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A few years ago at Download Festival, I was watching Iron Maiden play their headline set. I was slightly disappointed as they played exactly the same set as I had seen at the 02 Arena few months before (although I hear with the end of that massive world tour, brings the end to the same set) - Anyway, I was talking to some people in the crowd who had never seen Iron Maiden before, which I felt strange as they seemed to have headlined a UK festival nearly every year. It occurred to me that there are new fans out there, fans that are still discovering many of these great artists. All these artists that lead us along the path to the current UK music scene. Fans are still disscovering Iron Maiden and many bands from the 70s/80s/90s and beyond every day. On the flip side to this when you go to a festival, you disscover so many great new bands. The internet has changed the industry, and there is just so much out there, so many genres, so much choice. Showcasing the new and celebrating the old, that has been RAMzines mission statement from when we first started as a Rock and Metal website. Showcasing and Celebrating a range of bands across the rather large spectrum that is Rock and Metal. In this issue we celebrate the great Dio, as this May marks the 5 year anniversary of his death. The man that influenced many, and will never be forgotten. In a hope that some people many learn something new, or simply celebrate with us. Excitingly you can now purchase physical copies of RAMzine for just £3 including delivery to any UK address!

Victoria Purcell, Editor In Chief

04 Celebrating Dio

One of the first to use those famouse Metal Horns, we take a look over Dio’s life.

06 Hammerfest Review From pirate rockers Red Rum, to Doom legends Candlemass, and Swidish legends Kamelot. We had a great time at Hammerfest 2015!

08 AOR Festival Review

H.E.A.T, Dare, and the mightly Night Ranger.

09 Prog Festival Review The Skys, Rick Wakeman, Collibus.

Interview 12 Kamelot

We catch up with Tommy Karevik, to talk about Kamelot’s forthcoming album ‘Haven’.

12 Night Ranger

We talk to Jack Blades of Night Ranger about partying, and the fun he has on Rock and Metl crusie ships.

13 Peacemaker, Die!

Formed from the ashes of Blackbyrd, Peacemaker, Die! are about to start again with ‘Chapter One’.

Reviews 10 Album Reviews

On the cover: Dio Illustration by Gerardo Israel Rodela Quiroz.

-Ape Machine - Live at Freak Valley -Holy Serpent- Holy Serpent -Whisky Dick - Welcome To Yeehaw Country -Turbowolf - Two Hands -Gravyard Johnnys - Dead Transmission -Conduit- Life On Repaet -Cardinal Bay- Way Back Home -Prolong The Agony - All We Are -Beyond Dishonour - Generations -Entropy O.A.C. - Dark Clouds and Clarity -Nightrage - The Puritan -Agonistic Front - The American Dream Died -The Real McKenzies - Rats in the Burlap -The Dirty Youth - Gold Dust


Pagan Hel Celebrating Dio

Neil Mach HRH AOR Festival Review

Christ James Ryan HRH Prog Review & Festival Photos.

Neale McGeever Sub-Editor



By Pagan Hel

onnie James Dio was born Ronald Sabbath departure and made headway with wonderful man blessed with heaps of talent! James Padavona on July 10th 1942 - his ‘Dio’ project in 1982 (no doubting who The name Dio, means ‘God’ in Italian and and died tragically of stomach cancer was in charge) and there on from 1991–1993. I personally feel this title is suited to a man on May 16th, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Dio was never a trained with so much importance Ronnie was an American/Italian Heavy Metal vocalist but attributed in the Rock Music Industry! vocalist and songwriter, who fronted Rain- his powerful voice to the ONE OF THE FIRST He decided to change his bow and Black Sabbath as well as fronting breathing discipline he name back in 1961 going his own band called simply Dio. had acquired as a trum- METAL ARTISTS TO USE from the obscure name Dio started his career back in 1958 and it pet player. Renamed RonPadovana, which didn’t THE FAMOUS ‘HORNS’ of spans over 40 glorious years. He was born in nie and the Red Caps, the quite have the same apPortsmouth, New Hampshire and raised in group released a single peal and took the name Cortland, near Syracuse in New York. Dio gra- called ‘Lover’ in 1958. He listened to a great Dio from a gangster/Mafia member named duated from Cortland High School in 1960. deal of opera while growing up, hence his Johnny Dio. He went on to do Pharmacology but never powerful and versatile vocals which allowed Dio was one of the first metal artists to use graduated after only studying for a year and him to sing all out rock anthems as well as the famous ‘horns’ hand gesture that is still once again rubbed shoulders with music lighter ballads. in use today by many rock and metal fans all when he joined the University’s concert Dio and his first wife, Loretta Berardi adopted over the world. He said he learned it from his band. a son, novelist Dan Padavona. After divorcing Italian grandmother who apparently used it Ronnie didn’t always do vocals either! – back Berardi, he married Wendy Gaxiola (born to ward off evil spirits or evil eye, but Ronnie in his Electric Elves days (shortened to Elf in 1945) who also served as his manager. In the would never take credit for being the first to 1970) in which he lent a hand to bass (and 1980s, she managed the Los Angeles rock use it! even trumpet of which he learned at the age bands Rough Cutt, and Hellion. Dio remained There aren’t a lot of famous people with a of 5) before joining the mighty Rainbow from married to Gaxiola until his death. street named after them, although there are 1975–1978 establishing himself as a vocalist Ronnie was a keen sport enthusiast especial- a few, but in Cortland where he was raised and then joined Sabbath 1979–1982 he then ly in his native New York where he followed the people decided it would be a fitting trihad a brief respite before re-joining in 1992– teams such as ‘The Yankees’ ‘The Mets’ and bute to the small guy with a big voice and 1993. ‘New York Giants’ now he has a street named after him called The new-look Black SabIt is hard to write in the Dio Way. He was also inducted into the CortDIO JOINED BLACK past tense when writing land City Hall of Fame in 2004. bath enjoyed further success with Mob Rules Dio as he had a He had become sufficiently revered to have SABBATH IN 1979! about (1981), but the honeypersonality and charisma a multi-artist tribute album recorded in his moon period came to an ten times bigger than his honour, in the shape of Holy Dio: Tribute to acrimonious end following arguments over stature, standing a mere 5’ foot 4” but what Ronnie James Dio (2000). In 2006, he made a the live album ‘Live Evil’ (1982). Other band he lacked in height he made up for with his cameo appearance in the film Tenacious D in members accused Dio of wanting to turn tremendous vocal range. the Pick of Destiny, a comedy vehicle for Jack his vocals up too loud, while Dio furiously After being fortunate and truly honoured, Black. In the film, Dio urges the young Black refused to allow anybody to interfere with I met Dio back in 1984 at the Royal Court to go forth and follow his dreams, bellowing the way his voice was mixed or recorded. The Theatre in Liverpool during the ‘Holy Diver’ «now go, my son, and rock!» upshot was Dio’s sad departure from Sab- tour. I noted he possessed a caring and nur- His final studio album with his solo band was bath. turing nature and adored his fans. He took 2004’s Master of the Moon. His final studio Although Dio wanted his own band – sick of time to speak with everyone who turned up recordings released in his lifetime was the being labelled a band-less frontman after his to see him and was indeed a genuine and Heaven and Hell album The Devil You Know


