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OnTarget newsletter Welcome to our Autumn newsletter

We’re feeling particularly inspired at Target Training Associates this month. In addition to the lift of the sunshine that came with a fantastic summer, I’ve been personally inspired by someone very close to home - my son Jack. As regular readers of our blog may know, Jack is just 16 but eminently capable of surprising and motivating his Dad in new ways. Since the age of 13 he has been learning to fly and recently, on one of our trips to Florida, he completed his first solo flight. The overwhelming feeling of pride we felt as he took off, flew a circuit and landed perfectly is hard to describe.


As well as feeling fatherly pride, this achievement set me thinking. Less than 0.1% of people in the US will learn how to fly a plane, with many believing it is simply beyond them. Self-belief and ambition tend to go hand-in-hand and, as my son ably demonstrated, with a combination of the two we can achieve great things. Why not take time this month to recalibrate your goals to match what you really want to do in life, however hard that may seem? As all the best trainers realise, if we are motivated towards showing determination and putting in some real effort, we may all be able to learn how to fly. Stay fantastic, Ralph Moody Founder, Target Training Associates Ltd

Foundation Management Development Programme (FMDP)

Motivating Tomorrow’s Leaders

There are enormous benefits to be gained when promising employees attend a training course such as the Foundation Management Development Programme (FMDP). Whilst first line managers and supervisors are busy people, their demanding roles insist upon the need for support with excellent training, in order that they can better manage others.

The joy of the ILM - accredited FMDP course is that it is absolutely not about simply ticking boxes. It is designed to be an inspiring, guiding vehicle through which those who would like to further their careers down the management path can be genuinely motivated. Our Foundation Management Development Programme comprises the use of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment and then delivers workshops that are especially aimed at people who are newly undertaking, or are set to begin, management positions. A broad overview of the whole course includes:

1 - Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 2 - Effective Leadership and Delegation 3 - Motivation and Managing Change 4 - Decision Making and Problem Solving As ever, we aim to fill our delegates with the confidence necessary to truly perform in their key roles. Moreover, they may ideally be empowered to go on to gain new management qualifications amongst the available ILM certificates, awards and diplomas. At Target Training Associates we are proud to train the leaders of tomorrow. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about FDMP and other management courses on +44 (0) 1665 605695 or email

OnTarget newsletter Making the Most of Workplace Transfer What is Workplace Transfer? Many people go away on the best courses and feel afterwards that they have learned some spectacularly useful tips, techniques and information. This is always great, but as training professionals our interest does not stop there. We also care about how effectively people manage to use what they have learned. Putting all those exciting new skills into practice is called workplace transfer. Recently I was told that applying one element of our training had saved the company thousands. It had a knock on effect of giving staff bonuses too all because of workplace transfer. What Are the Benefits? Apart from improving the bottom line and making businesses more effective, workplace transfer is also an essential part of the training process with numerous personal benefits:

• Boost your current ability with first-class knowledge, so that you perform better • Bolster your confidence with news ways of achieving your goals and some fall-back advice to support you.

• Gain true value from the training you have undergone. Failing to use the valuable new skills would be a waste of time, money and effort.

• Deepen your understanding of what you learned on your course through practical application

• Ensure that you remember your new skills for years to come – as you could be benefitting from them every day!

How Can I Ensure Workplace Transfer? To make sure that you gain all the full benefits of workplace transfer, simply apply this two-step transformation following your next course: 1. Prepare an action plan - Write a list stating how and why you will be doing key work tasks differently following your course. 2. Practise…and keep practising! - It is essential that you apply the new changes each day, until they become second nature. At that point you will have achieved effective workplace transfer.

Can’t wait to try it? Take a look at our courses in our Course Finder and you can be trying out new skills in no time!

AUTUMN 2013 Target’s Top 5 Reasons to Use Effective Questions When Training There is nothing better in a training session than when a question sparks off a whole range of responses from participants. We highly recommend the use of effective questions by trainers. Here’s why:

1. It engages the group

When you put a question ‘out there’ it not only captures the attention of your group of delegates, it also pulls them fully into the training process. There is nothing worse than a trainer who simply wants to hear the sound of their own voice all day. Using interesting questions leads to interesting responses.

