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October 27, 2012 • Vol. 133 No. 43 514 S. Kalamazoo Ave. in Marshall, MI • Phone 269-781-5444 and FAX 269-781-7766 •

In The News: Marshall boy to get “Flintstonemobile” Twelve-year-old Kobe Williams will have the Halloween costume of a lifetime next week thanks to the creative talents of advanced art students at Marshall High School directed by their teacher Melissa Winchell. Kobe, who is a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome caused by his father when he was 28 days old, is a special needs boy who is wheelchair bound and connected to a ventilator. See story on page 54 Marshall High School varsity football hosts playoff game today The Marshall High School varsity football team, following its 38-20 victory at Loy Norrix Oct. 19, clinched the school’s first playoff spot in three years. Today, Saturday, Oct. 27, the Redhawks host Williamston in a first round playoff game at 1 p.m. Also, the Marshall High School boys varsity soccer team claimed the school’s first district title in 16 years following a dramatic 4-3 shootout win at Coldwater Oct. 20. See sports section on pages 47-49 No shortage of candidates and proposals on Nov. 6 ballot As voters head to the polls Nov. 6, they will face a slew of candidates and proposals from which to choose. At the top of the ballot will be the U.S. presidential race. Almost all are familiar with President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, but there are also three other candidates on the ballot seeking the nation’s highest office: Virgil Goode Jr. of the Constitution Party; Jill Stein of the Green Party; and Ross C. Anderson of the Justice Party. Democratic incumbent U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow is up for reelection and will be challenged by Republican Pete Hoekstra. Other candidates on the Senate ballot are Scotty Boman, Richard A. Matkin, Harley Mikkelson and John D. Little. A complete rundown of state, county and local races are included in this issue. See story on page 7 Candidates explain why they should be elected The candidates from 12 contested races for state, county and local offices share with readers why they should be elected Nov. 6. Included are the races for Marshall mayor, state representative, county commission, county sheriff, county prosecutor, county treasurer, county water resources commissioner and county clerk. See profiles throughout issue


alhoun County residents have an opportunity to enjoy Punkin Chunkin next Friday, Nov. 2. Event sponsor Albion College is holding the contest to benefit the school’s equestrian team. Event organizer Heather Waldron and Pete invite individuals and families to join in the fun. Design your own catapult; the college will provide the pumpkins. To learn more about the science of chunkin, see story on page 52.

Word on the Street

Does negative advertising impact how you vote? Editor’s Corner

The final days of the election campaign will undoubtedly feature numerous negative radio and television advertisements as candidates try to place their opponents in an unflattering light. Does negative campaigning affect the way you vote?

by John Hendler Congratulations to the Marshall High School boys varsity soccer team for winning the school’s first district title in 16 years after pulling off the upset in the final against host Coldwater, winning 4-3 on penalty kicks for the win. Yes, that’s a special accomplishment that these boys, especially the seniors, will never forget. But, what's even more impressive was how the boys rallied around teammate Andrew Shippell who missed the playoffs after being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The Shippell family has set up a website for family, friends and well-wishers to get updates, information and to send messages at Wishing you all the best Andrew. Get well soon. Congratulations to the Marshall High School girls golf team for getting to the Div. 3 state tournament again and placing 12th. And congratulations are in order to the Marshall High School varsity football team for rebounding from a 1-2 start to win five of their last six games to qualify for the playoffs. Weather looks great for today’s playoff game at MHS at 1 p.m. versus Williamston. Go get ‘em boys. My prediction: Marshall 30 Williamston 7 Well, here we are in the final stretches of the election campaign. Hopefully, after Nov. 6, things will return back to (somewhat) normal. Here’s to hoping. I came across some interesting tidbits last week on ways to predict the winner of the presidential election that some say are more reliable than the myriad of polls that are out there. The website has tracked presidential mask sales for the last four elections, and sales have correlated with the actual winner. As of a few days ago, Obama-Biden masks were slightly outselling Romney-Ryan masks. My Halloween mask? I’ll wear my usual Elvis Presley one with my Uncle Sam hat. Pro football also plays a role in predicting who will be elected president. The so-called “Washington Redskins Rule” states that if the team wins their home game just prior to Election Day, then the party that won the previous election will win again. The Redskins Rule has been accurate in 17 of the last 18 presidential elections, dating back to 1937. Essentially, the election will ride on the outcome of the Redskins’ home game versus the Carolina Panthers on Nov. 4. No wonder Romney has been spending so much time in North Carolina. And finally, I came across some election slogans that have been used for high school elections that could easily be used for local, state and national elections: If You Must Waste Your Vote on Someone, Waste it on Me. Vote For Me. I Promise That I'll Do Something. I'm Good at Looking Busy. I Promise I Will Never Promise Anything. I Will Use my New Powers to Change Something. Vote for Me. I Look Good, Don't I? Please Vote for "Name", the Lesser of All Evil. Until next week, may the good news be yours.

