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Hand-Rolled Incense

“God has given us numerous scents. We just picked the best to offer it back to Him.”

Swami Ramakrishnananda

Our hand-rolled incense is made from the finest natural ingredients in the world, handmade from a variety of herbs, flowers and resins which are blended together with pure oils and pure sandalwood. These exquisite blends are formulated to create a soothing and balanced Gokula #213-18 Hari #213-20 environment, in which relaxation of the “The supreme plane” “Remover of darkness” Tulsi, Myrrh and Vanilla Amber and Sandalwood body, mind and spirit can occur. As A blissful spiritual abode A transcendental with all of our products, we continually in the material plane and vibration that removes strive to deliver the very best in quality, a transcendental space for inauspiciousness and elegance and style. These unique blends the awakening of pure love, purifies the heart. are made according to ancient recipes, devotion and bliss. and their scent lingers for hours after burning. All packages include 10 handrolled incense sticks.


#213-21 “The opulent one” Patchouli and Vetiver Wealth, good fortune and prosperity.


#213-19 “Lord of the cows” Special Flora Perfection of parental love, protection of one’s children, fertility, and wellbeing of the newborn.

Jaganatha #213-08 “Lord of the universe” Botanical Flower Blend Worldly power and perfection of the art of love and devotion.


#213-16 “Wielder of the plough” Clove and Lemongrass Protection and loyalty, brotherly love and service, spiritual and moral strength.


#213-15 “Lord of the gopis” Iris Flower and Jasmine Ecstatic love, surrender, beauty, unconditional love and friendship.

Krishna #213-05 “The embodiment of love and divine joy” Vetiver, Cedar wood and Halamadi Krishna is a trickster and lover, an instigator of experiences that bring the knowledge that destroys all pain and sin. He was born to establish the religion of Love.



Lalita #213-22 “One of the main gopis, or milkmaids, of Vrindavan. The gopis are examples of the highest Divine Love.“ Sandalwood and Musk Attraction, beauty and surrender

#213-11 “Goddess of heavenly ambrosia” Cinnamon, Lavender and Jasmine Purification from sin and worldly desires, and a remedy for physical disease.


Ramakrishnananda’s Gifts

#213-10 “Source of joy and happiness” Sandalwood, Sage and Lavender Love for nature and all living beings. A sense of unity with life and the wonderful manifestations of nature. Tel. 1-866-202-9357 Fax 1-888-821-1566

Matsya #213-04 “The fish avatar” Jasmine and Rose Clarity and awareness, blessings and opening ways to new beginnings.

Radha #213-12 “The supreme goddess” Patchouli, Cardamon and Rose Devotion, divine femininity, shakti - divine energy. Radha is the direct counterpart of Krishna. She is the feminine aspect of God.

Mukunda #213-07 “The one who liberates“ Patchouli and Spices Liberation from the miseries of the cycle of samsara, or the wheel of repeated birth and death.

Shyam #213-17 “The beautiful dark-skinned” Sandalwood Supreme Supreme beauty, youth, nobility and attractiveness.

Mayapur #213-09 “The secret island” Nag Champa Supreme Freedom from material bondage, achievement of spiritual success and illumination of the heart.

Vrinda Devi #213-02 “Goddess of devotion” Nag Champa Residence in holy places, proximity to natural beauty, devotion to the Supreme Being, physical health and well-being.

Narasingha Dev

Yamuna #213-01 “Goddess of purification” Vanilla, Copal and Amber Absorption in spiritual truth and purification. Joy of divine playfulness.

#213-03 “Half-lion avatar” Frankincense and Champa Protector from dangers and conquerer of demons and enemies. Also known as the protector from “maya” or illusion.

Ramakrishnananda Premium Incense Rasa Lila #213-23 “The dance of divine love” Agarwood Pure love.

Opening Packages

All-Fragrance Incense Rack Includes: wooden display rack (choose either hanging or standing.) One case of each of our 20 scents and an explanation card for all scents. Size: D7” x W25” x H22” #100-03

10 Fragrance Incense Rack Includes: Wooden display rack (choose either hanging or standing.) One case of 10 scents and an explanation card for all scents. Horizontal: #100-04 D7” x W25” x H11.5” Vertical: #100-05 D7” x W12.5” x H22”

About the manufacturing: This ancient incense manufacturing method originated in India and is known as “masala”, which means “spice”. Its process involves the crushing of a variety of herbs, gums, and resins, such as copal and amber, aromatic woods, such as cedar and sandalwood, and a variety of many other different spices. All of the ingredients are crushed into a powder and mixed with pure oils and a natural gum binding powder and are then transformed into a paste. The paste is traditionally rolled by hand on a bamboo stick.

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Herbal Resin Incense

Uniqe blends of herbs, resins, oils and aromatic woods mixed together and infused with prayers and special mantras.