(which was the only Dio-line-up Sabbath album released under the Heaven and Hell name). Black Sabbath - who Ronnie joined after Ozzy departed, did quite well for themselves since gaining the voice of Dio with albums such as Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules and Dehumanizer earning the groups ‘best sales’ since 1974. Ronnie simply seduced his audiences, keeping them spellbound until the last note had played. His trademark had to be ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and all things mystical and medieval which suited the voice of this true legend in his own right! After a tour in the summer of 2009 with a spin-off version of Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Dio revealed he was ill. Ronnie car-

ried on singing right up until the very end of his memorable career – he died aged 67 leaving the industry and his millions of fans in tatters! Since Dio’s death a Cancer Charity has been set up in his name - Dedicated to support cancer prevention research, raise awareness and educate the public with the focus that early detection and prevention is of vital importance when dealing with this deadly disease that robs families of its loved ones. Link here: On March 31, 2014, the tribute album Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life was released. It was organized and produced by Wendy Gaxiola, with album proceeds benefitting the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout

Cancer Fund. The Stand up and Shout Cancer Fund are holding a Memorial Day for the 5th year celebration of Ronnie James Dio’s Music at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, CA Dio is the legend with a legacy that lives on in the hearts and minds of metal heads everywhere, sending a shiver down the spine of not only this man’s voice but the sheer mention of his name. His last live performance was with Heaven & Hell on August 29, 2009, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. May 16th will always be the day the thorn resurfaces and opens the wound once again, reminding us of what a true hero the rock and metal industry has lost!

Illustration by Gerardo Israel Rodela Quiroz.

Even t

Hammerfest Victoria Purcell


Festival Reviews

H R H Un ite d

Lo cati on

ammerfest once again proved to us Angel Witch begin with an intro that that Heavy Metal is still very much brings mystery. A roar from the crowd alive. It’s always a weekend where as the band appear amongst the dark we see some of our favourite bands, and we shadows that is the stage and its curalways find exceptional new ones. rently lighting situation. It really is We walk into the new home of the Ham- an honour to see Kevin Heybourne merfest stage in the Bonga Wonga Beach perform, he is an exstreamly skilful Club (yes, you heard correct). We know we musician. are in the correct place as we hear the dark Kamelot are tonights headliners. Frontonslaught that is Hecate Enthroned. The man Tommy Karevik, whilst quite reserved crowd are already in the masses, the hair is when we spoke to him earlier in the day, already whizzing, and the horns are high. This t r a n s formed into a man of is a band you have to brace yourself for, passion and energy on looking around, the stage. Kamelot really m e m are a band made for a bers of the big stage, with lots of crowd are production, they have standing a sense of story about in lunge them, and it feels like stances, so they are really trying not to get to let more out. Kameblown away lot play 2012’s ‘Sacriby the chaos. mony’, it’s toward the A band we end of this track that were excitina kick-ass blonde itch Angel W gly introduced chick appears on to this year was the stage, joining neoclassical piin with the track making this a truly rate metallers magical rendition. ‘LaRed Rum. ‘Hammerfest I want to see you part dies and gentleman this like the red sea’ says vocalist, Dave Everitt. The is Linnéa Vikström’ says crowd were also prepared for this band, with Tommy. Now things get tankards full of beer, perfecting the pirate jig. a bit more upbeat ‘This Dave continues ‘This next song we are going is the center of the unito play for you requires you to clap and dance verse’ says Tommy. He is like’s about drumming’, as the band looking out at people play ‘Dragged Out within the With the Tide’. The audience, gr“HAMMERFEST I WANT TO abs a camera best part of their set however, was SEE YOU PART LIKE THE from a crowd Red Rum’s cover member, READ SEA” - RED RUM and takes of the internet hit: ‘They’re Taking a photo of The Hobbits To Isengard’. ’We’re taking the himself. Kamelot are a hobbits to Hammerfest’ they sing. very animated band, RSJ bring some Hardcore to Hammerefst. The constantly keeping headbangers are in full force. ‘You may have the crowd in check, seen on YouTube the song about pilates’ says giving them a thumbs vocalist Dan Cook, as he makes a yoga pose, up when they are the band play ‘Collectively We Are Tall’. RSJ doing a good job, and have a huge following at Hammerefst, there always asking ‘Are you are lots of groups of people in their element. guys still out there’. We One group towards the front of the stage, are treated to some have their arms across each others back, beautiful solos, and headbanging in sync. The pit opens and it’s a some magnificent vocal ranges from Tommy. big’un! They finish with ‘A Nice Day Out’. When a band leaves suddenly without Thursday was a great but small taster to saying goodbye, you know there is going the many bands that we will see across the to be an encore, that’s the oldest trick in the length of this festival. book on encores, but fans lap it up. Time to