2. You can confirm understanding

Enthusiastic trainers may make the error of rattling off down one path of thought only to find that they have left their delegates behind. Ask a timely question and make sure that everyone genuinely understands what you are trying to say.

3. Stimulate learning

Lectures have their place, but training can be far more interesting with the addition of a few well-placed questions. Not only will it make people sit up and listen, it can also refresh their interest and make them think along new lines.

4. Improves confidence in delegates We all like getting

things right. Give your delegates a chance to shine by throwing out questions and seeing what comes back. Then watch them grow in confidence as they realise that their contribution is valuable.

5. ‘Throw the monkey’

Use questions to get your group doing some work that they’ll find useful. Don’t just expect them to sit back and listen - what trainers call ‘throwing the monkey’ will enhance your sessions and further boost people’s confidence.

For further detailed information visit our website at Tel: +44 (0) 1665 605695 or e-mail

OnTarget newsletter


New Way to Deliver 1-2-1 Training With Confidence

Anyone who has experienced 1-2-1 training will know that, when delivered effectively, it can be an excellent way of teaching someone. However, with 1-2-1 training it is vital that the trainer is fully confident in his or her own skills and well prepared to lead this form of training. At Target Training Associates we understand the importance of this, which is why we are delighted to be able to offer our brand new 1-2-1 PTT Train the Trainer course.

Accredited Centre

Lead the Way with BOD

When people are required to train their colleagues, for instance, on a particular subject matter, they require guidance as to how to ensure that this is done to best effect. They need to be able to train, monitor progress, assess and receive feedback in a manner that is helpful to the trainee and constructive for both parties. This is where BOD - which stands for Brief, Observe and Debrief – comes in. On our ILM-accredited 1-2-1 PTT Train the Trainer course we train BOD as well as others ways in which to coach and motivate people.

use of effective questioning, observation skills, constructive and helpful feedback, plus overseeing assessed sessions, in accordance with the approved ILM assessment criteria.

Gain a Real Training Advantage

Boost Your 1-2-1 Skillset

By applying the diverse skills and techniques that are taught on our 1-2-1 PTT Train the Trainer course, delegates will be able to go on to deliver first-class training wherever and whenever they please. The skills are transferrable and can be used in a wide range of training environments, so gain yourself a genuine training advantage by signing up for a course today.

Our course will help you hone your skills for 1-2-1 training with ease. Not only will you learn the key principles of 1-2-1 training, we also cover briefing skills, the

To learn more about our 1-2-1 PTT Train the Trainer course, please see our extended information or view our Course Finder to reserve a place.

Target Training Associates will develop individuals within your business into inspired, motivated leaders and managers

Approved Centre


offer the following development opportunities PTT Professional Trainer Techniques 2-day ILM accredited standard train the trainer course aimed at individuals with a remit to deliver training to internal staff or external clients.

Presentation Techniques Effective presentations are essential to promote your business and to communicate to staff effectively. This 1-day course provides skills to become a highly effective speaker.

Training Manager Skills ILM accredited 1-day course that explains the essential skills Training Managers need.

Advanced PTT Professional Trainer Techniques 2-day ILM accredited course aimed at experienced trainers. Advanced trainer skills and psychological techniques are taught.

International PTT Professional Trainer Techniques

Management Development Programme ILM accredited programme (6 sessions) that provides managers with skills to be highly effective.

In-house Courses Design and delivery of train the trainer or management courses and soft skill areas. Areas include delegation skills, dealing with difficult people, communication skills, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) psychometric profiling.

ILM Qualifications Award, certificate and diploma in management from levels 3 to 7.

TAQA Qualifications Training, assessment and quality assurance qualifications (replaced A & V units)

3-day ILM accredited course aimed at international trainers with a remit to deliver training to internal staff or external clients.

Foundation Management Development Programme ILM accredited programme (4 sessions) that develops the essential skills that supervisors, team leaders and first line managers need.

Accredited Centre

Targeted solutions to meet your needs - contact +44 (0) 1665 605695 or email for all your training requirements

Approved Centre

OnTarget autumn  

Autumn edition of our newsletter includes articles on 1st line manager development and tips on questioning in training.

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