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Ralph White Artist Bio Ralph White brings a lifetime of transformational thinking into his paintings. A highly successful executive business coach, Ralph has worked with thousands of clients to re-direct their thinking in order to create possibilities. Now he brings this philosophy into his art, continually seeking to express the soul’s ability to transform. His paintings reflect this quest for gateways to enlightenment and the myriad of creative responses that arise from this pursuit. Through his studies with the Fusionart master Rassouli, Ralph has developed a distinctive style. His paintings evoke a wide-ranging array of emotions and ideas. His brushwork is strong and vibrant, his colors intense. His art reflects a positive flow of energy. Ralph’s work exhibits outward expressions of feeling and celebrates the inward journey of thoughtful introspection. This is an artist who is open to the power of intention. Ralph believes in the artist’s and viewer’s ability to create meaning through each image, and he is continually intrigued by the convergence of the art and the observer. Through his work, Ralph persistently creates the opportunity to delve into individual breakthroughs and rejoice in the outcome. Websites: Ralph White, Soul Possibilities, Awards: Special Recognition, 5th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle International Online Juried Art Exhibition, for Neon Tide Books:

Soul Possibilities, the Art of Ralph White , Lee Ann Farmer, 2007 Exhibitions: Santa Monica Art Studios, Santa Monica Abstracts 2007, OnLine Galleries: Artspan, Boundless Gallery, Fine Art America, FusionArt, Original Art Online, Saatchi Gallery, Upstream People Gallery,

Indian Dancer, 2006 Acrylic on Canvas, 40x30 inches This painting showcases White’s uncanny ability to create images that are simultaneously frozen in time and bursting with movement and energy. Indian Dancer not only excites us with its vigor, but it presents yet another bold palette from an artist so open to experimentation that he is difficult to compartmentalize. The dancer herself emerges from the center of the painting. She is long, lean, lithe. An exotic East Indian woman, we know not if she is young or old, rich or poor. Her contribution comes solely from her dance, and she does not disappoint. She was born to command her body, to own her presence on this Earth. With each viewing of the work, she seems to sway and change position, just as if she were incarnate before us. Her skirts swirl around her, emblazoned with a thousand different colors. The invigorating brushwork adds depth, emotion and urgency to her movement. How interesting that White chose not to distinguish her surroundings with opposing hues. She becomes where she dances, and only the viewer can define the lines of her form. How do you fit into your surroundings? Do you blend or contrast? In your daily life, do your actions deepen a broader truth? Or do you find yourself out of sync and at odds with your spirit? The dancer teaches us of the nobility of being confident in our own skin. Current fashion may dictate that we rebel, that we separate from anything that remotely resembles the status quo. Indian Dancer proves that there is individuality and dignity within any spirit. We can take our place in the infinity of the earth and yet remain unique contributors, vital figures to our own destiny. It is up to us to distinguish and define our legacy. Along the way we must move and flow with life’s circumstances. Like a dancer, we must celebrate what we bring to the communal journey and offer ourselves up to a greater good.

Koi, 2007 Acrylic on Canvas, 36x24 inches This delightful canvas from early 2007 once again shows White’s brilliance at what he christened “emerging images”. At the forefront of this piece is a golden koi fish, swimming in a sparkling jeweled pond. The koi is surrounded by several less distinct figures, and we soon notice that he is far from alone in his watery playground. Look carefully at this canvas and see how many fish you can find. White has created an intentional presence of other creatures that materialize and recede from the painting like childhood memories in our consciousness. We use the golden koi as our frame of reference, our anchor. He serves as “home base” if you will, and from him we can travel as far as our imagination will take us. White uses a symphony of color and his signature energetic brushwork to create this effervescent koi pond. His delineation of hues gives life to the images and allows the viewer to bond with the painting over time. Each inspection of the work reveals more and more, and leaves the viewer longing for the next experience, the next opportunity to discover what might be hiding beneath the water. How is your life like the koi pond? Are there parts of your personality that are readily visible? Do you conceal your deeper thoughts and emotions? Perhaps you reveal yourself slowly; peeling layers only as you build your confidence and trust in others. How many other ideas and passions lie beneath the exterior version of you? This painting celebrates the seen and unseen. It makes no judgment as to what part of the psyche should be most visible. Take time to know that which you impart easily, and that which you hold close to the vest. Delight in all the colorful koi that cavort within your spirit, and find opportunities to reveal and release them to the world.

