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That One Unique Filipino

I am a gamer and animator I wonder if mankind can expand beyond the moon I hear music as each moment of my life pass by I see the endless possibilities about the future of mankind I want to live life without any wars,disease,or depression

I am a gamer and animator I pretend to be the man who controls his own fate I feel the energy of all greatness for what the world has. I touch the controls of the limitless creativity I worry that another world war can throw the earth into a nuclear winter I cry that all the good people in our lives go away I am a gamer and animator


I understand the world is in crisis with all the terrorists and global warming making it worse I say that mankind can advance its way of life if all negative influences are gone I dream that mankind can expand beyond our homeworld and its moon I try to help and inspire others that the world can be a better place to live in I hope that all the people living through bad situations can have a better life I am a gamer and animator


Just because I’m the Unique Filipino Just because I’m Filipino It doesn’t mean I like all types of Filipino food1 Doesn’t mean I know how to speak the native language Doesn’t mean I like karaoke I am Filipino, but I know more than the average 13 year Filipino does. Just because i’m Filipino It doesn’t mean i’m gonna be use to the terrain in the Philippines Doesn’t mean i’m not use to the high temperatures Doesn’t mean going to like play basketball Unlike most Filipinos in the world I can do what only a small amount of Filipinos can do.



A Day of Victory A day that was the last of a hard year It was the last day of school The day was slow ,but enjoyable People chat away of what they’re going to do in the summer Yearbooks being filled with hundreds of signatures from friends and teachers Blue clear skies and not a single cloud No class had work instead they celebrate of how the year went

You realize that you’ve overcome many obstacles from one whole year Making it through each day of work of billions of paper Studying and passing hundreds of test Finished dozens of large projects Did thousands of homework Lasted through weeks of school Now you relax for the accomplishments you’ve made by resting for three months But sadly, another year will begin



Clear Cutting

From a tree’s perspective The 1,000 year old tree It witnessed how mankind developed over time From tepees to skyscrapers The tree has seen horse powered wagons to gas consuming cars

Now the journey of life has come to an end Day by day others are gone within minutes And now stands one tree The tree was afraid that the journey of life was about to come to an end.



The problem Billions of problems in history some were small and others were monstrous problems happen in the thirteen colonies Spain wanted more money Chinese wanted to keep the mongols out The Egyptians wanted to protect dead kings Rumors of kings attacking france The Missouri Compromise happens

The problems created the modern world The American revolutionary war Christopher Columbus discovers America The Great Wall is built Pyramids of Giza is made The French Revolution happens and the Eiffel Tower is built The American Civil War the biggest problems that led to modern day.





Dear John, John i’m running out of supplies to survive,and the price of food and shelter ar2 e getting too high. Today i’m telling you that the reason i’m acting this way is because of my amnesia and its important that I know what happened in my past.My only clue of my past is my birth records,but when I first found it it was burned and the text slowly fades away each day.I need more money,food,and something to safely store of my remains of my past.Also, theres these group of people who are chasing me and I do not know why,but each encounter they get more aggressive and dangerous.A few weeks ago I had discovered a ability that allows me to make a variety of disguises to hide from the people who are chasing me.For the past few nights I have been getting strange dreams or visions of what might happen.Lastly if you can, I need you to send me a weapon to defend myself or send me enough money to buy one. The first day I regain consciousness I was in a house that was destroyed for an unknown reason. There was a man who was crushed by a part of the rooftop said”you need to use what you learned in the past to stay alive”.I had wondered why he said that but before I could ask he passed away.Now,my main goal in life is to rediscovered my past and survive these strange group.If I don’t achieve my goal then the man and everyone else who’s injured or died because of that group are wasting their lives trying to save me will go in vain.This strange group says that I know a secret code of some sort of safe that has a map.I recently found more records and they say i’m a C.I.A operative.My allies told me that i’m a operative who knows the code to a location that contains a secret weapon of mass destruction.This weapon is stolen from terrorists and if they succeed the world will be left as mountains of ashes. I have sent you this crippled letter to you because I am right in the middle of a problem.This terrorist group has started tracking my location using various vehicles.I now know that my journey is coming closer to an end since I now remember what the code means.I also attach a card on this paper to the place i’m going to meet you.I need a temporary safe house so I will be with you for a few days.The fate of billions of people now rests in my hands.I need your help on this and clear whatever you’re doing tomorrow,and also chances are you need something that will protect you. From, Jack Davolo 2



World of the Survivors

Prologue What was once a world filled with life was now in ruins after an apocalyptic event shortly after World War III.The story starts through the eyes of a man named Jack Davolo.He doesn’t know much about his past,but now he has one task that decides the fate of the remains of Mankind.Governments of the world have been damaged greatly and terrorist organizations have grown larger and stronger.small parts of each continent now swallowed up by the ocean since Global Warming has increased in a extremely fast rate.Cities like San Francisco now under martial law and heavily protected by remains of the military.Two years after the apocalyptic event a disease has infected towns that aren’t well protected creating aggressive,mindless,and flesh craving cannonballs.Luckily,only one out of every one hundred towns have been infected.Technology has evolved ever since the last World War,but only the rich or government officials use it.

