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Date of Publication : Every Saturday

97908 50375 Vol : 14 - No : 10

Covering Porur, Valasaravakkam, Virugambakkam, Saligramam & Vadapalani areas

Oct 29 - Nov 04, 2016


Any condition LED / LCD TV Spot Cash



p √VÈV˜ ÂV‚| \ÚÕm¬ ÔÁ¶

ƒÔÈs>\V™ ØÁ¤ \uÆD ÁkyÔ º«V\ ƒV\V[Ô^, EÆ>VMB∫Ô^.®ıÿF kÁÔÔ^, JoÁÔÔ^ \uÆD >´\V™ ÂV‚| \ÚÕm© ÿ√VÚ‚Ô^ ˛Á¶¬z\.

1∞, ÿ\¤¸Ω¬ ÔVÈM, ºÔƒkÏ›]M ∂Ú˛_. 99402 04725

Editorial & Advt. Cell: 80562 96749, 98405 73043


Oct 29-Nov.04, 2016


Classified Advertisement 1col x cm Rs.75/For bookings call: 98405 73043. Advertisements will be collected at your doorsteps.

RENTAL 820 sq.ft., 2 Bedroom Flat, Vacant at Chowdhry Nagar, 2nd Street, Near Kesavardhini. Vegetarian only.

2476 7080 9840341029

200 sq.ft., suitable for Shop available. Rent Rs.8000/Advance Rs.1 Lakh.  Single Bedroom attached Bath, Hall, Kitchen. Rent Rs.7500/Advance Rs.40,000/at Kesavardhini. Contact : 9962799613 


No. 5, 9th Cross Street, SVS Nagar, Valasaravakkam, Chennai - 600 087. Cell : 80562 96749 98405 73043 Email Website Date of Publication Every Monday

Wanted experienced Female Telecallers for VALASAI TIMES Attractive Salary + Commission Call... 98405 73043 80562 96749 ∂ÚÔVÁ\fl ÿƒF]ÔÁ· c¶–¬z¶[ ÿ>ˆÕm ÿÔV^·



Oct 29-Nov.04, 2016

Sea Route and Ancient Tamils

Willage (Welfare Initiative for Land , Learning , Agriculture thro 'Green Eco System) an NGO organized a one day workshop on Ancient Tamils'' Silk Route and Sea routes in chennai for the younger generation entrepreneurs . Dr.Orissa Balu Historian,Ocean Researcher & writer in his special address stressed the need for business by correlating that of ancient traditions and innovative techniques.He briefed the technology based approach among the consumers and the end users. His research on Sea turtles and silk routes were shown to the participants with relevant documentations. 95 participants from all over the state attended his inspiring orientation. Thilagar Rajan, Vice President welcomed the gathering and Kasi Viswanathan, Secretary, co-ordinated the event. Earlier Mrs.Krishna Radhakrishna a business magnet from WEWA delivered a lecture on women and current business. Koteeswaran proposed vote of thanks.

FAER Motorola Scholarship Programme Foundation for Advancement of Education and Research (FAER), Bengaluru invites applications for Motorola Scholarhip Program 201617 to select Scholars from Engineering Colleges based on a project in the various areas. The project proposals should be on any of the following areas - (i) Computer Science & Information Technology (ii) Mobile Communications (iii) Renewable Energy Systems (iv) Signal Processing (v) Rural Technologies (vi) Health Care Technologies (vii) Labour Saving Technologies for Women (viii) Ecology and Environment (ix) Applications. The student should be bonafide students doing BE/M.C.A. in recognized institutions are eligible for this Motorola Scholarship Programme Stage 1: FAER will receive project proposals from students in engineering colleges, screen them with the help of experts and select projects for funding. An amount up to a maximum of Rs.5000/- will be reimbursed to each project team after completion of their project. Stage 2: Selection of “Motorola Scholars” based on the evaluation of the completed projects through a Seminar-cum-Exhibition and best projects will be awarded with Cash Prize and Certificates in Motorola Scholar Awards Presentation Function. There will be a special award for students from disadvantaged sections: Motorola Scholar Awards: First Prize: Rs 75,000/-, Second Prize: Rs 50,000/-, Third Prize: Rs 30,000/-,Special Award: Rs 25,000/- to Students team For further details, format for submitting project proposals please visit FAER website Last Date for Receipt of Hardcopy of the Proposals for Projects by 30th October 2016

Free Narayaneeyam class Free Narayaneeyam classat ur door step conducted by Aanmeega semmal Smt. Annanagar Bhama krishnan. Full Narayaneeyam Parayanam/ Upanyasam/ Sapthagam/ on request at house and Temple On occasions like Marriage/ Birthday, 60th and 80th/Reception all 1036 slokas are recited with tamil meaning & Bhakthi pooram. Interested Bhaktas contact : 9790944800

√]° ÿƒFB› >k≈VyÏ z|D√ ∂‚Á¶>V´ÏÔ^ >∫Ô·m z|D√ cÆ©∏™ÏÔπ[ g>VÏ s√´∫ÔÁ· ∂∫ÔVΩl_ c^· su√Á™ xÁ™B›]_ (POS) √]° ÿƒFkm ∂kEBD ®[√>V_ c¶[ g>VÏ ∂‚Á¶lÁ™ z|D√ ∂‚Á¶•¶[ ÷Á›m¬ ÿÔV^”∫Ô^.

For Advt.

