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Name: Date:Ramadan Dinkins

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Intention (​What will you be doing?)

Date, Time


My first hour, I surveyed my parents’ 2 acres in Michigan, looking for any damage that occurred over the winter, seeing which plants are already coming up this spring, and making a to-do list for the weekend.

4/17/2015 6:30-7:30pm

I always feel excited this time of year to see which plants will return, and this year is no different. I ask myself, “Which plants survived the winter? How can I ensure a greater survival rate next year?”

1st,2nd,3 rd hour

My first hour, I stretched and jogged a few laps taking 5 minute breaks.

05/07 3:50-4:50 pm

This was the first day of my workout session and truly challenged my endurance because I hadn’t been to practice in a few weeks due to school work. After the first hour I was ready to quit. A quick solution to this problem was to simply take longer breaks and if I felt too much physical strain or cramps Id opt out of the workout and replace it with a stretch. I didn’t want to slow down or replace the workouts I was doing with an easier one but I had to for health reasons. The second hour wasn’t smooth sailing. I felt my throat clog up and dry.The third hour I decided to end the session was a relaxing exercise and not over exerting myself.

Total of 3 hours

Entry (reflection, question, connection …)

A question that has always been in my head about the sport of fencing is, why do only people with time and money can afford to participate in this sport?I see that fencing is only offered to mostly white residential neighborhood and rarely see minorities participate within the sport. I often ask how can I change that issue. Is it simply because minorities are ignorant to the sport? Is it pricing for classes? Or a combination of both?

END2: Vlog Planner

Name: Date:Ramadan Dinkins

Planner for the Time-Lapse Video-Journal (“Vlog”) The second hour I focused on cardio workout switching between fencing footwork and jump roping.

05/07 4:50-5:50 pm

The third hour I decided to go back to stretching and breathing exercises.

05/07 5:50-6:50 pm

4th,5th,6t For the fourth hour I held the same routine I h started for day one. So, this was running and stretching making sure I’m properly warmed Hour up and flexible. I also started my record for wall touches.

7th and 8th hour

05/08 3:50pm-4:50 Total of 3 hours

The fifth hour I wanted to start my record for wall touches and trying to break my record under 15 seconds.The record I set was 24 wall touches.

05/08 4:50-5:50

For the sixth hour I decided to run a few more laps around the gymnasium and end the workout with stretching.

05/08 5:50-6:50

For the seventh hour, I worked out the environment of my own home, so i didn’t have as much space to do my usual workout such as jumping roping, running, and my wall touches.

05/12 10:00pm-11:0 0pm

Because of the previous workout session the day before, I felt sore and it uneasy working out. So, I decided to warm up by jogging around the gymnasium of menominee club. This was the day I wanted to record my fencing wall touches . I thought the wall touches I was doing was a little slow and felt like I could improve my speed. Mentally this day I was feeling tired. The first hour was a little smoother because I ran slowly around the gym. The second hour I did some footwork as a preparation for the wall touches. The third hour I went back to stretching and running.

Working out in my home is something I do often, so this work session was a little more comfortable and didn’t feel as pressured. During this workout, I felt some cramps in my arms and my necks. So, I switched to stretching performing

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Name: Date:Ramadan Dinkins

Planner for the Time-Lapse Video-Journal (“Vlog”) Instead I stretched, did some yoga, and lifted weights.

Total of 2 hours

For the eighth hour, I decided to continue working using my dumbbells.

05/12 11:00pm-12:0 0am

9th,10th,1 1th hour For the ninth hour, I worked out with jogging around the gymnasium, and practicing breaking my record. Unfortunately, my workout was cut short because my dad arrived and I had to go home. Luckily, I continued working out after breaking my fast.

5/13 4:00pm-5:00 pm Total of 3 hours

some yoga exercise to workout my abdominal muscles. Working out after breaking my fast was a huge relief because I workout more sets and really push my physical endurance. The first hour was easy because it stretched out my whole body. The second hour wasn’t too stressful, but did leave me feeling swore. The last hour really pushed my limits,with the dumbbells. So, I used lighter weights for more reps.

For the ninth hour I had to workout in the gymnasium within the menominee club, but soon had to leave because my dad shown up to drive me home. While working out, I did feel an intense dryness within the roof of my mouth and tongue. My workout continued upon my arrival home and breaking my fast. The workout progressed smoother and didn’t feel rushed because I didn’t have to worry about homework because I solely focused on my workout. The physical pain I felt was connected to David Blaine's journey in becoming the first man to hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes. I made this connection because in similarity to David’s trial, I felt the pain of having to pace my breath. A somewhat funny connection I made was considering how I couldn’t drink water and couldn’t pace my breath correctly, David couldn’t pace his heart beat staying underwater.

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Name: Date:Ramadan Dinkins

Planner for the Time-Lapse Video-Journal (“Vlog”) For the 9th and 10th hour, since I couldn’t run or jog, I lifted dumbbells and stretched.

5/13 9:00pm-10:0 0pm.

9 & 10 combined

The 9th and 10th hour I worked out within the comfort of my room again. This time I tried to focus on my shoulder and back workouts because I made the connection that if I were to break my record, I should workout the muscles that I’m going to be using the most.

05/13 10:00pm-11:0 0pm 12th This day I wanted to completely shatter my record and aim for even higher goal than previously. Before doing that, I ran around the gym and stretched preparing my body physically and mentally for the challenge ahead.

05/14 3:50-4:50 pm Total of 1 hour

Breaking my record was easier than I expected . I felt like I could’ve went even higher had I put a little more focused onto the wall touches. The overall workouts were fun and challenging and is something I’d like to do again once Ramadan is over. A connection I made was to Elie from the book Night. I remember certain parts of the book were Elie felt that he couldn’t continue,but he felt the energy to continue to push through. I feel that both me and Ellie have a spiritual belief which unites us in a religious point of view.

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