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Vidhyajothi, Professor Lalitha Mendis, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and our Chief Guest today, Sri Lanka Sikhamani R.I.T.Alles, Chairman, Gateway College Mrs. Rohini Alles, Managing Director Dr. Harsha Alles, Deputy Chairman Mrs. Dinali Alles, Director Principals of sister schools, Governor of the Gateway Graduate School, distinguished guests, my colleagues, parents and dear students, As I have always done, once again allow me to start my report, from where I stopped last year. I ended my report last year by mentioning that I had given two rules to my staff. Rule 1: Remember that you are accountable to the next generation Rule 2: Always remember Rule 1 Dear teachers, accountability is different from responsibility. Responsibility is enforced from without. It is bound inextricably with guilt, admonition and remorse. Accountability comes from within. It is intrinsically bound with the conscience. The accountability to the next generation, as against the present set of students, bears thinking upon. Did the teachers of little Leonardo, Albert or William ever think, that they would one day become Da Vinci, Einstein or Shakespeare? Dear teachers, it is in your hands to wilt or blossom, the little Leonardos, Alberts and Williams in your care. Vidhyajothi Professor Lalitha Mendis you are an eminent personality, an erudite scholar and a great teacher. As such, you are an inspiration and a role model for my dear students. As the doting mother of our friend and colleague Shashi, you were present at many a Gateway function, as one among many. Today you are here in the resplendent garb of Emeritus Professor of Medicine of University of Colombo, President of the Sri Lanka Medical Council and Chairperson of WHO-SEARO-ITAG. We are indeed honoured by your presence.


Dear Professor, please allow me to show the achievements of our students in the spheres of academic, sports and co-curricular activities during the year under review. EXAMINATION RESULTS Our students have once again excelled at public examinations from Key Stage to Advanced Level. The celebration of results, though outwardly a celebration of student achievement, is a veritable celebration of teacher dedication and commitment. I salute my staff for a job well done. Key Stage Tests Year on year, our students continued to perform better than their counterparts in England at all three Key Stages. The tables below show the achievement. Key Stage 1 Tests are conducted at Year 2 and students at this stage are expected to reach Level 2. It is heartening to note that almost all our students in Year 2, have achieved the expected level in the proverbial Three Rs (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic). Key Stage 1 Subject

English Reading English Writing Mathematics

Level 2 or above

Level 3





98% 96% 98%

84% 81% 89%

54% 23% 61%

26% 12% 21%

Over 61% of our little children have achieved the highest possible Level 3 in Mathematics while the national average in England for Level 3 in Math is only 21%. Similarly 54% of our students are on Level 3 in Reading compared to only 26% in England. Only 12% of children in England, whose mother tongue is English, have achieved Level 3 in Writing while twice as much of Gateway children have achieved it. This augurs very well for the future of Gateway. I salute Ms.Premila John and her team for this fine achievement.


Key Stage 2 Subject

Level 4 or above

English Mathematics Science

Level 5





92% 88% 100%

80% 79% 88%

35% 42% 69%

29% 35% 43%

Students in Year 6, sit for Key Stage 2 Tests and they are expected to achieve Level 4. Once again our students are not only far ahead of the expectation but have also out performed students in England. More than one third of our students have achieved the highest possible Level 5 in all three subjects. My appreciation goes to Ms.Sunimal Jayasekera, Ms.Nirmalani Ekanayake, Ms.Deepika Peiris and their teams of dedicated teachers.

Key Stage 3 Students in Year 9 sit for Key Stage 3 Tests in England. Our students sit for English and Maths in Year 9 and Science in Year 8. Subject

English Mathematics Science

Level 6 or above

Level 7 or above

Level 8

Gateway England





67% 83% 60%

16% 34% 23%

11% 31% 16%

24% -

8% -

41% 58% 46%

The highest Level achievable in Mathematics is Level 8. The percentage of English children achieving it is only 8% while at Gateway the percentage is three times as much. Our students of Year 8, sitting for Science one year ahead of their counterparts in England, have outperformed them in no uncertain terms. IGCSE At the IGCSE and GCE O/L Examinations 2009, conducted by Edexcel International, our students have maintained an excellent pass rate.