VALASAI TIMES 80562 96749 / 98405 73043

Oct 29-Nov.04, 2016


Shriram Chits’ Thirukkural Show ‘Kuralodu Tamil Paesu’ on Makkal TV One of the popular Tamil TV Channels ‘Makkal TV’ is to telecast a new 13episode show ‘ Kuralodu Tamil Paesu’ on Sundays between 8.30 pm and 9.00 pm, beginning from 6th November 2016 till 29th January 2017. Produced by Shriram Chits, directed by Mr. Thurai Nagarajan of Boon Fun Media and compered by Mr. Vijayan, the programme is to bring viewers the excerpts of exciting State-level Students Elocution Contest conducted recently. Shriram Ilakkiya Kazhagam, the literary wing of Shriram Group, organized elocution competition based on ‘Thirukkural’ for school and college students in 10 zones: Chennai, Puducherry, Madurai, Nellai, Thiruvarur, Trichy, Namakkal, Kovai, Salem, and Vellore, during July and August 2016 that witnessed participation of 1918 students in all. Held in 4 levels – Juniors (Classes: 6-8), Seniors (Classes: 9 & 10), Super Seniors (Classes: 11 & 12) and College levels across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry - the contest saw 40 emerging as finalists. The grand finale was held recently in Chennai where each finalist was given spot topic from Thirukkural. Twelve judges adjudged the winners (each level with a three-member jury). Film Director Badri, Film Lyricist Kavignar Snehan, Tamil Writer Soma Valliappan, and Tiruppur Krishnan, were among the jury. Cash awards, Trophies and Shields were given as prizes for first, second and third place winners of each level.

Annual day celebration of Our Angel School Our Angel Matric Hr. Sec. School, Chowdry Nagar, Valasaravakkam celebrated its Annual day celebration on Saturday (22.10.2016). Correspondent A. Chandrasekar, was the Chair person of the function and delivered the Presidential address. The Chief Guest address was given by Dr. V.Mirasu David, Principal of St. John’s Academy Residential Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Palanjur. Prizes were given by G. Chandru, Inspector of Police, R 9 Valasaravakkam Police Station, Ramapuram. Annual report was presented by Shri. R. Thirumavalavan, Principal of School. Annual day function was celebrated in a grand manner by Teaching & Non Teaching faculties, Students, Parents & well wishers of our school.

AYURVEDIC THERAPIES  Abhyangam & Thalapothichil (Application of herbal paste on head and cover with banana leaf for cooling) Relieves Stress, reduces body heat, promotes sound sleep, induces mental peace and useful in Psoriasis management, alopecia and hairfall. Treats insomnia, depression, headache, burning sensation of eyes and dandruff.

 Abhyangam and Udwarthanam Massage with medicated herbal powder. Good for diseases such as diabetic neuropathy, paralysis, obesity, skin care, sciatica, indigestion and sclerosis of blood vessels, Removes cellulite, improves blood circulation, breaks the fatty deposits in the body leading to weightloss. Tones the skin and muscles. More details contact : Dr. Shamila Sundar, Samaanvita Ayurvedic Centre, Ramapuram, Chennai - 89. Cell : 99628 26467,


x>ÈÁ\flƒÏ ÿ¤BÈo>V Ø´ c¶_ÂÈD ÿ√≈ k·ƒ´kV¬ÔD ∂ıV ÿ>Vauƒ∫ÔD ƒVÏ∏_ k·ƒ´kV¬ÔD, º√V‘Ï c^π‚¶ √z] Ôπ_ ∂Á\Õm^· ºÔVl_Ôπ_ E≈©A ∂∏º≠ÔD, Ì‚|© ∏´VÏ›>Á™ \uÆD ∂[™>V™D ÂÁ¶ÿ√u≈m. ∂ıV ÿ>Vauƒ∫Ô› >ÁÈkÏ ®¸.\Ë ∞u√V‚Ω_ ÂÁ¶ÿ√u≈ ÷ÕWÔµflEl_ ∂Á\flƒÏ √V.ÿ√fiƒt[ >ÁÈÁ\ k˛›>VÏ. ÔV.∑.¤™VÏ›>™[, \Vk‚¶ ÿƒBÈV·Ï T.∂ÿȬ vVı¶Ï, √z] ÿ√VÚ·V·Ï ®D.˜.√wM, k‚¶ ÿƒBÈV·Ï ®D.˜.ƒÕ]´ ºƒÔÏ, x[™V^ \V\[≈ cÆ©∏™Ï s.ÔVE, k·Áƒ s\_, ∏.\fi∑·V, AÈkÏ º´V¤V, Ω.∏.∂[√´∑, ƒÕ>V™D, kδºkK, ∂©m_˜[™V c^π‚¶ ∞´V·\Vº™VÏ ÔÈÕm ÿÔVı¶™Ï.


Oct 29-NOv.04, 2016

k·ƒ´kV¬Ô›]_ ∏´V\Ï ƒ∫ÔD ƒVÏ∏_

y√Vkπ ºkiΩ, ºƒÁÈ sWºBVÔD ∏´V\Ï ƒ∫ÔD, k·ƒ´kV¬ÔD ˛Á· k´°^· y√Vkπ √ıΩÁÔÁB x[ M‚| Âo°u≈ ∏´V\ ƒJÔ›]™Ú¬z A¶Ák \uÆD ºkiΩ kw∫˛B swV 23.10.2016 (QVlÆ) \VÁÈ gµkVÏ ]ÚÂÔÏ, ÿ¤.ÿ¤. «Vo_ ÿkz s\ˆÁƒBVÔ ÂÁ¶ÿ√u≈m. swVsuz ˛Á·›>ÁÈkÏ ©ÚD\p. ´V¤VkV›]BVÏ ∂kÏÔ^ >ÁÈÁ\ >V∫˛™VÏ. ÿƒ_s. ƒ¬] x´C>´[ ∂kÏÔπ[ ÔV™ \Áw •¶[ swV mk∫˛Bm. swVsuz ∞´V·\Vº™VÏ ÔÈÕm ÿÔVı| E≈©∏›>™Ï. ÿ√Vmfl ÿƒBÈV·Ï Ω.ÿ¤Bz\VÏ ∂Á™kÁ´•D k´ºku≈Á> ÿ>V¶ÏÕm ƒ∫Ô›][ x[º™u≈›]_ √∫ºÔu≈ x[™V^ WÏkV˛Ô^ ÿÔ·´s¬Ô© √‚¶™Ï.