Ingredients: Exotic blends of frankincense, myrrh, copal, amber, pine, lavender, rosemary, orange peel, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, honey, clay and brown sugar, mixed together with a variety of oils and secret mantras, to create the perfect pure herbal resin incense blends with a designated intention. Use:These authentic aromas are so powerful that half a teaspoon on a small piece of charcoal will fill up your entire home or business with a mood- transforming scent. For a complete purification ceremony, use after smudging with “White” or “Desert” Sage.




Peaceful home

Love and Attraction

Clearing Negativity

#214-05 2.4oz Shanti means peace. As happiness increases, mental activity decreases. That internal silence is a state of mental absence... “Only he who knows the Self transcends misery”, says the Upanishads... Only when you go beyond the mental level, only by transcending the mind will you realize the Divine... You will know the Self...

#214-01 2.4oz Kama is pleasure of the senses, the enjoyment of appropriate objects by the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling, assisted by the mind together with the soul. The essential element is the unique contact between the organ of sense and its object. The consciousness of pleasure which arises from that contact is called kama.

#214-03 2.4oz Ananda means absolute bliss, beyond pain and sorrow, but also beyond happiness and pleasure... transcendental to the entire cycle of misery... God is ananda, God is bliss... Only by transcending the entire cycle of misery as a whole can you realize absolute bliss or ananda...

Lakshmi Money and Prosperity

#214-04 2.4oz Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. She grants both worldly prosperity, as well as liberation from the cycle of life and death. The word “laksya” means “aim”or “goal”. Lakshmi, therefore, represents the goal of life, which includes worldly as well as spiritual prosperity.

“When the soul is burned in the fire of devotion, the perfume is nectarous; The soul is transformed into smoke so to expand and dissolve into the Whole.”

Swami Ramakrishnananda


Happiness and Joy


Health and Healing

#214-07 2.4oz #214-08 2.4oz Surya is the Sun Dhanvantari is god who drives the god of health, through heaven in healing and cure. his chariot harHe is the physician nessed to a horse of the gods and the with seven heads, god of Ayurvedic which represent medicine. the seven colors of We pray to Lord the rainbow or the Dhanvantari seeking seven chakras his blessings for Crossing space, health. Dhanvantari he is the producer emerged from the of light, seen by ‘Ocean of Milk’ and everyone. by his mere play, he destroys all disease like a mighty forest fire.

Opening Package Resin Incense display package #100-02 Wooden rack, six jars of each resin incense and explanation card with pictures, instructions and recommendations for burning. Size: D3” x W17” x H15”


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Herbal Resin Incense - Chakra Series Chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel” or “disc”, implying circular movement. Chakras are transformers of energy that are found in the astral body. Sahasrāra Chakra They are subtle centers of energy. All of the bodily systems, such as Enlightenment the digestive, neural, circulatory, and respiratory systems, are directly Lotus influenced by the chakras, which control specific systems in the entire #214-15 2.4oz body. There are seven main chakras along the susumna nadi, each symbolized Ājñā Chakra by lotus flowers that are open or closed according to the level of personal Concentration and development. The number of petals on the flower reflects the number of Intuition nadis that cross through that chakra. Jasmine Each resin incense is brought to you in order to awaken a different chakra #214-14 2.4oz by its scent, color and intention. Open up, elevate and enjoy!

Opening Package

Chakra Resin Incense display package #100-07 Wooden rack, six jars of each chakra resin incense and explanation card with pictures, instructions and recommendations for burning. Size: D5” x W9” x H23.5”

Viśuddha Chakra Communication and Responsibility Eucalyptus #214-13 2.4oz

Anāhata Chakra Love and Sensitivity Rose #214-12 2.4oz

Maṇipūra Chakra Self-confidence and Transformation Lavender #214-11 2.4oz

Svādhiṣṭhāna Chakra Sensuality and Creativity Vanilla #214-10 2.4oz

Mūlādhāra Chakra Grounding and Inner Peace Sandalwood #214-09 2.4oz

Three Kings Charcoal box #703-14 (10 rolls)

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Attar Perfume Oil

Attar is an ancient Persian word which means “essence” or “sweet smell”. This describes what many people consider to be the finest alcohol-free perfume oils in the world. A genuine, well-made attar will consist of a highly concentrated aromatic oil, usually non-irritating to most skin types, that presents a scent unlike any traditional perfumery product. Attars are made so well that a tiny drop can provide lasting enjoyment for many hours. It is important to mention that our oils do not include any animal-derived ingredients and are cruelty-free. Attars are not essential oils, in the sense that they can be comprised of several to up to 20-30 different raw materials, flowers, essential oils and perfumes. Attars are usually blended with carrier oils such as jojoba. Although some attars may come in a pure essential oil form, they do not claim to have the same natural qualities, simply because the purpose of attar oils, rather than being a therapeutic product that benefits one on a molecular or herbal level, is to deliver its benefit in the form of a scent. In genuine attar oil, what is important is the quality of the scent, which most attar lovers consider to be mentally and spiritually transforming.