Chapter 1 Being tracked It was another cloudy day in the San Francisco bay and I had began to wake up and prepare for the day.I was in a poor looking hotel but I really didn’t care since I usually stay in hotels for a day or two.Ten minutes later I packed up my belongings and enter the crowded streets of San Francisco.It had been six years since the apocalypse forever change mankind.I walked the down these streets with poor people since I was in the very poor side of town.I tried to avoid eye contact with everyone until a tall and muscular figure approach me.”Are you Jack Davolo?”he asked.I had stand there in silence thinking if I can trust him or not. ”Yes,why?”I questioned him “The C.I.A director wants to talk to you” he said with a whisper.He told me to get in the limo and I looked around if there was someone following me.Nothing suspicious was around so I stepped into the limo.”Good morning Jack” 16

the director greeted me.”Alright,why do you want to talk to me John?” I had wonder why he needed me since I had escaped a group of bad guys months ago.”One of our operatives has intel that he spotted multiple groups of suspicious men” He given me a manilla folder filled with pictures of these men. I was shocked that after many months they have returned for me. “Have you done anything about this?” I questioned him.John began to look nervous”No,because I can’t”.I looked at him as he started sweating “They took our intel gathering specialist” I sit there in confusion thinking how did they get through security? John handed me a tablet and a video began.Shortly after the video began a car crashed into the limo.


Chapter 2 Found As I recover from the crash I find that everyone is alive but unconscious.A group of men exit the barely damaged S.U.V and attempted to kidnap us but the two others manage to recover and we started running.”Who are these guys?”shouted John.I didn’t answer his question but only said to continue running.We came to a stop at the intersection of 3rd and King Street.The unknown group surrounded us in every corner.I tried to find a way out and the only option was to the abandon baseball park.John used his phone to call of backup,but the main problem is we have to hold out as long as possible.Running around an abandon park was not the best idea but the our only option.Behind us parts of the floor collapse making our chase a bit easier,but they still managed to find us again.We came to a cliche’ situation of a dead end.The strangers cornered us and the backup hasn’t arrived.They ran towards us then we jump off the building into the polluted bay.An unkown boat approached us and it was our late backup.Seconds later,I checked if they’re still in pursuite,but they weren’t.I knew that they will returned and now I knew who they are.After months of peace,the terrorist group have found and almost caught me. We settle down at a hotel for only until morning.”How did these guys find us?”questioned John.”I’m not sure how but we’ll know soon”I said to John.The boat and limo drivers left to buy a quick dinner,while me and John investigate how it happen.I checked the folders and discovered pictures of M.I.A or K.I.A operatives from only the past 5 months.They all something in common that I found strange.Every single one are people I associated with.”I think I figure out who the next group of people whose life is at risk”I said.”If you actually are really sure,then who's next?”John asked.

Chapter 3 deceive Minutes later after I explain to John we decided to interrogate a member of the dangerous group named Gabriel Johnson who attempted to capture a supplies truck but failed to.We exited the hotel and headed to headquarters to uncover what happens if my prediction is right.We had questions to ask and we have someone who has the answers.”Alright Gabriel i’m going to ask you questions and I expect you to answer them”John said as he attempted to intimidate him.”You already seen these in the 18

movies,i’m not gonna spill”Gabriel confidently said.”That also means I might do it the hard way in order to make you spill”.John exited the room and a man with a sharp needle came in and injected it into gabriel.Nothing happen accept he fallen asleep within seconds.After an hour he was still asleep I stared at him and started screaming.”What was in that needle?”I questioned.”A nightmare maker,so what he thinks happen was all a dream”John answered.Gabriel then told everything we needed including the location of the groups safe house.All of a sudden a gas was released into the building. Everyone was dropping like flies and soon I dropped to.I then realized that it was a sleep gas and the last thing I heard from Gabriel is sweet dreams and saw a group of men with gas masks and took Gabriel away. I woke up and noticed that the building is surrounded by police and investigators.I got up and found John sleeping with his thumb in his mouth.I woke up John and he came up very startled yelling”Gabriel is getting away!”.In the course of two days we organized a plan to capture the safe house blocking every possible way of escaping including a passage leading into the sewers.”After this we can finally have enough intel to put a stop to this group ”said John. Moments later we were in a S.U.V with multiple cars filled with military,S.W.A.T,and K-9 units.Also, a few helicopters incase they escaped using their own helicopter.The building’s perimeter was filled with men about to break in.Me and John were one of those men,and we are the ones who gives the signal to breach.”BREACH” I yelled and kicked down the door.There was no one at the entrance and fifteen men entered the building cautiosly incase there was a armed man waiting to fire.We checked almost every room and there was not a single human being was found.There was one room left and me and John against the wall and kicked the door down.Only a room filled of computers and only one was one.I checked what was one it and it said “gotcha”.I turned around and got hit hard enough to be knocked out.Two other men were knocked out and the unkown has changed into uniform.The two exited the building and entered the car heading to headquarters.Gaining my concious back I noticed my access card is gone and I realized they had gone to headquarters to take confidential files.”They’re at headquarters,all units exit the area and head to the C.I.A headquarters”I yelled out.The moment we got to headquarters barged in heading into the archives and found them.It was a chase but they were too far ahead to catch up.I entered the street and they got away.