˛Á·›>ÁÈkÏ >™m cÚ¬Ô\V™ cÁ´l_ ƒ∫Ô›][ ÿƒB_ √V|Ô^ √u§ s·¬˛Bº>V| ƒ∫Ô›]uz ÿ√Ú\·s_ ∂∫Ô›]™Ï ºƒÏ¬Ô©√‚| º\KD kK°^·>V¬Ô ºkı|ÿ\™ z§©∏‚¶VÏ. º\KD ƒ∫Ô›][ ÿƒB_√V|Ô^ Â\m ƒJÔ›]™Ú¬z ºƒÏÕ>Á¶Õ >V_ \‚|º\ ƒ∫Ô›][ z§¬ºÔV^ WÁ≈ºk§B>VÔ ∂Á\•D ®™ ÿ>π° √¶ ®|›mÁ´›>VÏ. ÷Æ]l_ swV E≈©√V™ xÁ≈l_ ¶›] g¬Ô Z]l_ ÿƒB_√‚¶ ƒ∫Ô WÏkV˛ÔÁ· √V´V‚Ω™VÏ. ƒ∫Ô›]uz Â\m ƒJÔ›]™Ï ∂Á™kÚD Ø´ Œ›mÁw©A ∂π¬Ô ºkı|ÿ\™°D >ÁÈkÏ ºÔ‚|¬ ÿÔVı¶VÏ. ∏[™Ï ∂Áw¬Ô©√‚¶ 50¬z º\u√‚¶ >D√]l™Ú¬z ÷M©√V™ y√Vkπ¬z \™\VÏÕ> y√Vkπ kVµ›m¬Ô”¶[ ÷M©A, A¶Ák \uÆD ºkiΩ g˛BÁk >ÁÈkÏ \uÆD WÏkV˛Ô·V_ kw∫Ô©√‚¶m. c√>ÁÈkÏ kV∑º>k[ ∂kÏÔ^ ÌΩlÚÕ> ∂Á™ kÚ¬zD Â[§ ÿ>ˆs›>º>V| Â\m ºkı|ºÔV”¬z ÷∫Ô ÿ√Ú\·s_ ÷M©AÔ^ kw∫˛ ÷[A≈fl ÿƒF> p˛ÚiV ¸T‚¸ cˆÁ\BV·Ï \uÆD ∑ÁkBV™ EuÆıΩ kw∫˛ E≈©∏›> p QV™VD∏ÔV ºÔ‚¶ˆ∫ cˆÁ\BV·Ï g˛ºBVÚ¬z \™\VÏÕ> Â[§lÁ™ ÿ>ˆs›>m¶[ Ì‚¶D ÷Mº> xΩÕ>m.