No rt h Wa le s

No ve m b e r 2014


get the crowd involved in some group vocals. You can see why Kamelot have such a huge following. Being at their show is like being part of the team. Tommy moves his hand out towards the crowd as if he is trying to turn something, it’s a very powerful move. ‘Thank you so much goodnight’ they say, as they do the classic group bow to end the performance. Friday turns into Saturday and before we know it we are watching Oaf! Oaf have a complete don’t give a f*ck attitude. In fact after their set we caught up with Dom Lawson who told us: ‘We are not a band that have a plan, there is no ambition involved at all, we do things whenever we can be arsed’. Oaf might not be trying to be anything in particular, but what they are is comedic, organised chaos, and burps. They do put on an entertaining set. ‘Has everyone noticed it’s a bit larey here this year’ says Dom, James Rayment continues, ‘Yeah, someone threw their burger across the room in burger king last night’. They play such tracks as ‘Disgusted by your Genetalia’, and the one everyone was waiting for ‘Fuck off Seagull’ - to which they were joined on stage by Dr Evil of Evil Scarecrow. To end Dom and James tell us ‘We will have another album towards the end of this year, it won’t be on CD Devilment because we aren’t organised enough. Keep on drinking, keep on believing’. Devilment were a band that we were very excited to see, after hearing their latest album ‘The Great and Secret Show’. Dani Filth at the helm, bringing all things mystical and


circle pits to Hammerfest. There’s nothing like some hard angry rock to cleanse the soul. The crowd stretching as far as the eye can see, this band set a great tone for an evening of beer, headbanging and metal horns. The crowd chant ’Speedhorn, Speedhorn, Speedhorn...’. ‘How the f*ck did everyone Orange Goblin get here? We are in the horrific though his lyrics and trademark middle of nowhere’ they vocals. Seeing Dani dressed in his Nu Rocks, say. That is part of the beauty of Hammerfest, and ripped black clothing, nostalgia comes you are surrounded by beautiful scenery. ‘This rushing to me, thinking about the 00’s goff is the cool thing about Hammerfest’ they tell attire we used to all wear. I like a band that the crowd about the caravan they are staying in. ‘We are in number 16, tell everyone there have a uniform, and Devilment are one of is a party, and bring the weed’. They play ‘Halthose bands. Every band member is dressed fway to Hell’, the alcohol is flowing, the pits and painted in black. The first track is ‘Even are open, and there is a general sense of Rock Your Blood Group Rejects Me’. The crowd, fist and Metal appreciation in pumping in sync, you the room. It’s fast paced, can feel the exciting, “THIS IS THE LAST SONG it’s aggressive, but Raging occult like atmosSpeedhorn are like your phere. The crowd, AND IT’S DEDICATED TO ALL mates having a laugh and now in-sync nodding. Dani perfects the Evil THE BEAUTIFUL SHEEP... ER.... a great time. With the last chance pit, the circle is in Laugh and scream, WOMEN” -DANI FILTH full spin. to the point where I Orange Goblin arrive with question how a man their Motorhead-esq mid-‘70s classic can produce a scream that high. There is no rock. They play ‘Devils Whip’. ‘Now it’s doubt that this is what Dani was born to do. time to really lose your Dani introduces new guitarist Sam S Junior shit’ says Ben Ward, by saying ‘Our previous guitarist blew away spraying the crowd in in a storm, he actually ate himself to death’. beer. An Orange Goblin This next song is dedicated to all the beauset is best described as tiful woman in Wales tonight, as they play a fast paced, furious ‘Girl of Mystery’. After this track, adding more comedic value to the set, Dani says ‘This is the last song and it’s dedicated to all the beautiful sheep... er....women. Ah who cares we are going to be so drunk later anyway’. After telling us how much he loves his Haf Y Mor Chalet, Dani says ‘Actually this isn’t our last song, we just wrote another one right now, this one is for me it’s The Stake in My Heart’. The mosh pit is in full force, even some brave rock chicks are in the pit. Raging Speedhorn bring the

party. ‘We are gonna go batsh*t crazy one last time because the red tide is rising’. Candlemass embody the mind, body and soul of an 80’s Doom era. Messrs Edling and Björkman are the only two original members of this latest lineup and are joined by new vocalist Mats Levén. The power of this band is something hard to re-create. The crowd, knees bent, furiously fist pumping. The musicianship has been incredible across the board at Hammerfest, and Candlemas are no exception. ‘Alright I wanna hear you’ as the crowd chant ‘Hey!-hey!-hey!’. Hammerfest 8 ‘Welsh Warriors’ has already been announced for 10th-13th March 2016. Passes sell out very fast, so we advise you book your asap. Hammerfest is the first overnight festival of the year, and a comfy one. See accomodation options on their website. Each pass also includes entry to HRH AOR Festival, which takes place at the same festival site, at the same time. Both events together are now called HRH United.



Night Ranger

HRH AOR Festival Neil Mach


he most important date in the diaries of AOR fans [world-wide] is the March HRH AOR festival, held in North Wales. We were there on 12th-15th March 2015 to check out this globally significant event. We met folk who had travelled from the fourcorners of the globe to get to the camp at Hafan Y Môr — one guy had travelled all the way from Georgia to see his favorite bands. For him, and for many others like him, this was the greatest concentration of talent that had been squeezed into one place, for many years. When news reached us that the sleazy Swedes Crash Diet could not be with us [the band are having a terrible time at the moment - our thoughts go out to you guys...] we were saddened. But luckily Tigertailz’ stepped into the breach at the last moment to save the day and to bolster the ranks. Their superb ‘unplugged’ performance on Friday was one of the highlights of our weekend. Exceptional acts of the festival included the mystery and edginess of Sweden’s heat H.E.A.T who turned the thermostat up to ‘Point Of No Return’ during their exhilarating show. And we had funky shenanigans and swaying sentimentalities from those Californians NightRanger.