Jerry’s unfortunate foot event Jerry is a window washer on skyscrapers,and one day during his job he got his foot stuck in a bucket of water.He’s about to take a step to the left but realized that his foot is stuck,and Jerry was terrified that his foot is stuck and think that he might slip and plummet towards his death.Thinking for a few minutes he didn’t had a single idea.He tried to shake his leg to let the bucket loose,but it only made the platform much more slippery and risky.His feet and the platform were wet making the chances of falling greater.Inside the building a employee came inside his office and found Jerry struggling to get his feet out of the bucket.The employee opened the window and started helping Jerry’s problem.Jerry tried prying it off his foot then the bucket fell off the building into the busy city streets hitting someone’s head.


The Boy who lost his jacket before Winter There was a 12 year old boy name Jason,he was in a hurry to school and the day was windy at a chilling 51 degrees fahrenheit.During recess he found out he lost his jacket and was very sad since the temperature kept dropping as the day progress. He had to figure out when was the last time he saw it,and if that failed he had to say someone stole it to his parents.On the way home Jason could feel his heart beating since his family was forced to have a small budget thanks to high taxes. When he arrived home he found his mom finished laundry but an accident occurred.The jacket had shrunk and the stores were sold out on jackets for the first few weeks of winter.


The Misfortunes Story Act I Why does the least expected misfortunes and mistakes happen when you least need it. For example, when you forget something or you master a skill,but on a important event you make a mistake. Or when you need help and no one is available. They say say you have to be prepared,but you’re not always prepared for everything. The story begins when I haven’t forgotten the first homework assignment for the beginning of the year for five years. After my first day I had a task to get supplies and do my Science homework. During the day I lost track of time when doing my homework. I checked the time and it was 8:57 pm and the store with the supplies I needed is about to close in one hour.Before I left my homework was placed on my computer desk.When I arrived to the store it was 9:25 pm and there wasn’t much time left. Since other schools opened weeks before his school did there weren’t many supplies left.Luckily, I found everything he needed with minutes to spare. At home I now store all his supplies into my roller bag. When the sunrises on the clear windy skies I wake up from the alarm,but I turned it off as my will to get up wasn’t strong enough to wake up. I ended up oversleeping and when I woke up I rush to pack my supplies to school. but I left my homework on the computer desk creating a problem later that day.

Act II Teacher: Alright class i’m gonna go around and stamp your homework from last night. I thought I was prepared but when checking my binder and discovered that it’s not there. I started to panic in my thoughts. Ralph: No,no,no this can’t be happening on the second day. I can’t lose my homework this early in the year. Teacher approaches me sweating and worried. Teacher: Wh- where’s your homework. 24

The student realize that his homework was left on his desk. Ralph sadly says:It’s at home. Teacher: Why? Ralph: I left it on my desk when I woke up from my oversleep this morning.

Teacher: Well if you forgot it then you lose homework points but you still receive credit for doing it.

Act III Lessons learned As I turn in the packet he still gets credit I became more organize with my way of tracking time, but I still oversleep because I have a comfortable bed that isn’t easy to get off after sleeping. Not all mistakes can end the same way. Overtime as I make mistakes I learn not to panic all the time, but to embrace it and fix them. They say that when you learn your mistakes,you understand more how life works. As you learn more and more,mistakes can become rare. You’re like a puppet being controlled by misfortunes but overtime you break free and you control the misfortunes.



The American artist who’s known as Wayne Thiebaud An American artist who left marks on the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco.His works were based on everyday common objects.That artist is name Wayne Thiebaud who likes making colorful works of common everyday objects.Wayne is born on November 15, 1920 in Mesa ,Arizona, in The United States by Mormon parents.Six months after birth his family moved to Long Beach,California.During his high school years one summer he decided to work at Walt Disney Pictures and made $14 a week.A year later he studied at the Frank Wiggins Trade school in the city Los Angeles.In 1949, he enrolled at San Jose state college before being transfered to Sacremento state College where his bachelor’s and master’s degree is earned.By the year 1960 he started teaching at Sacremento City College.Also Wayne finally has his first solo show at San Francisco.In 1961 he became friends with an art dealer named Allan Stone.33 Years later on October 14,1994 president Bill Clinton gave Wayne The National Medal of Arts.Sadly, in 2006 Allan died so Wayne’s son Paul Thiebaud took over as Waynes art dealer. Once again,sadly Paul died at June 19,2010 so the position of art dealer was empty.Today Wayne’s latest works was made 2010 called 12th Birthday cake for Google.


Wayne Thiebaud's latest work 12th Birthday Cake for Google


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