Oct 29- Nov. 04, 2016


y√Vkπ k´ÈVÆ

÷∫zD á ∂∫zD ∑kσÕ>Ï


kËÔfl ∑w_

_ÈV mÁ≈ÔπKD º>¬Ô WÁÈ ÔV©√|D ÔVÈD ÷m. BVˆ¶xD √D ÷_ÁÈ. kÚk>uz ∞>Vkm kVF©A ÷Ú¬ ˛≈>V? ®[≈V_ Ôıb¬ÿÔ‚ΩB #´D kÁ´ ÷_ÁÈ ®[º≈ ÿ>ˆ˛≈m. \V> ƒD√·D kV∫z√kÏÔ”D, {F∆]BD ÿ√Æ√ kÏÔ^ \‚|º\, ÷.®D.n \uÆD ÷>´ ÿƒÈ°Ô^ ÿƒF>m º√VÔ >∫Ô·m ∂[≈V¶ º>ÁkÔÁ· {´·° WÁ≈ºku§¬ ÿÔVı| ÷Ú¬˛[≈™Ï. ÿ>Va_ mÁ≈ ®[√m cuƒVÔD ÷[§¬ ˛¶¬˛≈m. ÷m>V[ ÷[Á≈B ÷Õ]BVs[ WÁÈ. BVÏ *m zÁ≈ ÿƒV_km ®[º≈ ÿ>ˆBs_ÁÈ. ®[™ xBuE ÿƒF>VKD ¶©√]_ÁÈ. ®_ÈV kVF©AÔ”D >^π› >^π© º√V˛[≈™. *ı|D ®©º√Vm ∂Õ> √ÁwB WÁÈ ]ÚDAD ®[º≈ ∂›>Á™ mÁ≈Ô”D ÔV›m¬ ˛¶¬˛[≈™. cÈÔD xøkmD ÷º> WÁÈ>V[ ®]ÿ´Vo¬˛≈m. ∂>™V_ >V[ √ÈÏ ºkÁÈ ÷wÕm ÿkπÂV‚Ω_ ÷ÚÕm ]ÚD∏¬ ÿÔVıΩÚ¬˛[≈™Ï. ÷>uÿÔ_ÈVD ®[™ ÔV´D ®[Æ ºÔ‚¶V_ ∂>uz kËÔfl ∑w_ (Trade Cycle) ®[Æ ÿ√VÚ·V>V´D √]_ ÌÆ˛≈m. ∂>Vkm ŒÚ ÔVÈ Ô‚¶›]_ ®_ÈV ÿ>Va_Ô”D cflƒ WÁÈl_ ÷Ú¬zD. ∂>[ xΩs_ ®_ÈV mÁ≈Ô”D ƒˆÁk ƒÕ]¬zD. ÷Õ> WÁÈ \V§ \V§ kÚkÁ>›>V[ kËÔfl ∑w_ ®[Æ ÿ√VÚ·V>V´D ÌÆ˛≈m. ÷Õ]BVÁk© ÿ√VÆ›>kÁ´ ÿ√VÚ·V>V´ ∑∏‚ƒ›][ cflƒD ®[√m ˆB_ ®¸º¶‚ mÁ≈l_>V[ x>o_ ®]ÿ´Vo¬ zD. ŒÚkÏ, su√Á™¬z kÕm^· ŒÚ \Á™ÁBºBV TÁ¶ºBV √VÏ›ms‚|, ∂‚kV[¸ ÿÔV|©√>uÔVÔ T‚|¬z ÿƒ[Æ ]ÚDAk>uz^, ∂Õ> ÷¶D \uÿ≈VÚk´V_ kV∫Ô©√‚| s|D WÁÈ ÷ÚÕ>V_, ∂Á> ÿ√VÚ·V>V´›][ cflƒ WÁÈ BVÔ¬ ÔÚ>ÈVD. ∂º>ƒ\BD ŒÚ ÷¶›Á> ÿ>V¶ÏÕm √ÈÏ √VÏ›m¬ ÿÔVıº¶ sÁÈ º√E xΩ¬ÔV\_ ÿƒ[Æ ÿÔVıΩÚÕ>V_, ∂mºk ÿ√VÚ·V>V´ ƒˆ° WÁÈ ®[√Á> ÂVD xΩ° ÿƒFm ÿÔV^·ÈVD. ÷©º√Vm, Ô¶Õ> 5 gı|Ô”¬zD º\ÈVÔ ƒˆ° WÁÈ>V[ ÿ>V¶ÏÕm ÿÔVıΩÚ¬˛≈m ®[√m Â\¬z› ÿ>ˆ•D. WÈ›][ kaÔV‚| \]©A \uÆD √›]´©√]°¬ Ô‚¶D g˛BkuÁ≈ ∂´∑ cBÏ›]BmD ÷>uz ŒÚ x¬˛B¬ ÔV´ \VÔ ∂Á\Õm s‚¶m. ÷mº√V[≈ ÔVÈ Ô‚¶∫Ôπ_, ˆƒÏ° k∫˛ k‚Ω s˛>›>Á>¬ zÁ≈©√mº√V_, kaÔV‚| \]©A \uÆD √›]´© √]°¬ Ô‚¶›Á> ∂´∑ zÁ≈›>V_, º>∫˛ •^· ÿ√VÚ·V>V´ WÁÈ ƒuÆ ®øÕmk´ kVF©A c^·m. g™V_ ∂´∑ ®©º√Vm ÷Á> ÿƒFB©º√V˛≈m ®[Æ ÿ>ˆB s_ÁÈ. Â_ÈVÏ ŒÚkÏ c·º´_ ∂kÏ ÿ√VÚ‚| ®_ÈVϬzD ÿ√F•D \Áw ®[√m º√VÈ, ŒÚ mÁ≈l_ ÿƒFB©√|D ÊÏ]Ú›>D \u≈ mÁ≈ÔÁ·•D Ê´Á¶Bfl ÿƒF•D. ∂>uÔVÔ kVkm, ∂´∑ ˆB_ ®¸º¶‚ mÁ≈l_ EÈ \Vu≈∫ÔÁ·fl ÿƒF>V_ Â_Èm. BVˆ¶xD √©Aw¬ÔD ÷_ÁÈ ®[≈V_, ∂∫ºÔ s´¬] \‚|º\ WÈ°D. ∂Õ> WÁÈÁB \Vu§ ∂Á\©√m ∂´E[ Ô¶Á\B_ÈkV?. cÈÔ ∂·s_ 1931áD gı| ŒÚ ÿ√ˆB \Õ>D ∞u√‚¶m. cu√›] ÿƒFB©√‚¶ ÿ√VÚ‚Ô^ ∂Á™›mD º>∫˛¬ ˛¶Õ>™. ºkÁÈ kVF©AÔ^ ÷_ÈV\_ \¬Ô^ kÆÁ\l_ cw[≈™Ï. cÈÔ·VsB ÷Õ> ÛwºÈ x>_ cÈÔ© º√VÚ¬z ka kz›>m. ∂>[ ∏[™º´ ∂Á™›m ÂV|Ô”D Œ[§ÁÕm ∂Àk© º√Vm ÿ√VÚ·V>V´ \VÂV|ÔÁ· ¶›> g´D∏›>™. g™V_ ÷©º√Vm ¶©√ÿ>_ÈVD, k·Á\ ÷wÕ> ÂV|ÔÁ· ∂¶¬˛ g·ºk ¶›>©√|˛≈m ®[ÆD ŒÚ zu≈flƒV‚| x[ Ák¬Ô©√|˛≈m. 1991áD gı| ∂©º√VÁ>B ∏´>\Ï Â´ED\´VÀ g‚E¬ ÔVÈ›]_ ÿÔVı| k´©√‚¶ ÿ√VÚ·V>V´ ÊÏ]Ú›>D √È x[º™u≈∫Ô”¬z ka kz›>m. ®M–D, ∂>[ ∏≈z, ÷Á>s¶© ÿ√ˆB ∂·sÈV™ ÿ√VÚ·V>V´ ÿÂÚ¬ÔΩÁB ÂVD ƒÕ]¬Ô ºÂÏÕ>m. ®™ºk, ÿ√VÚ·V>V´ ∑¨‚ƒ›Á> ÿÔVı| kÚkm \‚|\_ÈV\_, *ı|D ÿ√VÚ·V>V´› º>¬ÔWÁÈ ∞u√¶V\_ ÷Ú©√>uzD ∂´∑ cˆB ¶kΩ¬ÁÔÔÁ· º\uÿÔV^· ºkı|D. ∂©º√Vm>V[ ŒÚ Ê´V™, >Á¶Bu≈ ÿ√VÚ·V>V´ k·ÏflEÁB ÂD\V_ ÔV xΩ•D ®[√m, ÷]_ ÷ÚÕm ÂVD ÔuƬÿÔV^·ºkıΩB √V¶\VzD.