Mathematics 100% passes with 67% A Grades and above English Language 100% passes ICT 100% passes Physics 100% passes with 68% A Grades and above Chemistry 100% passes with 72% A Grades and above Biology 100% passes with 61% A Grades and above Human Biology 86% passes Accounting 98% passes Business Studies 95% passes Economics 86% passes Business Communication Systems 100% passes Fine Art 100% passes English Literature 100% passes History 100% passes with 69% A Grades and above Geography 100% passes Science 100% passes Sinhala 93% passes French 100% passes with 40% A Grades and above I would like to draw your attention to the performance in Chemistry, History, Physics and Mathematics where over 67% of our students have achieved the highest grades. Nishan Srishanker made himself proud and brought glory to the school by obtaining 11 A*s and one A Grade at this examination while Shaveen Jeevandara and Rukshala Illukkumbura obtained 10 A*s and one A Grade each. Ramitha Soysa and Vishva Wijekone achieved 9 A*s while Noreyana Fernando and Nipuna Siribaddana achieved 8 A*s each. Udara Rathnayake has been recognised by Edexcel International for her outstanding performance in O Level Sinhala I congratulate the students and honour the teachers for this fine performance.

Advanced Subsidiary Level Students of Gateway achieved a very good pass rate at GCE Advanced Subsidiary Examination too. Mathematics (for Double Math) Further Math Mathematics Physics Chemistry

96% passes with 88% A Grades 92% passes with 42% A Grades 65% passes with 32% A Grades 76% passes with 27% A Grades 90% passes with 25% A Grades


Biology Accounting Business Studies Economics English Literature

65% passes 74% passes 67% passes 73% passes 100% passes

Your attention is drawn to the achievement in Mathematics where 88% of the student cohort achieved A Grades. This near impossible feat was achieved by sheer hard and consistent work done by the young Mathematics teacher Mr.Rasika Jayasinghearachchi. Warren John, Kavindu Diyes, Ramesh Weerakone, Rochelle Gunawardane, Sabree Ismath and Kalindu Perera achieved A Grades in 4 subjects each while Vindya de Silva, Sararah Didi, Thilini Edirisinghe, Dushan Gomez, Niroth Immanuel, Divya Ravi, Sathya Senadheera and Anushiya Vanajan achieved three A Grades each. Advanced Level Mathematics (for Double Math) Further Math Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology Accounting Business Studies Economics English Literature Applied ICT

88% passes with 68% A Grades 94% passes with 30% A Grades 93% passes with 28% A Grades 82% passes 91% passes with 23% A grades 82% passes 92% passes with 40% A Grades 92% passes 82% passes 100% passes 100% passes

At this stage too, Gateway has continued to maintain its super status in Mathematics by obtaining 68% A Grades. Systemetic, continuous, consistent and coherent teaching strategies employed by Mr.Rupasiri and other teachers have paid dividends. I am proud to proclaim that my Head Prefect, Aadhil Niyaz became the first Gateway student to achieve five A grades at this examination. Padeepa Perera, Sheral Tissera and Malith Silva have achieved four A Grades each while Rochelle Wickremasekera, Sajini Athukorale, Niveditha Senthivel and Pasindu Gamarachchi have achieved three A Grades each at Advanced Level. Edexcel Awards At the Edexcel Award Ceremony 2008, Gateway students received 29 prizes. Punsala Navaratne, Kavindu Diyes, Kalindu Perera and Sathya Senadheera were honoured for their performances at IGCSE Examination.


Gayathri Lindagedera, Nuwan Sanjeeva Peera, Nipuni Fernando, Jayani Gunawardane, Ruvini Silva, Pavithra Edirisinghe, Kevin Swamipillai, Binura Wickremage, Lakshithi Hettiarachchi, Nayomi Perera, Ramanil Perera, Rishad Ahmed and Travis Gomes were honoured for their performances at GCE Advanced Level. Nipuni Fernando and Ruvini Silva received World Prizes for Accounting at Advanced Level while Kaindhu Diyes was among the world s highest achievers for ICT at IGCSE and Yasodara Gunawardane was among the World s highest achievers for Sinhala at GCE OL. Nipuni Fernando received the Sri Lanka Prizes for Accounting, Economics and English Literature while Ruvini Silva received the Sri Lanka Prize too, for Accounting at GCE Advanced Level. Ramesh Weerakone received the Sri Lanka Prize for Chemistry while Punsala Navaratne received the prizes for Biology and French. Punsara Navaratne and Warren John received the Sri Lanka Prizes for Physics and Geography at IGCSE SPORTS Athletics Students of Gateway College excelled in athletics at National as well as International levels, once again this year. Shehan Ambepitiya, the pride of Gateway, represented Sri Lanka at the Commonwealth Games 2009 held in Lusofonia, Portugal as well as the World Athletic Championships in Berlin, Germany. Nadeeshani Henry Henderson represented Sri Lanka at the Asian Youth Games in Singapore. Both Shehan and Nadeeshani were awarded Sri Lanka National Colors for Athletics. Udara Rathnayake, Keith de Mel, Ashan Fernando and Shehan Ambepitiya were awarded Sri Lanka School Colors in Athletics. Hansini Liyanarachchi was adjudged the Champion Athlete in her age group at both Divisional and Zonal Athletic Championships in 2009. Ruwanthi Ferdinandes was placed 2nd in the 200 m Under 15 event at the All Island School Games 2009. Chamathka Kavindra set a new record at the All Island School Games 2009 and won the Under 17 Girls Championship at ISAC.


