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OnTarget newsletter Welcome to our Autumn newsletter

Well it had to end some time but what a fantastic summer it was. We had a brilliant summer with such fantastic things such as the World Cup and Commonwealth Games. Of course many of us went away for our summer break and no doubt had a brilliant time. Before you know it though you’re back at work and wondering did I really go away or was it a dream? Then the dreaded day of coming back to work arrives, what will be waiting for me and some people may be thinking do I still have a job or have I won the lottery so I don’t have to work anymore! Even worse when you get back to work, log on your computer and see the amount of emails you have missed or the amount of mail you on your desk you start to think you have been punished for going away in the first place. For children of course it can be even more severe, new classes to join or a new big school to go to just to add to the feeling.

This all adds to the pressure and can if we are not careful start a gradual depressive state, we can feel the weather getting cooler and the days getting shorter, yes if this is you are feeling the effects of PHB or Post Holiday Blues. I have spoke to several people this week all suffering PHB and whose first day back all sounding suitably hacked off. So what can you do? Well it feels like you can do absolutely nothing, you’re back at work and you just have to get on with it, full stop. However, the good thing about holidays is that they are exactly that, a holiday; you can’t be on holiday all the time, otherwise it wouldn’t be a holiday and if you did it all the time it would be a little bit like, well work! You have to go back home, work or school to be able to go on holiday again. So going back to work is actually great as it enables you to go away again! I do hope you had a truly fantastic summer, if your suffering from PHB remember it won’t be too long before you are off again and anyway Christmas is just around the corner!

Autumn 2014

Stay fantastic! Ralph Moody Founder, Target Training Associates Ltd

New Train the Trainer Essentials Course We are really proud to announce the launch of our new Train the Trainer Essentials course, designed to give you those key essential elements in one day. Our new course is aimed at giving you greater awareness of the essential skills every trainer needs. This course provides you with the essential knowledge that new and inexperienced trainers need before honing their delivery skills and covers:

Effective communication - we explore the skills needed so that trainers can communicate effectively. Emphasis is made on questioning and how to ‘train’ and not just ‘tell’.

Structure: what a solid training program looks like - we review a key structure for effective training delivery including needs analysis and evaluation. Flipcharts, PowerPoint and Slides: effective visual aids - we have all been subjected to ‘death by PowerPoint’, this section reviews our options and techniques used by the best trainers. On the course delegates are taught skills and given examples of how they can be used. Delegates are then given the opportunity to practise their skills in real life training environments and given support accordingly. The course which is aimed at individuals who need to understand key elements of training, individuals thinking of going into a training role or brand new trainers is launched this Autumn with courses in London on 23 October and Manchester on 11 December. Contact us for more details.

OnTarget newsletter

Autumn 2014

Using Learning and Development as it was intended Qualifications consultant Bryan Shendon looks at how one candidate has gained their Learning and Development Diploma by developing and delivery of their own in-house training course

Training staff can come in many forms, those that have had no formal trainer training themselves and do not hold a recognised qualification, those who achieved a qualification many moons ago and have had no opportunity to develop new skills or update qualifications to those that have current qualifications but want to take the next step in developing their skills and knowledge further. The Learning and Development Awards which come under the Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA) Suite of qualifications have been specifically designed to meet the needs of all those training staff previously mentioned. They are internationally recognised professional learning and development qualifications which are designed to improve the standard of practices and procedures of those groups or individuals who are working in training and development in any type of organisation, whether it be accredited or nonaccredited learning. Target Training has one such Candidate undertaking the L4 Diploma in Learning and Development. Christina Marshall (known as Tina) is the Training Coordinator at Schawk, based on the Team Valley Trading Estate in Newcastle. Schawk is a highly successful global business who produce designs, artwork, packaging and PR material for some of the world’s biggest companies and most iconic brands. Tina had recently completed our Advanced PTT Train the Trainer course as part of her own personal development; she had also identified a need to improve the quality of the training programmes and delivery at Schawk. Schawk has a wide variety of training courses for all its individuals whether they be new or current staff. Being responsible for arranging and managing all training on site, Tina’s idea was to design and deliver her own in-house Train the Trainer course to a number of staff from each department. This would then ensure that these Coaches could deliver effective and efficient training whilst ensuring the quality was standardised across each department which would ultimately benefit the business by improving the


It has been great working with Target Training on my Diploma, they have made it very easy to understand and Bryan's support has been amazing. Target Training have also helped me develop an internal Train the Trainer program, this has not only been invaluable to our business, it has also helped me gain a greater understanding of what it takes to be a 'Fantastic Trainer'. We have now created a team of coaches who deliver training sessions to our employees on a regular basis. I can't thank Ralph and Bryan enough for their invaluable support as I continue on my training journey.