÷ÚÕ> ´ÔV ∑´Á™ Tµ›] ˛Úi √ÔkV[ ÿku§ ÿ√u≈ ]ÚÂVº· y√Vkπ BVÔ¬ ÿÔVı¶V¶©√|˛≈m. ´ÔV∑´Á™ ∂a›>VKD, ∂k™m sÚ©√›Á> ∞uÆ, ÿÔVı¶V|D ÂV·VÔ°D º>V[§ Bm>V[ y√Vkπ ®[˛[≈™Ï. ŒÀÿkVÚ gı|D y√Œπ ∂È∫ÔV´›m¶[ ÷Õ> y√Vkπ √ıΩÁÔÁB ÂVD cuƒVÔ\VÔ ÿÔVı¶VΩ \˛µ˛º≈VD. √w∫ ÔVÈD x>ºÈ y√Vkπ √ıΩÁÔ ÿÔVı¶V‚¶∫Ô^ ¶Õm^·™. y√Vkπ¬ÿÔ[Æ >M k´ÈVÆ Ô”D cı|. ÷Õ]BVs_ \‚| \_È k∫ÔV·º>ƒD, ÷È∫ÁÔ, \ºÈEBV c^π‚¶ ÂV| ÔπKD y√Vkπ ]ÚÂV^ tÔ°D cu ƒVÔ›m¶[ ÿÔVı¶V¶©√|˛≈m. >tµ \[™ÏÔ”¬z √ıÁ¶B ÔVÈ›]_ º´VD, ®˛©m, √V∏ºÈV[, ˛º´¬ÔD, √V´ÊÔD ®™ √È cÈÔ ÂV|Ô”¶[ kÏ›>Ô ÿ>V¶ÏA ÷ÚÕ>m. ÿƒa©√V™ ÷Õ]BVs_ ÷ÚÕm kVƒÁ™ ]´ sB∫Ô^, JoÁÔÔ^, >Õ>∫Ô^ ÿÔVı| ÿƒ[≈>VÔ k´ÈVÆÔ^ ÌÆ ˛[≈™. ÷Õ]BVs_ ÷ÚÕm ÿƒ[≈ kËÔÏÔ^ >V∫Ô^ ÷ÚÕ> ÷¶›]_ ÿ√V∫Ô_, y√Vkπ √ıΩÁÔÔÁ· ÿÔVı¶VΩ™Ï.

VALASAI TIMES 80562 96749 98405 73043

÷Õ]BVs_ g‚E ÿƒF> g∫˛ºÈBÏ ∏ÿ´fi∑, ¶fl∑¬ÔV´ÏÔ^ ÷]_ ∂]Ô sÚ©√D ÔV‚¶s_ÁÈ ®[≈VKD ̶ ÷Õ]BVs_ ¶Õ> y√Vkπ c^π‚¶ ÿÔVı¶V‚¶∫Ô”¬z >Á¶ s]¬Ôs_ÁÈ ®[Æ k´ÈVÆÔ^ ÌÆ˛[≈™. √ıÁ¶B ÔVÈ›]_ y√Vkπ¬z √‚¶V∑ ÿkΩ›m ÿÔVı¶VΩB >VÔ ƒV[Æ ÷_ÁÈ. ÿkΩÿkΩ¬zD √w¬ÔD \˛µflEÁB ÿkπ© √|›mD s>\VÔ g´D∏›m ÷Ú¬ÔÈVD ®™ Ì≈©√|˛≈m. ∏[™Ï ∞u√‚¶ ÿ>Va_O‚√ k·ÏflE ÔV´\VÔ ÿkΩÔ^ √_ºkÆ s>\VÔ \V§s‚¶™. ®™ºk, swVÂV‚Ôπ_ √V´D√ˆB›Á> cÏ›mD kÁÔl_ A›>VÁ¶Ô^ ∂ËÕm y√VkπÁB ÿÔVı¶V¶ ºkı|D.