Oldham’s DARE’took us back to a better time and place with excerpts from their ‘Blood From Stone’ album — and with their wonderfully evocative Celtic-tinged accomplishments. The Poodles provided a gloriously effulgent set — with the Scandinavians collecting a whole new army of fans and supporters in Pwllheli. The UK band Romeo’s Daughter [fronted by female vocalist Leigh Matty] - played a wonderful unplugged set before their main electric show on the main stage. Leigh’s voice was warm, husky and sincere. The youthfully athletic Swedish outfit Houston (from nowhere near Texas)— have recently released their ‘Standing on the Moon’ single. These lads were passionate, emotive and full of raw poppy energy. Very light, but pleasantly effervescent. British melodic hard rockers VEGA played a remarkable set... and we think that one of the best performances of the festival was provided by Stockholm’s Eclipse. Their show exemplified the emotion, focus and skill that this kind of band can bring. Songs from their new album ‘Armageddonize’ were heavy without being harmful. Immediately appealing. One of our favourite bands over the weekend was UK’s Fahran — who managed to maintain come togethercipline and professionalism (even though they were told to go on stage 20 minutes before they expected) to

play a lively show, which was simply breathe taking in clever vocalization, energetic performance and whizzed-up musical exuberance. Other highlights, for us, included the ever-reliable Falling Red whose show on the Sleazy Stage was [largely] a smooth operation with anthems galore and excitement packed tight into every corner of their neat songs. A special mention must go to those Greeks Phase Reverse whose special brand of heavy-hearted blues, groovy percussions and darkly oozing vocals - combined with copious hooks and some of the most insanely addictive riffs we’ve heard in a long period of time — earned the band plenty of praise and genuine respect. It was also great to be re-connected again with the Welsh female-fronted classic rock warriors Psycho Kiss who played fans a bunch of old favourites — and even added a few new numbers to their repertoire. The 2015 HRH AOR weekend offered more bang-for-buck excitement than audiences could have possibly ever wished for. The performances were sometimes profound, often sparkling, many times beautiful in their complexity and vibrant musicality, and of course totally entertaining. A weekend of smiles and spills, emotions and commotions, and, of course, all-out partymaking merriment.


HRH Prog Festival Christopher James Ryan


rog Festival displays a broad range of acts from across the globe. Prog bands from far and wide come together in North Wales, to play on this stage that has had so many great acts perform on over the past few weeks. To kick things off on Thursday are The Osiris Club. These mysterious chaps came onto stage in complete silence. With a tranquil sound - making it very atmospheric and giving it a spacey vibe. Playing tracks such as ‘That’s Not Like You’ from their new album Blazing world. And then once they finished just utter silence and they walked off into the abyss. Headlining Thursdays line-up is The Skys. They travelled by car from Lithuania, which had taken them three days, to get here. They are a combination of electro and rock - it’s fantastic. They do have a wide range of tracks from faster paced rock to slower ballads. The crowd definitely loved them, as they were overwhelmed with the positive responses. Definitely worth the distance. Friday is wackier. One of many bands that got my attention was Lifesigns. Their track ‘lighthouse’ is a strong nutshell of what they are like. Great combinations of piano work along with guitar play. The intro reminds me of a Matrix film. Anna Phoebe definitely stands out from the crowd with her unique violin play. This combined with rock music is unreal! The first track ‘A Moments Deception’ was a honour to hear and see live. With special guest Simran Ghalley on the tabla - it packs a punch. This type of music I’ve never come across before but I’m glad I have now. It keeps you on edge not knowing what’s going to happen next. The Enid are mind blowing, like the voice of

an angel - this is simply breathtaking! Everyone is stood or sat still staring at Joe Payne (lead vocals) as his voice touches your heart and mind. They are a combination of rock opera with a classical theme to it. It works fantastically. Moving onto the final day, Saturday. Collibus spice things up with their metal vibe, which added a surprise to the event. A wide range of fast and slower paced tracks with a classical feel to them. This mixed with metal and the cherry on top was Gemma Fox (vocals) rocking out. They sure did leave a mark. They remind me of Lacuna Coil, so if you love them you’ll love Collibus.

Magenta from around the corner, founded in south Wales these welsh lot are a fine example of experimental prog. A combination of modern beats with a pop vibe but of course with the progressive rock in the mix. They remind me of Dido and Bjok, combine them and you’ll get this. Christina Booth (vo-

cals). She does have a unique voice hitting those high and low notes with ease! Steeleye Span - Classic legends, what more can I say? Spamming over six decades they have truly made a mark in the music industry. Now this is a mix of instruments including an electro violin, making the band have a unique twang. A bit more modern yet holding their classic iconic folk feel. Playing tracks such as ‘Blackleg Miner’, ‘King Henry Boys of Bedlam’, and ‘All Around My Hat’. Everyone is singing and clapping along it’s very harmonic so merry and happy. Rick Wakeman. The legend himself headlining this festival. One man and his piano, that is all. Rick talks about the songs he will play and give’s an insight into the history behind them. He also talks about a lot of random stuff such as old albums, tours that include inflatable dinosaurs, which were annoying to use on stage. On top of this are his terrible jokes, which were quite funny, and the crowd loved them. One of my personal favourites is when he spoke about ‘Space Oddity’ and how he chilled out with the legend David Bowie. Playing this song on the piano alone is mind blowing it sounded so beautiful to hear live, I truly felt honoured to hear this live. He tells us that Bowie was talking to him  about his new album and at the time the album name hadn’t been confirmed. Rick replied saying he was playing on a cheap instrument, and if you can play music and it sounds fantastic on that, imagine what it sounds like on high end instruments. Rick also told the crowd about how he initially wrote music on piano, to get the feel for it and then used it from there on other instruments.  There were loads of fantastic acts at this festival these were only a handful. It has definitely been a festival never to forget. It has been a new experience for me and the atmosphere was definitely unique! Here’s hoping next year will come quick.