Thilina Pathum was placed first in 100m and 200m events while Hansini Kannangara was placed first in long jump at the All Island School Games 2009. Abdulla Parvez and Sajid Jainulabdeen won the Under 13 and Under 19 Championships respectively at the Inter-International Schools Athletic Championship 2009. Shehan Ambepitiya, Keith de Mel, Udara Ratnayake, Nadeeshani Henry and Chamathka Kavindra have been selected to represent Sri Lanka at the Chennai Athletic Meet 2009. Basketball With the erection of the Basketball Courts inside the school campus, students of Gateway College have developed a passion for Basketball. This zest exhibited by the students and Mr. Tharindu Fernando, the Coach, has reaped a rich harvest in a relatively short period. Our Under 13 Boys, Under 13 Girls, Under 15 Girls, Under 17 Girls and Under 17 Boys Basketball teams became the Champions at Inter International Basketball Tournaments this year. Under 15 Boys became Second Runners Up and Under 19 Tournament is currently being played.. Netball Netball is another game where we are able to conduct practices within the campus. Like Basketball, Netball too has attracted a large number of girls for practices and as a result Gateway College became Champions in Under 13 and Under 15 Inter International Netball Tournaments in 2009. I express my appreciation of the hard work of Ms.Yamuna Sandamali, the Coach Badminton Gateway became Group Champions at the All Island Under 15 Doubles Team Championship and emerged Champions in the Inter International Schools Under 19 Badminton Tournament. The good work done by Coaches, Mr. Tilak Amarasinghe and Ms.Umanga Rathnayake is appreciated. Swimming Though Gateway College Colombo is overshadowed by the accomplishments of swimmers in our sister school in Kandy, we have come a long way under the guidance of the Head Coach Mr. Sagara Sampath and his able assistants. Reshika Udugampola represented Sri Lanka at the 6th Asian Age Group Championships in Tokyo, Japan.


Reshika was awarded Sri Lanka Colors, while Reshika and Chamaka Singhabahu were awarded Sri Lanka School Colors for swimming in 2009. Cricket Head Boy and Cricket Captain Aadhil Niyaz was voted the Most Popular Schoolboy Cricketer of the Year 2009 in the International School Sector. ISAC Gateway College completed its second spell of organising the Inter International Athletic Championship in grand style. Head of Sports, Mr.Sunil Jayaweera and his team of Sports Co-ordinators and Coaches are applauded for a job excellently done. The Swimming Pool It is with great pleasure that I record here that the Foundation Stone was laid for the Swimming Pool and the Indoor Stadium and the construction work is in progress. The whole school is waiting eagerly for the construction to complete. CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Whimsical Students and teachers of Citizenship Studies conducted a novel experiment in Teaching Learning, where the themes of Citizenship were converted to lyrics for Rap songs and set to music. This programme, code named Whimsical, introduced a new Teaching Learning Tool, making use of the immensely powerful and usually dormant Right Brain. The students wrote the lyrics and composed the melodies for their songs. The educational value of this programme was realised by CNN network and a feature was done on it. CNN showed it in its international telecast where the whole world witnessed Gateway students involved in an experiment worthy of international attention. My appreciation goes to Ms.Kashali Amaradivakara and all the teachers of Citizenship Studies for the success of this project. Young Computer Scientist Competition The ICT department of the school sent four teams for this competition and competing with over one thousand teams from all over the country, two Gateway Teams were selected for the final thirty.