SRI SAI TUTION Coaching in + 1 & + 2

Accountancy Contact Mrs. Chandini M.Com.,B.Ed.,



Oct 20-Nov.04, 2016

]Á´ ‚ƒ›]´∫Ô^... ÂΩÔºk^ ®D.gÏ.´V>V 


∂·s_ x[º™VΩ ÂΩÔÏÔπ_ ŒÚk´V™ ºÔ´· Û©√Ï ¸¶VÏ \Dx‚Ωl¶D, >tµ ÂΩÔÏ Ôπ_ B>VÏ›>\V™ ÂΩÔÏ BVÏ? ®[Æ ŒÚ √›]ˆÁÔBV·Ï ºÔ‚¶ º√Vm, ƒuÆD >V\]¬ÔV\_ ∂m ®D.gÏ.´V>V ®[Æ z§©∏‚¶VÏ. ∂Õ> ∂·°¬z ÷[–D ÔÁÈQÏ Ô^ \›]lKD ´EÔÏÔ^ \›]lKD >\m s›BVƒ\V™ ÂΩ©√V_ gw \VÔ ºk‘[§ ÷Ú©√kÏ ÂΩÔºk^ ®D.gÏ.´V>V. EM\V°¬z kÕ> ∏[™Ï ÂV¶Ô›Á> \≈Õ> ®›>Á™ºBV ÂΩÔÏÔ^ \›]l_, >[ kVµÂVπ[ ÷Æ]kÁ´ ÂV¶Ô›Á> A≈¬Ôˬ ÔV> \Vÿ√ÚD ÔÁÈQ™VÔ› ]ÔµÕ>kÏ ®D.gÏ.´V>V. Ô>V ÂVBÔ[, zE›]´D, s_È[, ÔVÿ\Ω ®™ ®_ÈVs>\V™ ÂΩ©∏ KD x›]Á´ √]›> ∂kÏ, >™¬z¬ ˛Á¶›> √V›]´›Á> clº´V‚¶D WÁ≈Õ>>VÔ¬ ÿÔVı| ÿƒ_k]_ ƒ\Ï›>Ï. ®D.gÏ.´V>V 1907áD gı| ∏≈Õ>VÏ. ÿ\‚´V¸ ´V¤ºÔV√V_ ´V>V ˛Úi[ ®[√>[ ∑Ú¬Ôº\ ®D.gÏ.´V>V. ÷k´m ØÏTÔD gÕ]´ \VWÈ\VÔ ÷ÚÕ>VKD, ÷k´m z|D√D, ÷kÏ ∏≈©√>uz x[º√ >twÔ›]_ zΩºB§ s‚¶m. >ÕÁ> ´V¤ºÔV√V_ ´Vb k›]_ √ËBVu§BkÏ. ´iB ®_ÁÈl_ ¶Õ> º√Vˆ_ T´ \´D ∂Á¶Õ>VÏ. EÆ kB]ºÈºB T‚|¬z ∂¶∫ÔV> ∏^Á·BVÔ ÷ÚÕ> ®D.gÏ.´V>V, >ÕÁ> ÷≈©A¬z© ∏[™Ï, s‚Á¶s‚| ÿkπºB kÕm ÂV¶Ô¬ ÔDÿ√Ml_ ºƒÏÕ>VÏ. ΩÁ´k´VÔ, ÿ\¬ÔVM¬ÔVÔ, ®È¬‚ Z¥B™VÔ© √ËAˆÕm ∏[™Ï ÂΩ¬Ô°D g´D∏›>VÏ. ®D.˜.gÏ, EkV˜ º√V[≈kÏ Ô”¬ÿÔ_ÈVD J›>k´VÔ ÷ÚÕ> >V_, ÷kÁ´ ∂kÏÔ^ ∂ı[ ®[º≈ ∂Áw©√VÏÔ^. ÷kº´V, ∂kÏÔÁ· ´V\flƒÕ]´V, ÔºƒV ®[º≈ ∂Áw©√VÏ. ÷Æ] kÁ´ ∂©√Ω›>V[ ∂Áw›>VÏ. ∂kÏ Ô”D ÷kÁ´ ÷Æ]kÁ´ ∂ı[ ®[º≈ ∂Áw›>™Ï.


