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Self Release Words: Milly Youngman Toulouse trio The Shapers’ new EP offers up gritty riffs with singalong melodies and even a stripped-down surprise instrumental. You probably haven’t heard of them yet – but imagine dancing your socks off at a Parisian underground rock and roll club show, and The Shapers are what you’d be listening to. With more of an emphasis on the ‘punk’ side than the current pop punk landscape offers, Reckless Youth is a rough-aroundthe-edges but incredibly enjoyable punk rock EP that hints at a promising future.

Self-Release Words: Jules Burnan The Hampshire rockers are back with their 2nd EP Consequences and while they have stuck to the same formula that worked so well on their first outing, they still manage to keep things fresh. Consequences is full to the brim with clever riffs, powerful melodies and even bring Russ Merry from StreetFightSilence in as a guest vocalist. Stand out tracks are ‘Oceans’ and ‘Choices’ that feature fantastic vocals from Mike Harland. Keep an eye on these guys, they are going places!

UDR Music Words: Sean Rafferty The EP is a fresh example of the newest tide of electronic-infused rock making rounds around the country. Openers You’re Not Alone and Remember Who You Are throw in some creative electronic hooks and all tracks showcase a heavier sound than other, similar acts. Nightmare is the stand-out of the four songs, showing off a large, triumphant sound whilst keeping a good mix of styles. More Than Most have produced a solid chunk of electro-rock for the heavier tastes, no small feat for a debut.

Self Release Words: Ashley Crowson As debut metal releases for 2016 look, you cannot go far wrong with Guardian. Hard hitting and straight on point, Guardian are a band that are set to carve their own path and make strides in an overpopulated sea of typically bland, repetitive metal acts. Revolution is built to rip you a new one, a completely unforgiving experience, this debut is armed to the teeth with riffs of aggression. Your Grandparents might not like it, but your friends in the pit will. Released 22nd January 2016.

DNAWOT Record Words: Stuart Iversen As Christmas music emerges from the depths you might begin craving music with a heart as black and withered as the Grinch’s before that annoying girl corrupts him. If that is what you need then step forward HAG. Their punk-tinged sludge sounding like it might come to life and eat your kids. If Black Sabbath and the Melvins got together to have a child but occasionally let Motorhead babysit, it would probably end up like this and be all the better for it. Released 8th January 2016.

The Bloody Nerve Taste

Antic Records Invoking the spirit of The Rolling Stones is one hell of a risk and yet that’s very much what The Bloody Nerve are doing on their debut full-length album, Taste. Right from the opening funky blues of ‘Place To Hide’, which has a riff that brings to mind ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’, you are consistently reminded of the bands that came before and that serves as one of The Bloody Nerve’s biggest problems. Which is not to say that this music is ever bad, in fact, there are great moments on Taste. Both Stacey Blood and Laurie Ann Layne have brilliant voices, with Lacey, in particular, stealing the show on tracks like ‘Local Honey’. She’s got a set of pipes that again brings to mind classic singers like Janis Joplin and yet she shows that she is able to switch things up on the more fragile ‘Find Ya

1968 1968

Black Bow Records AsAlthough there are only 3 tracks to be had on this E.P the band make up for it with blistering and pulsating swipes of metal that thunder with highly tempting groove and intense riffage. Resonating with imposing strides of abrasive ingenuity, it captures the psychedelic essences that burst forth from its 47 year jail. There is no mistaking its powerful acid tongue and stoner rhythms that slide noticeably past the ears and saunters charismatically taunting its prey, which is exactly what the track ‘Marauder’ does in abundance. Moving on to the next track ‘Green Sails’ which hosts a plentiful rhythm and huge riffs that strike unmercifully with bruising passion and a large hob nailed boot to the groin! Wince in pain, as the guitars spin a web of intrigue and the bass


shatters the innards to what were your ears! ‘HMS Conan’ is the third and final track on this deeply fuzzy E.P holding more than a mere handful of temptation it literally drags the body out from its hiding place and ravishes its senses. The stoner haze emanates from thick textures of expanding groove but leave the listener wanting more as this is only a finger licking taste of what it really desires. Showing a clear strength in its embracing clutch that is framed with sultry spicing and thunderous pulses, guiding you on a journey of sheer fascination that is soaked in melodious rapture and highly charged intricacies, force feeding its listeners with intense emotion and delightful heavy riffage, it is hard not to get caught up in the irresistible potency of each of the 3 tracks as they cascade over the ears and leave you enjoying a rich and pleasurable encounter of a bygone era that is suddenly back in the 21st century and being relived once again. Pagan Hel

Love’. In fact, the only real misstep is ‘Prayer at Night’ which features a preacher rambling over the top of some average music for just over a minute and never really works. The problem is that as good as The Bloody Nerve can be, they are not giving you anything new here. It is fine to look back at what has come before but if you never look to the future you are not going to stand out. Tracks like ‘Long Way Home’ just feel a bit safe and that is a real shame. There is obviously a lot of raw talent in this band and if they can move away from their roots and allow that to blossom, they could be something special. Stuart Iversen

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Ramzine issue 6 - Hard Rock Hell  

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