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RAMzine Issue 21 is Out Now!

Raging Speedhorn's 20th Anniversary Show

[EXTRACT] I’m pretty sure that no one could see this coming, much less comprehend the line up that came with it. Somehow, Corby residents Raging Speedhorn have managed to survive and still get a pull twenty years after they first began, despite all the alcohol, the climate of the music industry, multiple other issues and a break up, so is there much of a better way to celebrate such a milestone than to get the guys together that started it all for less of a gig, and more of an alcohol fuelled night of mayhem? I think not! [EXTRACT]

Interview with Hands Off Gretel

Interview with One Last Day

Hard Rock Hell in photos...

The full version includes lots of reviews....

[EXTRACT] Ginger Wildheart is back with thirteen tracks covering rock’s wide spectrum admirably. You want punk, R’n’B, heavy, light or Celtic rock? It’s all here as he cooks on G*A*S*S Mark II. ‘King Rat’ has The Beatles, ‘Petite Mort’ is what U2 wish for, ‘Adrenalina’ is a complex rock masterpiece. ‘I’ll Have Another’ is alcohol fuelled Quo. A brilliant album of depth and variation with Ginger’s voice sounding great, he’s come up with his best in years. [EXTRACT]

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