#216-07 (0.5oz) Frankincense Lemongrass and Mint

#216-08 (0.5oz) Rose, Jasmine and Clove

#216-06 (0.5oz) Jasmine

#216-05 (0.5oz) Sandalwood and Rose

#216-04 (0.5oz) Damask Rose

#216-01 (0.5oz) Orange blossom, Vanilla and Honey

#216-02 (0.5oz) Violet and Amber

Padma, the Atma is the Self, sacred water lily, the essential also known as plane that the lotus flower, expresses Itself Its remarkably as diversity: the beautiful blossom One becoming unfolds above many, the Unity the water and manifesting as represents an multiplicity. awakening of the soul to its spiritual dimension.


Jiva is the individual Self, Prema means the soul or Divine Love. the immortal Love transforms essence of the our chains and living entity. shackles into After death, the wings, and our jiva passes into slavery into another body freedom, because according to we are really free its karma. only when we become seized by love...



Jugala means pair, the divine couple who enjoyed the Tilak is the pastimes of love holy dust of the and separation Yamuna River in the forms where Krishna’s of Radha and pastimes took Krishna. Their place. The mutual love and devotees wear it devotion is adored on their forehead and worshipped by as a way to show the devotees of the their devotion to Lord as the highest the Lord. and closest love between God and the soul.


Manjaris are the small purplish flower-buds of the tulsi plant. Because they are so delicate and beautiful, Lord Krishna is very pleased when they are offered to Him. The young gopis - cowherd girls of Vrindavanare named after them.

Opening Packages #100-01 The complete retail package designed to hold 7 varieties (seven bottles each), with a tester for each scent and a rack card. Size: D7.5” x W14” x H11”


Ramakrishnananda’s Gifts

#100-06 Oil sampler includes 7 varieties (three bottles each), with a tester for each scent and a rack card. Size: D3.5” x W14” x H9” Tel. 1-866-202-9357 Fax 1-888-821-1566

White Sage Smudge

Our white sage is grown wild and cultivated by hand in the coastal mountains of California. This herb has been used for centuries by shamans and Native Americans for cleansing. Our “White Sage Smudge” is known for its richness and strong aromatic scent infused with natural qualities suitable for purification of body, mind and spirit. Among the many species of the sage plant that grow in different parts of the world, the “white sage” and its brother plant, the “high desert sage”, are more widely known for their spiritual benefits.

White Sage

Smudge stick Medium - 7” #215-16 Highly aromatic, very thick and solid smudge sticks.

High Desert Sage Smudge

stick Large - 9”-10” #215-13 Known for its light and woodsy herbaceous aroma, our desert sage grows wild in the high deserts of the Pacific Northwest.

White Sage

Loose leaves 2.7 oz. bag #215-15 We have sorted out only the leaves, which makes it suitable for those who like to burn them on charcoal.

Meditation melodies for Gurudev by Chaitanya Das #8-2707105142-3 A myriad of sounds, some imbued with Vedic tradition, others alluding to Western melodies, and all reflecting the encounter between India and the West. Chaitanya Das is a yogi and a devotee, his life is dedicated to spreading Hinduism and living it through art. While his devotional music and creations have touched the heart of many, for him they are a service he renders to his spiritual master.

Ramakrishnananda’s Gifts

White Sage

Smudge stick Large - 9”-10” #215-12 Many people consider our large bundles extra large. They are highly aromatic, very thick and solid.

White Sage

Mini’s - 4” Bag of 3 sticks #215-17 The quality of these minis is simply exceptional; each bundle is really a work of art, made from the best quality leaves found in California.

White Sage

Clusters 2 oz. bag #215-14 These hand selected clusters are an excellent choice for those who like to burn a smaller amount of sage with less smoke.

Ramakrishnananda Holy Ganga Water #218-01 8 oz. Mother Ganga, believed to be the personified water Lord Brahma used to wash Lord Sri Vishnu’s feet, is worshipped by all Hindus. When descending from heaven to Earth, Shiva held Ganga on His head, further sanctifying her waters. According to the sacred Vedas, Ganga water purifies anything and anyone that touches it.

Swami Ramakrishnananda Founder acharya of the Vishwa Dharma Mandalam

About Us... Ramakrishnananda’s Gifts has been serving health food, new age and gift retailers around the world since 2001. We have an excellent reputation for high quality products, close client relationships and personalized service. Ramakrishnananda’s Gifts is inspired by the Vishwa Dharma Mandalam, an orthodox Hindu Temple and a recognized nonprofit religious organization, founded by Swami Ramakrishnananda an orthodox monk who has accepted the renounced order of life within Hinduism. Gurudev is a yogi, a mystic, a philosopher, and spiritual master, and for his disciples and followers, he is without a doubt, a completely enlightened being who has dedicated his life to the service of God and humanity. The purpose of the mission is to preserve and spread the message of the ancient Sanatana-dharma religion, or Hinduism, according to the original vision of Swami Ramakrishnananda.

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