Due to the recent international financial instability which has made the marketplace even more competitive and training budgets smaller there is an increasing demand for companies and organisations to provide their own effective and efficient in-house training. Furthermore, with the resurgence of apprenticeships, the pressures on staff whom manage and deliver training programmes for these businesses, has increased dramatically.

Tina Marshall, Schawk

skills and knowledge of its employees. As this Train the Trainer course would require Tina to cover all aspects of the Learning & Development Cycle which are:- the Research & Analysis of Learning & Development Needs, Planning & Preparing Activities/Programmes, Facilitating & Assessing Learner Achievement and Evaluating & Improving the Activities/Programmes she also identified the next logical step in her own personnel development which was the L4 Diploma. As her Assessor, our first meeting back in January looked at the Learning and Development qualifications to see which was the most suitable (there are 5 to choose from). This included selecting a range of optional units which would show exactly what activities, knowledge and responsibilities her job role required and entailed. The evidence requirements for these awards include both theoretical and practical aspects so over the ensuing months I have observed Tina on several occasions such as when she was still in the development stages of the course working on content and delivery and then when she actually delivered the second course to 8 of her colleagues. After each observation period we would discuss what she had done with me providing feedback and I was also able to provide advice and guidance using my own knowledge and experience as a trainer and assessor. Tina has almost completed the L4 Diploma and throughout the period I have worked with her I have seen her confidence grow and her undoubted training skill being used to

great effect. She has developed an excellent course and under licence from Target Training is able to deliver and assess the PTT Train the Trainer in house. Moreover, she manages a pool of Coaches to ensure that the quality required is being delivered and maintained. This will benefit not only the business but each member of staff individually as they deliver their own departmental training. Although Tina has a wide remit of responsibilities, the Learning and Development Awards also have wide scope. The Level 3 awards are aimed at those working in training and development and who have a good deal of technical skills and knowledge, working with minimum supervision and have a good record of ensuring work meets the required standard, whilst at Level 4 they are aimed at senior or managerial level in learning and development and have a great deal of professional experience. Both levels include working with either individual learners or groups. If however, you are looking to enter the world of training and development then you can also undertake these qualifications as they cover both theoretical and practical aspects and can be achieved on a Unit by Unit basis as the your role and responsibilities increase and develop.

We at Target Training offer the full range of Learning and Development Awards as well as the Assessor and Quality Assurance Awards. For more detailed information please visit our website or give us a call.

For further detailed information visit our website at Tel: +44 (0) 1665 605695 or e-mail

OnTarget newsletter

Autumn 2014

Keeping your toolbox in order We are really lucky at Target Training in that we have some of the most fantastic trainers on our books. I recently asked Scottie Fraser whom I have known for a number of years to write an article on his experiences with delivering our PTT Train the Trainer course. Scott has been delivering the PTT for nearly a year and I was keen to find out his thoughts so far… When Ralph asked me if I would like to contribute to the Newsletter to talk about the PTT course, I was absolutely delighted for a number of reasons. Firstly (and most importantly), it gave me another chance to say a huge thank-you to all of the delegates I have had the privilege to meet in some great locations around the UK. Secondly, it gave me the opportunity to share my experiences of delivering the PTT and what I felt were the main areas that the delegates benefited. So what were my experiences and the benefits for delegates (I just couldn’t resist a rhetorical question): I’d have to say ‘Engagement’ is one of the main areas where most delegates find the course extremely enlightening. For most of us, we have all been in training sessions where we have experienced ‘Death by PowerPoint’ or a speaker who just ‘Tells’ and at the end you leave with nothing. When introducing engagement through positive body language and effective questioning techniques giving true audience participation, the delegates have been staggered how it quickly transforms their sessions into training not telling. Another very important element of true engagement that has really hit home is the need to understand and know your audience including the use of delivery and aids to cater for all learning styles. Additionally, delegates have stated many times that they have never thought of using the subject or experience knowledge of their audience members and I always ask why? When we are looking to engage, there is nothing more striking than experiences or knowledge from others; it promotes discussion and most importantly helps people learn and remember the key points; just keep the session on track! Another area where delegates have benefited massively from learning is ‘Lesson structure’. A beginning, middle and end with fixed elements to be covered in a logical order every session has been something that I have found to be discussed in some detail during all of my courses. Most delegates are really surprised