Rick Wakeman



Watch the full video interview on the interactive version of this magazine at: - Or vist our YouTube Channel at:

At HRH United Victoria Purcell We sat down with Tommy Karevik of Swedish band Kamelot, prior to their headline set at Hammerefest 2015. We talk about Tommy’s favourite festival memory, which was his first show with Kamelot in front of 30,000 people. Kamelot are soon to release their new album ‘Haven’, out 8th May 2015 via Napalm Records. Tommy talks us through ‘Haven’ saying; ‘It’s even more diverse than the previous album (Silverthorn - 2012) it’s, actually more diverse. We went a little bit for that — to have this wide spectrum of different feels; not only bombastic stuff, but also melancholic, dark, slower stuff, even faster stuff, more aggressive stuff. So it’s a really good… It’s like a plethora of everything, which is really cool. We’ve got some really cool responses from the album so far.’ Tommy also talks us through the the lyrical theme of the album. We read that the ablum was about the state of the world and civilisation. Tommy explains telling us it is about people caring too much for a fake reality, that

is the internet, ‘Everyone is hunting for this perfect life’ he says. ‘Haven’ is set to feature guest appearances on the album including Troy, Nightwish, Charlotte from Delaine, and Allisa from Arch Enemy on not one but two tracks. Following the release of ‘Haven’, Kamelot

will embark on a massive world tour, starting with North America in April/May 2015 followed by European shows in the Summer 2015 and with The Haven European Tour in September/October 2015 the band will return to Europe for their biggest headliner tour to date.

Night Ranger At HRH United Victoria Purcell We sat down with Jack Blades, lead singer of 80’s famous American Rock band Night Ranger. The band headlined HRH AOR Festival 2015 on the Saturday night, playing a set lasting nearly 2 hours. It’s great to see the band back in the UK, and proving that they are very much still on top form. Blades tells us that Night Ranger would like to play over in the UK more now, as back in the 80’s their manager didn’t bring them over much. In fact up until the last few years, Night Ranger hadn’t played in the UK for 30 years! With new album ‘High Road’ released just last year, and their HRH AOR Headline slot in sight, Night Ranger recently played a rare headline show in London. The bad played a range of tracks, including songs from their multi-platinum 1983 album ‘Midnight Madness’, which includes their hits ‘Sister Christian’, ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ and ‘(You Can Still) Rock In America’. ‘Back in the 80’s we were all so severely medicated most of the time, it’s a little bit different now, I can keep on doing this so long as I get some rest’ says Jack Blades. Towards the end of the interview we talk to

Watch the full video interview on the interactive version of this magazine at: - Or vist our YouTube Channel at:

Blades about the main changes that he has seen in the music industry across the last 30 years. We also talk about what it’s like to play on the KISS Cruise. Cruise festivals are becoming more and more popular over recent years, so it’s interesting to hear a bit about how that works.

Check out Revolution Saints, Blades new band with Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake) on guitars, and Deen Castronovo (Journey, Bad English) on drums and lead vocals. Blades is on bass and co-lead vocals.



eacemaker, DIE! formed from the ashes of Blackbyrd. The band are restarting, with a new EP ‘Chapter One’. The EP will be out 14th April through Believe Digital. We caught up with Phil Lye (Vocals) about the new project. The band explains “This EP comes from experience. We are all individuals with various backgrounds, so there was always something exciting going to happen when we sat down to write the record. This is the result of just that.” Tell us how the band came together? Myself (Phil, vocals), Kerry (Bass) and Leigh (Drums) have been in various bands together for years so there was a solid base already there. Darran was a friend of the band and after some encounters at various gigs, we just ended up in a room together having a jam. It sounded and felt great so we carried on going. As Leigh said you all come from various backgrounds, what are they? We are all Valleys boys so the background is already a shared one there. Musically, Darran achieved huge success with Funeral For A Friend, headlining festivals and playing with the worlds biggest bands. You then have myself, Kerry and Leigh who enjoyed a little bit of underground success with Dead Against The Rest. We toured constantly, garnered some festival slots and got some really good reviews. Each member knows and understands their instrument and that’s what makes us click. With such a wide range of influences and passions, there is so much thrown into the mixing bowl and the outcome is Peacemaker, DIE! Whats thrown in the bowl? Power, melody that builds big songs with anthemic choruses. As for the sound, guess its something along the lines of classic rock but with a modern edge. What’s the story behind the band name? We were originally called Blackbyrd, but due to the amount of other bands that shared the name, we decided on a change. One of the hardest things to do is to choose a band name. We had loads of ideas floating about but nothing that really stuck out. One day, Darran muttered Peacemaker Die and we all agreed in unison. It wasn’t intentionally taken from the Extreme song of the same name but also partly due to the Peacemaker Colt handgun which was made famous by Wyatt Earp.

Finch and a lot of late 80’s death metal and myself, I like Bad Religion and 5FDP among others. As musicians, have you found it necessary to change styles over time? I don’t think we’ve found it necessary to change styles but I suppose we have over time. It’s almost been like a natural progression Whether it’s been down to a new influence that’s been heard, or whether it’s playing with a different musician, you sometimes adapt and change without realising this. How do you see the future of the rock music industry? I think that it’s going to be a case of having to create more and more of your own opportunities to get yourself heard as it drifts more and more towards the digital side of the industry. It’s a more online business now rather than the good old fashioned record stores. On the one hand, it makes getting your music heard very accessible to be able to build a fan base but on the other, it makes your music from a monetary angle fairly worthless. What do you think makes people say Rock Music is Dead? I think it’s because you don’t see so much of it in the charts like you used to. There’s also more and more venues closing and less people going out to watch local bands, especially if they’re playing original stuff. Plus you see a lot of bands these days calling it quits because they just can’t afford to run it anymore. What does the future hold for Peacemaker, DIE!? We just want to enjoy ourselves, write some great music , have a shitload of fun along the way and hopefully some good opportunities will come our way in the process. We’d just like to ask everyone to go and check our online social media and website, give our tunes a listen and show us some love! Where can people find Peacemaker, Die this summer? We have some local shows coming up: -May 15th @ The Scene, Swansea -June 19th @ The Dolls House, Abertillery -July 18th @ Shield Fest, Swansea -Aug 30th @ Megaday, Caerphilly. Since going to press Peacemaker, DIE! Have parted ways with guitarist Leigh Fuge and will be going out as a 4 piece.

