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Management Development - a Target case study In June 2013, Target Training Associates was commissioned to deliver training that was required by employees of SGE Group. SGE Group runs a busy call centre in Leeds and a number of the centre’s supervisors attended the Foundation Management Development Programme (FMDP) whilst some managers underwent the Management Development Programme (MDP).

SGE Group reap benefits of Target’s FMDP and MDP

The courses, which were remarkably beneficial, prompted the company to contact us with glowing testimonials about their experience. The case study below outlines some of the key elements of this successful training story, which is all applicable to call centres and other dynamic organizations.

What Are FMDP and MDP? Foundation Management Development Programme (FMDP) and Management Development Programme (MDP) are management training courses which have been accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). FMDP is ideal for team leaders and supervisors, having been designed for those about to undertake their first line management role. MDP is perfect for existing managers who wish to become inspirational and effective leaders, whatever industry they may work in. These courses have proven to be of particular value to call centres, where strong leadership and overseeing a positive, motivated team are of the essence.

The primary elements of the course are:

• G  ain direct, relevant leadership advice dedicated management training to guide and motivate.

• Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Understanding Personalities

• T ruly understand your team’s motivation - look into personality types and their needs.

• Characteristics of Effective Managers • Effective Leadership • Appraisal Delivery • Time Management • Managing and Leading Meetings • Workforce Development • Delegation • Conflict Management and Managing Difficult People • Motivation

• U  nderstand what makes a great manager - from leading buzzing meetings to being a listening ear. • S hare the workload effectively delegation is vital for maintaining efficiency. • L earn to manage important tasks - time management, appraisals and other essentials.

Benefits of Target’s Management Training

• M  aintain or regain harmony when needed - manage conflicts with confidence and run a happy ship.

When SGE Group planned to undertake training, a number of possible benefits were anticipated:

• M  otivate, inspire and support - keep your team moving on to greater things and achieve targets.

Management Development - a Target case study SGE GROUP

Staff’s performance had improved significantly, one from 25% to 73% in terms of monitored calls. This has saved the company money and meant the member of staff has earned more too.

Senior SGE Manager, Martin Brett, was very clear about the concrete benefits of the training.

Dual Training for Added Synergy SGE Group took an admirable dual approach to training, with some managers undergoing MDP and a number of supervisors experiencing FMDP. The combination of FMDP and MDP is, as SGE Group attests, a potentially very powerful one and it can help to effect superb changes for the better in a company such as a call centre. SGE Group Director of Sales Delivery, Stuart Hicks, is assured that Target Training Associates’ dual approach had a great positive impact on his company. He says: “Marry the FMDP and MDP courses together and Target has certainly strengthened our abilities as a team and made our Call Centre a much more dynamic, efficient and productive place to be!”

Outstanding Results In an extended testimonial, SGE Group highlighted the many areas in which they felt Target Training had effectively improved and assisted the call centre team.

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Quoting verbatim, Mr.Hicks outlined the following: “Awareness - They have become more aware of how their actions and statements affect others and are much more conscious of the impact this can have on staff in all positions.

We are delighted to provide a rang e of courses, all of whi ch have been sh own to deliver exceptiona l results for our cli ents. We offer our FM DP and MDP cour ses throughout the year and can prov ide them in-house, or tailo r them to your co mpany’s specific needs.

For further inform ation about thes e or any other courses, pl ease call 01665 60 5695 or email info@targ

Confidence - To be more autonomous and to believe in their ideas, which means that when applied, they are much more effective and the buy-in is greater. No more limiting beliefs. Dynamic - Increased understanding of how to motivate as well as how to become leaders - rather than managing situations. Problem Solving - Understanding that a problem needs a solution and to apply logical steps and plans to resolve. Dealing with Change -Becoming less flustered at the new and unknown and applying a positive frame of mind to see this as an opportunity, not a threat.” He also explained the impact upon him after he attended his management training: “Having attended the MDP course I have been given a terrific insight into my own performance. I have been able to assess honestly my own skills and have learned new and effective arts of delegation

and managing the time bandits in my daily life, rather than letting them manage me. This is both at work and at home.” Martin Brett said of the staff’s improvements and his own experience on Target Training FMDP and MDP courses: "Having staff completing the FMDP has improved decision making skills and they are now significantly more effective in the roles that they are in. Moreover they are more comfortable in dealing with difficult people. …Personally I feel more structured and my time management has improved significantly. I also have personal goals and targets now."

Target case study  

Recent case study from a client of ours with staff that undertook the FMDP and MDP programmes.

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