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Rumors on iphone 5S It’s no doubt that iphone 5 has won the hearts of millions of people around the world. The Apple fans are looking forward to the next iphone 5s. The iphone 5s rumors are many, so let’s look about them in detail. iphone 5s release date The iphone 5s release date will be probably on June. There are even gossips that iphone 5s will get released along with ipad 5 which is predicted to be on June 29. Talking about the features of iphone 5s, it is definitely going to be incredible and there is no doubt in that. It is claimed that, iphone 5s will have amazing resolution display and it will be higher than the iphone 5. It will be based on the material called “Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide” (IGZO). Talking about the thickness, it will be slimmer than iphone 5 and there will be a detailed screen. Apple has not only planned a complete design for the iphone 5s but also has for the new ipad5. When it comes to capacity, definitely it will be higher than the prior versions. It will have increased memory capacity. It will also have the support of NFC (Near Field Communication) embedded in it. You might have seen this feature in many of the android smart phones but iphone smart phones are the ones that still lack this feature. Thus Apple has decided to add this NFC feature to their phones and there are even rumors that it will be including a fingerprint reader as well. This finger-print scanner will help the users to authenticate the NFC payments and thus making the phone, a medium to securely pay for the things. The Taiwan reporters have said that this fingerprint reader will be done by “Chipbond”, which is a company that has massive contracts for supplying materials for Apple’s iphone 5s.

iPhone 5s Rumors