ÂV¶Ô›]_ tÔ°D ∏´√È\Á¶Õ> ®D.gÏ.´V>V, ÿ>V¶¬Ô›]_ ÿ√Vm°¶Á\¬ ÿÔV^ÁÔÔ^ *m ∂]Ô ÂV‚¶D ÿÔVıΩÚÕ>VÏ. ∏[™Ï Ô¶°^ \Æ©A, √z›>§°, ÂV›]ÔD º√V[≈ ÿÔV^ÁÔÁB >™>V¬˛¬ ÿÔVı| ÷Æ]kÁ´ ∂Á> ∂©√ΩºB ÔÁ¶∏Ω›>VÏ. ÿ√ˆBVˆ[ ys´ ʶ´VÔ°D s·∫˛™VÏ. ∂º>ƒ\BD, ÔV\´V¤Ï *m ∂·©√§B ∂[A ÿÔVıΩÚÕ>VÏ. ÂV¶Ô›]_ E≈Õm s·∫˛B ®D.gÏ.´V>V, 1937áD gı| ´V¤ºƒÔ´[ ®[≈ √¶›]_ x>[ x>ÈVÔ¬ Ô>V ÂVBÔ™VÔ ÂΩ›>VÏ. ∏[™Ï nÕ>Vı| ÔVÈD EÈ √¶∫ Ôπ_ ÂΩ›ms‚|, *ı|D ÂV¶Ô›]uºÔ ]ÚD∏ s‚¶VÏ. "º√VÏkV^' ®[≈ ÂV¶ÔD ]ÚflEl_ ÿ√ˆBVÏ >ÁÈÁ\ l_ ¶Õ>º√Vm, ÷k´m ÂΩ©Á√© √V´V‚Ω, ÂΩÔºk^ ®[≈ √‚¶›Á> √‚|¬ºÔV‚Á¶ ∂w˛ˆ kw∫˛™VÏ. >tµ ÂV‚ΩºÈºB ∂]Ô >¶Ák ∂´∫ºÔu≈©√‚¶ ÂV¶ÔD, ]ÚkV‘Ï >∫Ô´V∑ ®ø] ÷kÏ ÂΩ›> "´›>¬ ÔıßÏ' ÂV¶ÔD>V[. ∂>Vkm 3021 ÂV‚Ô^ ÷Õ> ÂV¶ÔD ∂´∫ ºÔu≈©√‚|^·m. ∂º>º√V_ "#¬z º\Á¶' 800 ÂV‚Ô”D, "È‚∑t ÔVÕ>[' 760 ÂV‚Ô”D ∂´∫ºÔu≈© √‚|^·™. "´›>¬ ÔıßÏ' 1954áD gı| √¶\V¬Ô©√‚¶º√Vm ∂]_ Ô>VÂVBÔ™VÔ ÂΩ›m *ı|D EM\V°¬z kÕ> ®D.gÏ.´V>V, 1979áD gı|, ∂kÏ ÷≈¬zDkÁ´ ˛‚¶›>‚¶ 125 √¶∫Ô”¬z º\_ ÂΩ›]ÚÕ>VÏ. Ô>VÂVBÔ[, s_È[, zE›]´D, ÔVÿ\ΩB[ ®™ ®Õ> ºk¶D º√V‚¶VKD, ∂]_ xuº√V¬z EÕ>Á™Ô”D, ]´Vs¶ \xD ÁÂBVıΩ›>™∫Ô”¶[ \D TE¬ ÿÔVıº¶ ÷Ú¬zD. ÿ√ˆB ∂·s_ Ô_s ∏[™Ë ÷_ÈV> ®D.gÏ.´V>V, tÔflE≈Õ> º√flƒV·´VÔ› ]ÔµÕ>VÏ. ÷k´m º√flÁƒ¬ ºÔ‚Ô \¬Ô^ Ì‚¶D ∂ÁȺ\VmD. Â_È Á>ˆBƒVo, ®]Ï©AÔÁ·¬ Ôı| ÿÔVfiƒxD ∂fiƒ\V‚¶VÏ. ∂k´m ÂV¶Ô›]uz ®]´V™kÏÔ^, Ô_, x‚Á¶, ÿƒÚ©A º√V[≈kuÁ≈ TE™V_, ∂Á> \ÆÂV^, º√ΩÔ^ s‚|fl ÿƒ[≈ ÿ√VÚ‚Ô^ ®[≈ ÿ√Bˆ_ ÿ√Vm \¬Ôπ[ ÔV¶E¬z Ák©√VÏ. √VÏ©√>uzD, º√∑k>uzD x´‚|›>™\VÔ ÷ÚÕ>V KD, tzÕ> ÷´¬Ô EÂ>Á™ cÁ¶BkÏ, \u≈kÏÔ”¬z ÷kÁ´©º√VÈ c>s ÿƒF>kÏÔ^ BVÚº\ ÷_ÁÈ ®[ÆD, ®¬ÔV´D ÿÔVı|D \u≈kÏÔ”¬z ÿƒF•D c>sÁBfl ÿƒV_o s·D√´D º>Ω¬ ÿÔV^·V>kÏ ®[Æ ÷kÚ¶[ ÿÂÚ¬Ô\VÔ ÷ÚÕ> √ÈÏ ÌÆ˛[≈™Ï. ®D.˜.gÚ¶[ ∞u√‚¶ º\V>o_, ®D.gÏ.´V>V ∂kÁ´ m©√V¬˛BV_ ∑‚|¬ ÿÔV_È xB[≈VÏ ®[≈ kw¬z, ÷kÁ´© √u§ ÂV| xøkmD º√ƒ Ák›>m. J[≈Á´ gı| EÁ≈ >ı¶Á™¬z© ∏≈z ∂kÏ ÿkπºB kÕ>VÏ. g™VKD tƒVs_ EÈ ÔVÈD *ı|D EÁ≈ ÿƒ[≈VÏ. ´›>¬ Ôı߈_ ÿ>Vø ºÂVBVπBVÔ, "ÈkzƒV's_ ƒÈÁk› ÿ>VaÈVπBVÔ, "«ºÈV t¸¶Ï ¤*[>Vˆ'_ ƒk´› ÿ>VaÈVπBVÔ, "√ºÈ √VıΩBV's_ ¤] ÿƒV_KD \V\™V´VÔ, ÷kÏ º√V¶V> ºk¶º\ ÷_ÁÈ. ∂kÏ º√V‚¶ ∂Á™›m ºk¶xD ÷[ÆD tt¬ˆ ÔÁÈQÏÔ·V_ ∏[√u≈©√|k]_ ÷ÚÕº> ∂Õ> ÂΩ©∏[ >[Á\ÁB ∂§BÈVD. ÷k´m z|D√›]_ ÷ÚÕm, ®D.gÏ.gÏ. kV∑, ´V>V ´s, ´V]ÔV, Wº´V≠V, kV∑ s¬´D ®™ ÷[–D √ÈÏ ]Á´ l_ ÿ¤Vo›m¬ ÿÔVıΩÚ¬˛[≈™Ï. kV∑°¶[ ÷ÁÕm √È √¶∫Ôπ_ ÂΩ›m^· ®D.gÏ.´V>V, ´V]ÔV°¶[ ÷ÁÕm "ºkKD \lKD mÁ' ®[≈ √¶›]_ ÂΩ›m^·VÏ. B>VÏ›> ÂΩ©√VKD, ÷´‚Á¶¬ z´ÈVKD, ∂´EB_ ÁÂBVıΩ› >™›>VKD ∂Á™ kÁ´•D ÔkÏÕ]ø›> ÂΩÔºk^ ®D.gÏ.´V>V, >tµ EM\Vs_ >™¬ÿÔ™ ŒÚ >M ÷¶›Á>© ∏Ω›m¬ ÿÔVı|, ∂|›>|›> >ÁÈxÁ≈ÔÁ·•D g‚Ω© √Á¶©√kÏ ®[º≈ ÿƒV_È ºkı|D.

