSSIA The EUR 1.4 million ‘Barents Freeway’ project will pave the way for cohesive and optimised future development of the transport network across the Barents region. The goal is to integrate the current national and regional transport strategies, plans and projects of each country into a common Barents Region transport strategy. The project also includes a pilot study of an air taxi system as well as four pilots of new potential railway alternatives. (Image bottom)

Ramboll offers customers impartial advice and an integrated multidisciplinary service that brings together engineering, design and management consulting expertise. This enables us to provide qualified guidance and support at every stage of the value chain – from strategy development to the execution phase. We have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing communities across the Arctic region. Ramboll has unique experience in successful corporation with authorities at a local and regional level and we have forged strong links with bodies representing indigenous people in the Arctic region as well as NonGovernmental Organisations. In late 2014, Ramboll acquired the American environmental consultancy ENVIRON. Thus, Ramboll’s Arctic presence now also applies in North America, not least through Ramboll Environ’s office in Anchorage. In addition, many of Ramboll Environ’s specialists based in Canada and the US have wide Arctic expertise from environmental consultancy in Alaska and the Canadian Arctic, especially for the oil and gas industry and the mining industry, and in addition also a wide project portfolio from the Russian Arctic.


NEW HABOUR PROJECT, NUUK Currently providing a logistic challenge for Greenlandic growth, Nuuk Habour will undergo an extensive expansion to target container ships, but will also accommodate cruise ships, trawlers and offshore projects. A container port will be built with a quay length of 320 meters and connected hinterland area of 40,000 m2, which will reduce pressure on the existing harbour. Ramboll is also the consultant for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in connection with the expansion of Nuuk Habour and has assisted the Selfgovernment in assessing the socio-economic impact of investing in the new habour.





GREENLAND’S NEW PRISON, NUUK The new correctional facility in Nuuk will be integrated with the open Greenlandic mountain landscape, rendering a contrasting look of beauty and roughness. Using materials such as concrete, wood and weathering steel, the building design aims to provide a good working environment for the employees of the facility and a positive environment for the rehabilitation of the inmates. Ramboll has been chosen as a full-service consultant for the project, intended to bring the Greenlandic administration of justice fully up-to-date. (image right: schmidt hammer lassen architects)

Local partner global knowledge Ramboll has been present in Greenland since 1985 and today we have 17 employees, based at our Head Office in Nuuk and our office in Sisimiut. Our presence in Greenland seeks to strengthen our Arctic 360 degree presence and our projects span from buildings and infrastructure to energy, environment and strategic advice on sustainable society building.

We have a long history of working with municipalities, governmental bodies and local communities in Greenland in our projects. Our longstanding experience in Greenland and our recognition of its sensitivity to human interference enables us to help safeguard the country’s special conditions, as well as supporting the development of a more sustainable society. In Greenland, we provide value by offering clients a unique blend of multidisciplinary engineering, scientific, and consultancy capabilities across all sectors and within the entire project cycle. We are combining our local presence with Ramboll’s global expertise of 12,300 professionals.


10 WORLD CLASS PROJECTS SUSTAINABLE WASTE APPROACH, SISIMIUT With a current population of approx. 5,500 people, Sisimiut is facing serious waste problems as the local incineration plant’s capacity has long been exceeded. Ramboll developed an effective method for converting waste into fertile land, in close collaboration with the Government and the municipality of Qeqqata. By using old refrigerated containers equipped with ventilators to ensure that the heat from the composting processes was retained and recirculated into the waste, the composting process proved successful in the cold, Arctic climate. (Image top) ANALYSIS OF GROWTH POTENTIALS AND INFRASTRUCTURE IN GREENLAND The government of Greenland is seeking to enhance sustainable growth in a number of sectors. One of the areas where growth is possible is within tourism, but poor accessibility and high prices of airplane tickets is constraining growth. Ramboll has developed a number of scenarios for optimised airport structures which will enhance accessibility and lower the price levels for both tourists and society as a whole. Based on forecast for tourism and passengers Ramboll conducted a socio-economic analysis, a cash flow analysis for the new airport structures and forecast of demand for hotel capacity. (Image bottom) EIA FOR HYDROPOWER PLANT, QOLORTORSUAQ A two-hundred-meter-wide dam and a water reservoir less than one kilometer from the ice cap are among the spectacular features to be evaluated in an Environmental Impact Assessment by Ramboll, covering the expansion of the hydroelectric power plant at Qolortorsuaq. The focus of the EIA is to investigate the biological conditions in the area, including the changed water regime, a possible increase in mercury in the fish in the area as well as the impact on local sheep farming. (Image right)


Greenland market brochure  
Greenland market brochure