You are about to release your debut EP as Peacemaker, DIE ‘Chapter One’. What is this EP the start of? It’s literally the first chapter of our new musical journey. How did the recording process go? It was a fairly smooth writing process but the recording side did get a little drawn out due to peoples work commitments and some studio issues. It was mostly recorded by ourselves in a little studio we’d built in Pontypool. Have you changed musically since being Blackbyrd? We had more of a Southern edge I suppose, while we were still Blackbyrd but the newer songs have slightly shifted away from that into a more classic/heavy rock style. Have any of the tracks got particular stories behind them? Yeah, a couple of the do, actually. Fake is about some of the false people that we’ve met over the years whilst Last Man Standing is basically a homage to my love of Western films such as Tombstone and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. When you say false people, what do you mean? The type of people that seem to be helping you out along the way but are only in it for themselves and will drop you in the shi* in a heartbeat, or the ones that continually blow smoke up your ass. Our motto at RAMzine is showcasing the new and celebrating the old. I read that you have a range of influences from all generations, tell us about them.. It’s influences that individually we’ve grown up with and more modern styles since then, yet we all find common ground with certain bands such as Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, AlterBridge, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Motley Crue and early Metallica but then we have more indvidual influences which are a bit more diverse. You have Leigh who loves The Stereophonics and 80’s pop like Paul Young, Kerry is a huge fan of Opeth and Iron Maiden, Darran likes


Reviews Ape Machine

Holy Serpent

Whiskey Dick


Graveyard Johnnys

Live at Freak Valley

Holy Serpent

Welcome To Yeehaw Country

Two Hands

Dead Transmission

Pagan Hel Ripple Music / Ape Machine Music When the mystical lyrics of vocalist Caleb Heinze lock in with the band’s stonecold groove, APE MACHINE demonstrate an earthshaking ability to rock. A true four-piece, the group has been called “a rock and roll band with a finger on the pulse of the 70’s and their asses firmly in the present” and “real heavy-psych for the iPhone generation” that delivers “true guts and glory rock and roll!“ Taking me back to my roots of the good old days when there was just rock, Ape Machine have that sleazy rock feel that impels you to move your head or at least tap your foot or both. The chunky beats are enthralling and thrilling. Constant excitement is reached in an instant by pressing play and the tracks bristle with lively rhythms and uncompromising riffs. Energy and thunderous rapture is set alight on the bands eleven track album ‘Live at Freak Valley’. It could be suggested that there are Sabbathesque riffs in the bands offerings, which should please a few like-minded people who are of the Sabbath persuasion, not that I am complaining, far from it, this album is alive with melody, hooks and grinding riffs all for your listening pleasure. You can’t beat a bit of purple and the band have added their lively swagger to the proceedings with a cover of ‘Black Night’. This is a superb album that plants you firmly back in the 70’s to re-live them vibrant times. Still un-mistakingly good to hear some great rock, played the good old fashioned way, and for those who missed the era – there is always You Tube! You have to remember that without ‘rock’ to underpin todays music there wouldn’t be metal, so it is good to explore various genres, even better to plonk yourself back to where it all started and Ape Machine have caught the vibe supremely! Released 26th May 2015.

Pagan Hel RidingEasy Records Despite their relative youth the band has become remarkably adept at turning out some of the heaviest, most offhand and authentic sounds around. Holy Serpent rages with agitation and grazes with a simple chug that captivates as it swings us back into an era of Psychedelic and newer what’s now known as Stoner! Shroom Doom is laced with a caustic heavy riff that invites a swirling imagination, soaked in a rich rhythmic regime. ‘Fools Gold’ holds serious outpourings that are extremely muscular. ‘The Plague’ is a staggering ten minutes long and unmasks an unsettling swathe of euphoria. ‘The Wind’ has that certain magic of taunt and tease as it winds around the ears and squeezes tightly. It is amazing when you listen to stoner doom bands you realise that they do sound very similar to early Sabbath, although Sabbath were just simply known for being a ‘heavy rock band’ back in the day. The 5 track E.P is steeped in its own unique presence and explores a doom laden environment that increasingly grows darker with a forged emotion and sultry passion. ‘Stoner’ is a sub-genre combining elements of Psychedelic, blues, acid and of course heavy metal. Its slow passages feature groove laden and distorted bass and is a more ‘old’ kind of retro sound. Holy Serpent haven’t patented the sound, but they sure have made it more accessible and conclusive by adding to their ‘stoner’ stamp of the ever increasing genres. It is great music to chill out to and Holy Serpent are no exception to the rule. What you hear is what you get with Holy Serpent it is as simple as that! It improves with every listen and that has been at least three since starting this review, so get ready for a highly charged listen that eventually becomes addictive. Released 12th May 2015.

Neale MGeever Rusty Knuckles On the Urban Dictionary ‘Whisky Dick’ is described as: “when you’ve had too much to drink and have a girl back home and can’t get it up to perform the deed.” Too much information? Luckily this album isn’t about intoxication or impotence, it is a country-metal fusion album by cult favourites Whiskey Dick. From the first few bars we are dropped into ‘the Deep South’, the harmonica echoes throughout opener ‘Redemption’ - acoustic guitars and the American crooning of Fritz and Reverend Johnson. You could easily use this album as a soundtrack to a motorcycle getaway. Following is ‘Train Robbing, Gun Totin’ Good Time’ which features an introduction by Fritz, as if this is a live performance. This is a good time tale of the modern-day Country rock ‘n’ roller. The next track is literally called ‘YEEHAW!’ which channels both Jonny Cash and Zakk Wylde - acoustically, of course. Songs like these make it sound a little like Hayseed Dixie, without the rock covers. ‘18 Wheels Of Hell’ echoes the band’s Motorhead influences, this track could easily be written by Lemmy himself and pass as a metal song. This is straight-up country rock album. Not one for fans of Kenny Rogers though, too much swearing, drugs and sex references. The following track ‘Drunk as Hell’ isn’t a reference to the aforementioned Urban Dictionary definition. As you can imagine it’s about drinking, beer and whisky to be precise. It ends with much anticipated electric guitar solo. The final track ‘Fallen Heroes’ is a gritty power ballad with a guitar lead. It may not be their intent but vocally, this track reminds me of alt-rock hit ‘Mmm Mmm Mmm’ by Crash Test Dummies or other bands of the time. Even so, the riff could easily be at home on a Scorpions album.