The project presented by Navin Gunatilake and Ramitha Soysa received a merit award while the project presented by Kasun Dias, Kavindu Diyes, Nilupul Bandara and Ramesh Weerakone won the All Island Bronze Medal. I record my appreciation to the students for their performance and to Mr.Ushan Gunawardane and his team for motivating them and guiding them. Olympiad in Informatics Navin Gunatilake won the Bronze Medal at the open event Sri Lanka Olympiad in Informatics overcoming stiff opposition from competitors. He represented Sri Lanka at the International Olympiad in Informatics held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Poson Perahera The Annual Bhakthi Gee programme took a new turn this year. The Buddhist Society, with the help of the aesthetic department, presented a very colourful Poson Perahera from Rajagiriya to the school. Each class participated by performing dance items one different to the other. I would like to congratulate and compliment the two initiators of this highly successful event: Ms.Neelamani Dissanayake and Ms.Kamani Senadhipathi. The Exhibition The Biannual Primary Exhibition was conducted once again this year under the title PRIMEX. Students from the Foundation stage to Year 6 took part in this event by presenting exhibits in a wide range of interests: Science Projects, Humanities Presentations, Aesthetic Creations and Literary Works. I congratulate Ms.Shiranthi Perera, the Co-ordinator of the Primary and her dedicated team for a highly successful exhibition. Gateway College Blog The Blog was launched by the Chairman, at the Staff Workshop at Kandalama. Many students and teachers talented in creative writing are contributing to the Blog. I request all parents and well wishers to visit the Blog and even contribute to it by sending us your comments, articles to be published, photographs of events etc. You may access it at


My deep appreciation to Mr.Ramesh Liyanage, Mr.Ushan Gunawardane, Ms. Nicola Perera and Ms.Lakshini de Silva for their mighty effort to get the blog going. New Year Celebrations In keeping with the oft quoted catch phrase, Gateway is an International School in a Sri Lankan Environment , the school once again celebrated the Sri Lankan New Year with traditional games, dress, music, sweetmeats and customs. The Pet Show Teachers and students of Year 6 organized a Pet Show where the students enjoyed showing off their pets. As at all other events conducted in the school, this event too had its immensely valuable educational component. Representatives from the Blue Paw Organisation demonstrated how dogs are trained and instructed the children on how to look after their pets. My appreciation to the prime mover of the event: Ms.Nirmalani Ekanayake. Lenten Pilgrimage The Catholic students, under the guidance of their teachers, took part in a special Way of the Cross programme at the Sacred Heart Church and from there went to serve food to less privileged children at Bethlehem Creche - Borella. International Art and Craft Contest I am proud to mention here that Imanthi Fernando of Gateway College won the first place out of 5000 children from 40 schools in the IACC 2008 and was selected to represent Sri Lanka at the grand finale in Mumbai. My appreciation of Ms.Preethi Dissanayake for her excellent work in guiding our young artists. Dushantha Samarasinghe won the first place in the All Island Acron Art Competition while Dulkith Udugamsuriya was awarded a gold medal for Excellent Performance. The two students and Ms.Nalini Wijesinghe, their teacher are congratulated. Toddler to Child The Termly Magazine printed by Year 6 students of the Primary, started in 2006. So far they have issued 12 volumes. This magazine spearheaded by Ms.Nirmalani Ekanayake, showcases the talents of the primary children. Gateway Chronicles


Students of the Secondary print their own termly magazine Gateway Chronicles. This gives an opportunity for the writers as well as the editors to gain valuable experience. Ms.Beena Narangoda and her team of teacher support group is complimented. CIMA Spellmaster The five member team consisting of Shaveen Jeevandara, Noreyana Fernando, Shafni Rifai, Vinuri Wijedasa and Rukshala Illukkumbura of Gateway College have all entered the 3rd Round of the current CIMA Spellmaster Contest. The contest which started with the participation of over 2000 contestants, has now been trimmed down to 100. I thank Ms.Manjari Tennekoon, the trainer and wish the team the best of luck in the future rounds. Drama Theatre workshop production of Victims, directed by Ms.Shashie de Costa, helped maintain Gateway supremacy in drama. This production which dealt with emotional problems encountered in real life by teenagers, opened the eyes of many a parent. The way highly sensitive issues were artfully handled in this play is deeply appreciated. Gateway College took part in the Shakespearean Drama Competition by producing an Act in Othello. Ms.Beena Narangoda and the other English teachers of the Secondary School are thanked for their effort. Achievements Under the dynamic leadership of Mr.Anthony Chelliah, our students have won many contests in the field of co-curricular activities. Deshani Gunatilake was placed first in the Essay Competition conducted by the Ministry of Justice. Osura Bangamuwa won the first place in the intermediate category at broadcasting competitions conducted by Mahanama College, Anula Vidyalaya, Ananda College and Nalanda College. Devin Serasinghe won the first place in the sports commentary competition conducted by Ananda College. Farah Jumat won the first place in the Junior Category at Broadcasting Competition conducted by Anula Vidyalaya. Roshani Senanayake was adjudged the Best News Reader and the Best Compeer at the Broadcasting Competition conducted by Ananda College.