E›>Ï kV¬z ∂ø>V_ √B[®[™, ÿÂVÕ>V_ √B[®[™ gk ]_ÁÈ ÿ>Vø>V_ √B[ ®[™, W[Á™ ŒÚkÏ ∑¶ cÁ´›> √ø>V_ √B[ ®[™, Â[Á\•D yÁ\•D √∫ÔB› º>V[ ®ø>V©√Ω kÚº\V? ƒoBVm ÷Ú®[ ∞Áw ÿÂfiºƒ!

®Õ> ]Áƒ ®©√Ω ºkÁÈ ÿƒF•D? - ÿÂ_ÁÈ kƒÕ>[

s≈z ÿk‚Ωl[ \Ô[ T´[ g™V[. ®Á>•D

sÁÈÿÔV|›m kV∫zD kƒ] c^·kM[ \Ô[ T[ g™V[. ÿƒÚ©A Á>›>k[ \Ô[ ÂV‚Á¶ gı¶V[. Ô©√ÁÈ mÁ¶›>kM[ \Ô[ Ô©√_ ∂]√]BV™V[. ∂∫ºÔ ∑¬˛´ ]Áƒ ∑wu§ ∑wu§ ∂Ω¬˛≈m. W_ ÷∫ºÔ kV! ∂∫ºÔ º√VÔVº>! ÷Á> ÿƒF! ∂Á> ÿƒFBVº>! ®[Æ ∂]ÔV´D ÿÔVΩÔ‚Ω© √≈¬˛≈m ®[≈V_ ∂k–¬z ÛˆB ]Áƒ ºkÁÈ ÿƒF˛≈m ®[Æ AˆÕm ÿÔV^·ÈVD. ÔıÁ› ]≈ ®[≈V_ kVÁB› ]≈¬zD ŒÚk–¬z kVÁB› ]≈Õ>ºÈ ÔsÁ> ÔsÁ>BVÔ¬ ÿÔV‚|˛≈m ®[≈V_ ∂k–¬z ƒÕ]´ ]Áƒ ºkÁÈ ÿƒFB g´D∏›m s‚¶>VÔ ∂§Õm ÿÔV^· ºkı|D. ¶Õ>VºÈ Jfl∑ ÷Á≈¬zD ŒÚk[ {‚¶© √Õ>B›]KD, √” #¬zD º√V‚ΩlKD x>o¶D ÿ√uÆ √È´VKD √V´V‚|© ÿ√Æ˛≈V™V? ∂©√Ω ®[≈V_ ∂k–¬z ÿƒÀkVF ]Áƒ ¶¬zD. ÂVD Œ[Æ ºÔ‚¶V_, ∂k[ Œ[Á≈ ƒD√Õ>V ƒD√Õ>D ÷_ÈV\_ ÿƒV_kV[. ∂©√Ω©√‚¶k[ ÷©º√Vm, ∂ˆE sBV√V´›]_ ÷ÚÕm n.ÂV ƒÁ√ skÔV´D kÁ´¬zD ∂¬z ºkÆ gË ºk≈V º√∑≈Vº™.. ∂©√œ[™V ∂k–¬z ´Vz ]Áƒ ¶¬zº>V?. ∂|›> T‚Ω_ ®[™ ¶¬˛≈m ®[º≈ ∂§BV\_ ÷ÚÕ>k[, ºÔVl_ ºÔVlÈV ∑u§, zD√V∏º≠Ô›m¬z ®_ÈVD º√VF k´V[. ∂´EB_, g[tÔD ®_ÈVD ∂wÔV º√∑≈Vº™... ∂©√œ[™V ∂k–¬z WflƒB\V zÚ ]Áƒ>V[ ¶¬zD. Ekº™[– ºkÁȬz º√VF kÕ>k[, ÷©º√V E[™ zÁ≈BV ÷ÚÕ>VKD ∑‚Ω¬ÔV‚Ω º√∑≈V[™V.. ∂k–¬z ƒM ]Áƒ ¶¬zm[– ∂Ï›>D. √ΩflE √‚¶D kV∫˛ ºkÁÈ º>Ω ∂ÁÈfiE ÿkÆ›m© º√V™k[, ÷©º√V √∫z \VϬÿÔ‚|È ƒD√V]flE √V¬ÿÔ‚ ‡A_ÈV √D kflEÚ¬ÔV™V? ∂©√œ[™V ∂k–¬z WflƒBD A>[ ]Áƒ>V[ ¶¬zD. ÿƒVÕ> √Õ>∫Ô^ º\È √Õ> √Vƒº\ ÷_ÈV\ s´¬]BV º√E, sa©√m º√V_ ∏≈©A, c≈∫zkmº√V_ ƒV¬ÔV|[– >›mkD º√E¬˛‚º¶ ÷ÚÕ>V.. ∂k–¬z ºÔm ]Áƒ g´D∏flE ÷Ú¬zD. ÷©√Ω›>V[ ŒÀÿkVÚ ˛´ÔxD >[º™V¶ ]Áƒ kÚDº√Vm ŒÀÿkVÚ \–ƒÁ™•D \V›]¬˛‚º¶ ÷Ú¬zD.

Oct 29-Nov.04, 2016

Registrar of Newspapers of India TNBIL/2004/14657

÷MB y√Vkπ Â_kVµ›mÔ^

∂Á™kÚ¬zD ÷MB y√Vkπ Â_kVµ›mÔ^

Owned and Published by T.Sivagami M.A., from Plot No.2/4, Muthumariyamman Koil Street, 1st Floor, Janaki Nagar Annexe, Valasaravakkam, Chennai - 600 087. and Printed by her at Yogiram Surathkumar Prints No. 12, Gajapathy St., Ice House, Chennai - 5. Editor T.Sivagami M.A., Cell : 98405 73043, 80562 96749 Email :

Valasai Times Oct 29 - Nov 4, 2016.  

Valasai Times Oct 29 - Nov 4, 2016.

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