Sam Rohde Spinefarm/Search & Destroy It would appear that the name Turbowolf is a fitting one. Its great to hear a lively record which has a sweet mix of musical styles and euphoric energy - music to the ears in more than an literal way. Taking on the sometimes challenging second album, Two Hands possesses some of the classic ingredients of a good rock record. Catchy hooks, crowd pogo inducing riffs and great spirit. It has a bouncy feel to it, and a certain likability which has been a real winner on previous releases to date. It’s hard to categorise quite what Turbowolf are going for, it’s not punk rock, it’s not psychedelic rock or rock and roll, but what we have here is a refreshing cocktail of all these sub genres - which come together blissfully. Having seen Turbowolf’s debut record being described as ‘a tasty thick soup of distorted boogie rock, psychedelic weirdness and snarling punk attitude’ I could easily label Two Hands with a similar description. It’s a pleasantly diverse record, album opener ‘Invisible Hand’ is perhaps the most punky,and ultimately a great way to kick off an album. ‘Twelve Houses’ is a real stand-out singalong, packed with rock and roll energy. Amongst these examples ‘Two Hands’ in it’s entirety is rock solid, each track laced with diversity, originality and great musical togetherness. Turbowolf’s synthey ‘get up and dance’ vibe its extremely intriguing and is a key element throughout the record perhaps the secret ingredient in the aforementioned soup. The highlight of the record for me is ‘Rabbits Foot’ which has a groovy distorted guitar riff that would not sound at all out of place on a Royal Blood record. It’s catchy and melodic and the chorus vocal hook is instantly infectious. Turbowolf are multi gender, multi genre, sure to multiply their fan base with a multiplication of new tunes. Definatly worth a listen.

Reg Richardson Bomber Music Graveyard Johnnys have been described as rockabilly mixed with punk and having listened to the album this is certainly true...mostly. The album has a strong ‘feel good’ factor about it, as the energetic music gets the feet tapping. The vocals are, at times, industrial at best but fit with the music behind them. The album opens with ‘The Poison’, one of those songs featuring the industrial vocals but typically rockabilly in style and I’m sure the line ‘stay well away from me’ isn’t directed at fans of the band. Strong guitar riffs more than make up for the vocal rawness. ‘For Tonight’ is more mainline blues rock but just as infectious, much more musical with a high degree of ‘listenability’, a great track. The title track, ‘Dead Transmission’ calls on the bands punk roots and if you didn’t know any different you could almost pigeonhole the band as a post-punk outfit. The band then attempt to completely do your head in as they go off on a tangent with ‘Because of You’, full on rockabilly! Versatile is one word you could use for the Graveyard Johnnys as they move seamlessly from rockabilly to Celtic punk and perform ‘One Day or Forever’ in a Pogues-esque style. A return to rockabilly (with the emphasis on rock) for ‘Ready to Roll’ and ‘I Won’t Wait’ before, wait for it, they do ‘Compromise’ in the style of Queens of the Stone Age! Despite the comparison this is another great song. The album finishes with ‘Mothers’ and the upbeat ‘Little Witch’, one of the best tracks on the album as the QOTSA influence returns. All in all this is a very good album, if tainted by something of an identity crisis in my opinion that should be based on songs such as ‘Compromise’ and ‘Little Witch’ both of which are excellent. If you’re up for a varied sound give this a listen the wide genre coverage should hit you with something you like.

Released 27th April 2015.

Released 6th April 2015.

Released 11th May 2015.




Cardinal Bay

Prolong The Agony

Beyond Dishonour

Entropy O.A.C.

Life On Repeat

Way Back Home

All We Are


Dark Clouds and Clarity

Adam Hemmings Self-Release Conduit, a four-piece from Coventry, release their debut album ‘Life on Repeat’ on Monday 1st June. Initial thoughts during the opening track ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ to their forthcoming single ‘Others’ made me believe I was listening to the love child of GlassJaw and a young Rise Against. And ‘Outstretched Arms’ really takes you back but in a new way, with a new band. In all, these guys are amazing and you should feel ashamed of yourself if you chose to not buy this album. Released 1st June 2015.

Adam Hemmings Self-Release Cardinal Bays EP ‘Way Back Home’ from the lads in Bridgewater, Somerset is not to be missed. The album has an early 00’s metal-core feel to it that is going to appeal to a broad audience in the rock scene. The track ‘Everytime’ stands out on the EP showing off a decent hard pumping riff with an impressive vocal range. Closing is ‘Thoughts Explode’ - a rock anthem that is sure to impress many and have you jumping around! You should definitely be checking Cardinal Bay out! Released 20th April 2015.

Stephen Stanford In At The Deep End Records ‘All We Are’ is one of those rare, almost perfect EPs. Displaying a tightly polished, brutal and passionate mix that never feels forced or anything other than a labour of love. It was hard to pick any one standout track, as they each feel different in their own way. Musically it is the right balance of melody giving way to heaviness and back again, all the while being narrated over by brutal, guttural vocals that combine in such a way that refreshingly means no two tracks sound alike.

Andrew Dowling Atlantic Records ‘Heisenberg’ kicks this micro storm of American metal core into life with the sound of a dial up internet connection before dropping straight into full metalcore assault mode, with similar brutality to the show it takes it name from. ‘Ed 209 VS the Stairs’ gives you some seriously tight riffing for moshing to show, these guys mean business. ‘What Clayton Bigsby Doesn’t Know’ keeps the pace and intensity of the last two tracks before ‘That Sinking Feeling’ starts to drag you further into the bands world.

Steve Jackson Pavement Entertainment ‘Dark Clouds and Clarity’ to my ears is the sound of Entrophy paying homage to all the bands that they love. The music is an amalgamation of the classic Nu Metal sound, from the heavy hitting riffing akin to Slipknot and Dry Kill Logic to the far more melodic segments of bands like Taproot. The vocals perfectly complement the music on offer. ‘Fitting’ sounding similar to Corey Taylor’s style in Stone Sour, with a dose of Alice In Chains inspired vocal harmonies. Out 21st April.