Naadira Jumat, Nipuna Siribaddana and Taraka Hettiarachchi won the best delegate award at the Sri Lanka Model United Nations Competition. Chanidu Ranatunga and Thilina Panduwawala won the Best Foreign Policy Award at the Sri Lanka Model United Nations. Gateway immerged the overall champions at the Broadcasting Competition conducted by Mahanama College. The school became Runner Up at the Quiz Competition conducted by MUN Lyceum International School, Quiz Competition conducted by Nalanda College, Quiz conducted by S.Thomas College and the Quiz conducted by D.S.Senanayake College. Nipuna Siribaddana was the runner up at the Horlicks Wiz Kid Competition while Umega Wijetunga was awarded merit at the Coral Reef Essay Competition. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Each One Reach One Students of Gateway College bought a complete dress for a child of his or her own age, gift wrapped it and handed it over to be given to an unknown and unseen friend living in a camp for Internally Displaced People, who have borne the brut of a war that they did not want nor deserve, which dragged on for 30 long years. Our students were aware that their precious gifts, given with the abundance of their hearts, would reach the hands of an infamous child soldier who held a gun and killed our war heroes with those very same hands few days before. The love generated by this exercise was such, that at the school assembly they visualised the unknown and unseen friend receiving the gift and reading the letter of affection that they had inserted in the parcel. The total collection, estimated to be worth over Rs. 1.5 million was handed over ceremonially to the Ministry of Nation Building to be handed over to the children in the Menik Farm IDP Camp Donation of limbs Teachers of Citizenship Studies and their students collected donations from among themselves and purchased artificial limbs and a wheel chair, which were given to disabled war heroes at the school assembly. Touched by the solemnity of the gesture, the students of Year 10, collected a further amount of Rs.83,000.00 for donation of limbs.


Donation of a Despharal Pump The Prefects who went to Polonnaruwa on their Annual Guild Trip, visited the Polonnaruwa Hospital and did a shramadana, as part of their programme. The young people soon realised, that many a patient in distant parts of Sri Lanka suffer due to the non-availability of a simple piece of equipment needed in the treatment of Thalassemia. When they returned to school, they did a collection and raised over Rs. 60,000.00 required to purchase the machine. They donated the equipment to a representative of the hospital at the school assembly.

CLASS TRIPS AND EDUCATIONAL EXCURSIONS Annual Class Trips is an event in the school calendar that students look forward to. Students of all classes went on their annual class trips, accompanied by the teachers, on the dates assigned in the College Year Plan. This exercise is filled with fun, but it gives the teachers an opportunity to engage in non-formal as well as informal education. It is interesting to observe and analyse the various locations that different grades went to. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13

Museum and Excel World Browns Beach Hotel Negombo Bata Shoe Factory Link Natural Products Arpico Tyre Factory Lanka Milk Foods Pinnawela, Kandy and Peradeniya Dutch Fort Galle Agalawatte Rubber Research Centre Sigiriya Rock Fortress Turtle Hatchery Kosgoda, Distillery Payagoda Navy Camp Galle Bio Diversity Project Galle

In addition to the annual class trips students were taken on many educational excursions. The Business Studies Department took its students on a visit to the Colombo Stock Exchange. The students of Applied ICT went on a research mission associated with their Project Planning, to a distant village in the Mathugama area and spent two days with the villagers collecting and analysing data. Students of Years 9, 10 and 11 were taken to the Planetarium for a special lecture.


The students of Biology visited the Forensic Medicine department of University of Colombo. Students of History in Years 9 and 10 visited the nearby Kotte Museum. WORK EXPERIENCE PROGRAMME The work experience programme which started in 2008 was continued this year with great success. Our students spent the December vacation working in a number of reputed organisations, viz. Engineering Research programme at University of Moratuwa Industrial Research programme at Link Natural Products Access Telecom Technologies Laughs Holdings Apollo Hospital Asian Alliance Insurance Department of Zoology, University of Colombo Trans Asia Hotel Institute of Research and Development John Keels Holdings Jay Kay Marketing Services Fonterra Brands Lanka Pvt Ltd Overseas Courier Services Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd Ranfer International Overseas Courier Services Alliance Space KES Engineering Pvt Ltd Asiya Siyaka Commodities Pvt Ltd I wish to thank Ms.Upeka Weerasinghe, Mr.Samantha Rathnayake and Mr.Dulias Weliwita, the three Heads of Department for organising the programme

CAREER GUIDANCE Representatives from over 35 reputed Universities in UK visited the school in a programme conducted by the British Council and advised students on choosing their career paths. Representatives from UCAS to visited the school and gave instructions to students on preparing and submitting their applications.