Melt, 2007 Acrylic on canvas, 20”x 20” One of Ralph White’s singular talents is his ability to re-imagine and re-express the mysteries of the universe. Long fascinated with the soul’s introspective journey as it relates to the community, White delves repeatedly into these muddy waters, creating bold and vibrant answers to some of life’s fundamental unknowns. In Melt, White explores this eternal dynamic between inner thought and outward response. He creates a flow of bold color, bringing together fiery hues and creating a striking juxtaposition with darker, more brooding colors. Interspersed are gold and silver metallics that lend intrigue. The result is a superbly crafted painting that brings together both stark contrasts and subtle nuances. White expresses the diversity of our universe, of our communion with our fellow man, along with the struggle and passion of our individual experiences. Using a technique he describes as “Flow”, White carefully aligns his paints such that the colors remain distinct. At the same time, they play with one another and become enmeshed in an intricate and energetic web. This unusual process imbues the painting with a noticeable vitality. The painting looks as though it is moving and alive. When we think of ourselves as part of the greater universe, we can easily become overwhelmed, and underestimate our own importance. In Melt, White strives to show that each individual color plays a part and can be seen and appreciated on its own. Together, they create a broader concept, a bigger picture, a collective possibility that can be shared and cherished by us all. Each one of us brings something unique to the table, a culture, a gift, a color, a knowledge. The combination of traits and talents is a blessing to both the communal and individual soul. The lesson is to give of yourself without fear of diminishing your spirit. Take back what nourishes and enlightens you. Use this painting as a meditation for being at peace with your inner journey while celebrating the validity of your outward actions. Be willing to melt within the enormous, living universe, confident of your own contribution and significance.

Prayer, 2005 Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40” This painting is at once evocative of Ralph’s White’s style of confident brushwork while at the same time a departure from his themes of introspection and self-discovery. The choice of colors suggests that the artist was making a bold, new statement with this work. Embedded within Prayer, one can see two hands uplifted to the heavens. The hands are palm up, fingers bent. It is simultaneously a gesture of supplication and receipt. Instead of focusing inward, we are challenged to look outward. To seek assistance and submit ourselves to the Creator’s message. At the same time we must be ready to accept that direction and abundance in our lives. Prayer is an active painting, full of movement. It also reflects the influence of reflection and relationship with the spiritual. In Prayer, Ralph White seeks to invite us to engage in dynamic dialog, to offer up our hearts to the possible, and be open to receiving the gifts of transformation that occur. Powerful and commanding, this is a painting that is sure to invigorate the soul.

(This Painting Has Been Sold)

RALPH WHITE Blue Angel, 2005 Acrylic on Canvas, 36x36” A recurring theme in Ralph White’s paintings is that of a portal or gateway. Often, these images may be seen centering the piece. The idea is to draw the viewer’s eye more and more inward, to shut out any distractions that come between the thinker and the thought. The portals are doorways to the soul, to the mind’s eye, and to peaceful introspection. Blue Angel is the definitive painting of this series. The brushwork could easily be described as fastpaced and staccato. A closer look reveals a very confident layering of color and gesture. Back away from the painting however, and experience the soothing effects of the shading. Blue on blue on blue move together so seamlessly they appear as a single stroke. From dark to light, we are led to the center of the painting, where we find the angel, guiding us home. The artist leaves “home” to be defined by the viewer. Perhaps the angel guards the doorway to your inner soul, to your creativity. Perhaps she is an escort to a transformation of mind, body or spirit. Allow the angel to lead you through your own portal of discovery, on the journey to your possible soul.

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