Nightrage The Puritan

Pagan Hel

Despotz Records The skull crushing and mind blowing, Nightrage literally own the airwaves with their brutal effervescent and emotive forces that reach mega—level proportions. The ‘screamo’ vocal insurgence is hard wired and executes a malignant and venomous attack on the aural. Musically it is a wild storm of tumultuous depravity, and offers a distinctive, expressive rampage. It is a remarkably raw jolt that will penetrate all corners of the mind, as it infects with sheer chugging rhythms and honest, heart-felt seduction. Each track is injected with a rich compulsion that holds large amounts of delicious melody wrapped around a raucous guitar and thunderous deadly beats. It is oh so easy to love this album. It flows freely and undisturbed through its paces, and yet it contains the power and energy to attack! It intimately seduces and draws you into its enjoyable passages of muscular breeding. The passion flows through its bursting veins as the power hits and each track is just as brazen as the last, so picking a favourite is a difficult job. Amid the raging thumps of powerful emotion, comes brief respites of beautiful stringed arrangements that show off the bands capabilities and diversity to the fore. The hooks emerge bright and lively and a host of rhythms intensify with alluring appeal. Nightrage lack nothing and tick all the boxes with their highly captivating tracks that are outstanding from start to finish. Grippingly aggressive, it shows perseverance and determination as each track turns into the next. A truly menacing album that bares its teeth and delivers the most bewitching and infectious sounds to have hit the world. Makes for a thoroughly fulfilling experience of volatility and genius, make no mistake!

Agnostic Front The American Dream Died

Pagan Hel

Nuclear Blast The Intro starts with a simple but urgent message as the sirens wail and deep seated drum beats thump disturbingly. This album although labelled Hard Core does hold plenty of punk motivation in its muscular arms. It has a vitality that is hard to keep the lid on without it exploding all over the place! I like the ‘couldn’t be assed’ vocals as they are in keeping with the music although sometimes squalled so fast you cannot understand them, but whether this is done on purpose is anyone’s guess. The richer and faster tracks are sheer mouth-watering and conjures up intriguing elements that more than wet the appetite, and even the slower more deliberate tracks hold something that someone will appreciate. I must admit though that for me lower toned deep growls are more preferred than a punk tone, but this album gives out a lot and there is plenty to get your head around, but to head-bang to this would cause a stroke! Seriously. The Intro starts with a simple but urgent message as the sirens wail and deep seated drum beats thump disturbingly. ‘Police Violence’ explores a more panic-struck type of vocal not to mention a fast, but very short tempo that has jarring and stabbing tendencies about it. ‘Only in America’ is fast and furious, it spills over the edge of sarcasm and hints that all is not well in America! It is infused with a brutal pace and antagonistic riffing that is highly pleasurable on the ears. See the full track-by-track at Realeased April 2015


Reviews The Real McKenzies Rats in the Burlap

Fat Wreck Chords If you want to get Celtic Punk, there are two things you need. One, some great punk rock songs and two, a strong liver. While we aren’t in a position to comment on the state of The Real Mckenzies livers, ‘Rats in the Burlup’ certainly suggests they’ve got the songs down to a tee. Opening with the bagpipe heavy ‘Who Saw the 42nd’, it doesn’t take long for you to figure out where you are with this album. Fans of the Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly should pay attention, because this is one for you. The fun time continues on ‘Up on a Motorbike’ right through to the bizarre ‘Bootsy the Haggis-Eating Cake’. This is music meant to be sung along to and drunk along with and it ticks all those boxes. If you were being picky you could point at the fact there is nothing here we haven’t heard before and you would probably be right. However, it is hard to care that much. As you bounce along to ‘Lilacs in the Alleyway’ you would have to be in a really bad mood to stop and complain that this wasn’t particularly original. You’d just be ruining the party. As ‘Dead or Alive’ sees you out, enticing you to raise your glass to the air and scream along at the top of your lungs, it is clear that The Real Mckenzies have achieved exactly what they wanted to. They’ve written fourteen tracks of punk rock which is just dying for you to have a good time with it and unless you’ve got a heart of stone, there is a pretty good chance that’s exactly what you’ll do.

Stuart Iversen

The Dirty Youth Gold Dust

Transcend Music (11th May 2015) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in this day and age many different sub genres of music are appearing and staking claim. Inspiration from all styles of music and generations are turning talent into unstoppable production machines. Now everyone has their most beloved genre, a style that hits home every time but the big music debate is always a strong and enthusiastic conversation for many. So, who do you think would win a fight between; Electronica, punk rock and Katy Perry? I’ll tell you who. The Dirty Youth. With some incredibly bouncy synth, head bopping riffs and jaw dropping vocals, The Dirty Youth’s new album ‘Gold Dust’ should be the new soundtrack to all you mosh/dance/party freaks out there. Monday 11th of May will see ‘Gold Dust’ making its way into your airwaves via Transcend Music. Made up from Danni Monroe (vocals), Matt Bond (Guiatar/Keys), Luke Padfield (Guitar), Leon Watkins (Bass) and Freddie Green (Drums) these energetic and extremely engaging Welsh rockers have already enjoyed success touring the UK and Europe with the likes of Korn, The Rasmus , Heavens Basement and Reckless Love. Their debut album ‘Red Light Fix’ racked up extensive praise from the media, and was just the start of what is going to be an exciting time in music. Just a few more accolades include multiple Download festival appearances, seven million You Tube views and the incredible honour of playing alongside Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney at Hyde Park! - Jaw dropping From start to end The Dirty Youth bring an aggressive but rhythmic sound opening with ‘I’m not listening to you’. Next up on the album is ‘Alive’ a track that makes my hairs stand to attention as I imagine hearing it as the backing music to a high budget Sci-Fi movie with explosions, A.I, Space suits, heartbreak and a not so happy but very powerful ending. Their current single ‘The One’ showcases the quality and flexibility they bring to the table, executing with near perfection as it gains widespread airplay. ‘Bedroom Karate’ booms with confidence that I can see many fans choosing as their anthem. Be sure to catch The Dirty Youth this May 2015 as the main support to INME across the UK!

Adam Hemmings


Issue 3 ou t May 2015!

RAMzine - Issue 2 - DIO  

RAMzine - Rock and Metal zine! Showcasing the new and celebrating the old. We look back at the mighty Dio. We review HRH United Festival, an...

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