Professor John Spinks, Chief Advisor to the Vice Chancellor of Hong Kong University visited the school and made a very valuable speech to students in AL classes.

GATEWAY GRADUATE SCHOOL We take great pleasure in the development and growth of the pinnacle organisation of the Gateway Group Gateway Graduate School. We are glad that two students of the Graduate School, Fathima Nazeer and Primal Mediwaka, have won Global High Achiever and Regional High Achiever awards at the International Diploma Examination. The Graduate School has secured a 100% pass rate with the very first batch of students who completed the Degree programme at University of Wales. This included 12.5% First Classes, 50% Second Class Upper and 25% Third Classes. Our parents can now rest assured, that their children would have a viable option if they wish to continue their tertiary education in Sri Lanka. KANDY, NEGOMBO AND COLOMBO 4 We are extremely pleased that our sister school in Kandy moved into its beautiful new school building as it completed 10 years in the Gateway Group. This phenomenally important event in its short history, was crowned with the successes that Gatway - Kandy achieved in the spheres of education and sports this year. I wish to congratulate Mr.Asoka Herath and his brilliant team for all the successes that they have achieved. Under the dynamic leadership of mercurial Devika Heinrich, Gateway College Negombo has developed in leaps and bounds. Well done Ms.Heinrich and the team of highly spirited teachers of Negombo. As I mentioned in my report last year, Gateway College Colombo 4 is just beginning to spread its wings in its long journey of success. I have no doubt that the eminent educationist, Ms.Noreen Weikala would steer it ahead with steadfast determination, ably supported by Ms.Manrooka Obesekera and the teachers. GOLDEN JUBILEE The co-founders of Gateway College, Mr.R.I.T.Alles and Mrs.Rohini Alles celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in a manner befitting the great personalities that they are. The Teachers Guild was at its best under the cheerful leadership of Ms.Chulangani Pilapitiya in organising a grand function at the Galle Face Hotel to celebrate the landmark event.


FOUNDER S DAY The Choirs of all Gateway Colleges joined hands to present a musical extravaganza, titled Wind Beneath My Wings to celebrate the Gateway College Founder s Day. STAFF DEVELOPMENT Gateway Group is known for its determined effort and commitment towards staff development. Even when the whole world went into an unparalleled recession and the great giants in the corporate sector, all over the world, started tightening the financial screws and cutting down on expenses at every corner, the Directorate of Gateway College did not discontinue its Annual Staff Workshop. Instead they thought it appropriate, to take the entire staff of Gateway Colleges in Colombo, Kandy, Negombo and Colombo 4, to Five Star Hotel Kandalama, for the two day workshop. As an educationist with forty years experience, I am amazed at the wisdom of the Directorate in valuing staff training so much and bow my head in admiration. STAFF Today we honour three more of our dear teachers, who have dedicated ten years of their lives to service at Gateway. Ten years of service means ten years of experience. I endeavour to assert that Teaching Experience does not follow the Commutative Law. For those who are less conversant with Higher Mathematics, I would make the statement simpler. The Commutative Law states, that ten times one is the same as one times ten. This is true in Arithmetic but not when you talk about experience. One teacher with ten years of experience, is not equal to ten teachers with just one year s experience each. Neither is it equal to one year s experience, repeated ten times. These teachers have given with the abundance of their hearts and hence will remain in the hearts of generations of students. Dear teachers, What is the test for accountability? What is the yard stick that you can use to measure love? With humility, may I suggest to you an infallible strategy to ensure immortality in the hearts of your students.


Please look after the little Leonardos, Alberts and Williams in your care. Ensure that they grow up to become Da Vincis, Einsteins and Shakespeares. I believe, that if there is anything that could be done, (For the sake of our children), Then it should be done.

Thank you.

Somabandhu Kodikara Headmaster


Headmaster's Report - Awards Day 2009  

Headmaster's Report at the Awards Day 2009

Headmaster's Report - Awards Day 2009  

Headmaster's Report at the Awards Day 2009