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how simple the structure needs to be but can see immediately how it makes the preparation and delivery so much easier but also aids their audience. Always remember too that Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance (PPPPP)! I also like to talk in a little detail about encouraging my delegates to question the ‘Training need’ when asked to deliver training. My delegates have told me on numerous occasions that they are often asked by others to do a training course or package because that is the perceived requirement. I encourage my delegates to ask the question ‘What is the training need please?’. This is because it can be a huge waste of time and resources when a training session is not actually required. Excellent training takes time to prepare and deliver and we must always ensure that we make it clear to those requesting the training the difference in time it takes to make the training worthwhile. As I always like to tell my delegates, irrespective of our experience in training prior to starting the PTT course, we all have a ‘toolbox’ which contains our skills and knowledge to deliver training. When leaving the course, my major aim is that I have started to add significantly to that toolbox so that you can not only use the tools within it, but use them effectively to be a fantastic trainer! To round off then, a final thought: ‘Every day is a learning day’ and I have certainly learnt a great deal from you all.

Keep filling those toolboxes! Scott Fraser

Scott delivers a number of our PTT Train the Trainer courses, see our website for further details.

Top Tips to be a Fantastic Trainer

The 2 Cs

When we deliver training it is really important we know how to use the two Cs. We need to know how to compliment and how to complement in training.

First of all, when someone answers our question or comes out with a particular point it is important that we compliment their input. We need to acknowledge what they have said or did was good, this may be a simple thank you for their contribution. In the heat of the moment when we are delivering training it is easy to think about what we are going to say next and forget someone has just made a valuable contribution, therefore it’s important to say so. Secondly we must always complement the input. This is where we add to the comment or encourage the group to add. Quite simply, this could be asking "Why is that important" or explaining why the comment was important. This is where we add something to their point which could aid understanding to the rest of the group or stimulate debate. Remember, the two Cs they add so much to engaging groups. Furthermore, delegates will want to get involved as they will feel their contribution is worthwhile.

Target Training Associates will develop individuals within your business into inspired, motivated leaders and managers

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offer the following development opportunities PTT Professional Trainer Techniques

Train the Trainer Essentials

2-day ILM accredited standard train the trainer course aimed at individuals with a remit to deliver training to internal staff or external clients.

The perfect course for individuals going into a training role covering the essential skills that every trainer needs.

Excellence in Public Speaking Effective presentations are essential to promote your business and to communicate to staff effectively. This 1-day course provides skills to become a highly effective speaker.

Training Manager Skills ILM accredited 1-day course that explains the essential skills Training Managers need.

Advanced PTT Professional Trainer Techniques 2-day ILM accredited course aimed at experienced trainers. Advanced trainer skills and psychological techniques are taught.

International PTT Professional Trainer Techniques 3-day ILM accredited course aimed at international trainers with a remit to deliver training to internal staff or external clients.

Management Development Programme ILM accredited programme (6 sessions) that provides managers with skills to be highly effective.

In-house Courses Design and delivery of train the trainer or management courses and soft skill areas. Areas include delegation skills, dealing with difficult people, communication skills, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) psychometric profiling.

ILM Qualifications Award, certificate and diploma in management from levels 3 to 7.

TAQA Qualifications Training, assessment and quality assurance qualifications (replaced A & V units)

Foundation Management Development Programme ILM accredited programme (4 sessions) that develops the essential skills that supervisors, team leaders and first line managers need.

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Targeted solutions to meet your needs - contact +44 (0) 1665 605695 or email for all your training requirements

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On target autumn 2014  

In our autumn newsletter we look at our new Train the Trainer Essentials course. Bryan Shendon explains the work he has been doing with a f...

On target autumn 2014  

In our autumn newsletter we look at our new Train the Trainer Essentials course. Bryan Shendon explains the work he has been doing with a f...