Don Stauffer, Ann Arbor

Ayla Button, Kalamazoo

Heather Russell, Coldwater

“I’d like to think it doesn’t. I try to ignore the negative ads. I don’t watch much TV.”

“No, because I know they are designed to only show you the bad things. You need to keep your head on straight and see through them.”

“No, it doesn’t. I form my own opinions. I support candidates that are pro-agriculture, pro-community and support our great state of Michigan.”

Kendra Lucas, Battle Creek

Julie Loynes, Owosso

Corinne Kellogg, Battle Creek

“I usually try to weigh the different campaigns, regardless if their ads are negative or not.”

“No. You have to know the facts and those can be found elsewhere other than commercials.”

“I am less likely to vote for a candidate that bashes their opponent. Not only is it playing dirty, they are taking the easy route to meet their end goal.”

Letters cont. to next page Marshall citizens, let’s be positive To the Editor: Just before the election, Marshall Mayor Jim Dyer has a unique opportunity to demonstrate that he favors prudence over politics and competence over currying favor. Three members of the Planning Commission must either be re-appointed or replaced before the election. The decision redounds to

him, exclusively. Though the three members do not agree on the all-important matter of historic neighborhood integrity versus hospital expansion into those neighborhoods, all three are professionally and experientially very knowledgeable about, and proficient in, the exercise of the duties of that office. We especially need that expertise at this critical

time. Some are betting that Mayor Dyer will use this opportunity to pack the Planning Commission with those who share his personal position on the matter. I, for one, do not believe he will take this course. I think we tend to forget that this is not national level politics, and that Marshallites overwhelmingly wish to pre-

serve the best of our heritage – even those Marshallites with whom we occasionally disagree. I must believe this until proven wrong in the instance. We all owe our elected officials full attention when they act with integrity and not just when we feel they have not. Timothy G. McCaleb, Marshall

Thankful for leaders who supported intervention To the Editor: As the newest member of five-man board of Road Commissioners, it has been my privilege to try to serve my community for nearly 10 months. However, as I learned more and more about the internal operations of this county service agency, I have been appalled at the inefficiency and self-indulgencies allowed in the management of this operation. Public comments by Commissioner Scott Brown (and former road commission chair for the last five years), Chair Chris Vree-

land and Managing Director Kevin Henning do not reflect my opinions. In my opinion, they have been blowing smoke at the public, which I find insulting to our community’s citizens. Do they really think we are naïve enough to think their words make it acceptable for them to have been uncooperative and less than honest with the task force investigations? These meetings were all open to the public and all citizens were invited. Henning and Vreeland were especially invited on two occasions to a Task Force

meeting and chose not to attend. And to rub salt in the wounds, at a road commission meeting in which County Board Chair Art Kale attended, Art had to remind Vreeland and Henning of their e-mailed invitations, after they both claimed they had not received them earlier, and both had to admit in public at that meeting that they had received the email but were not coming., Also, their claims that this whole situation is a political party game of some sort is ridiculous. County Commissioner Jim Haadsma

stated it best several months ago to the Battle Creek Enquirer when he said he was happy with the task force members and did not see this as a party issue and stated “why would either party be against better roads?” No truer words were ever spoken. I am, however, thankful for the bipartisan leadership exhibited by Art Kale and the other five commissioners who supported this critical reinvention. Doug Wildt, Road Commissioner, Homer

We’re proud to have Jim Dyer as Marshall’s mayor To the Editor: We are proud to have Jim Dyer as our mayor. We’ve known Jim for over 20 years, in which time he has always exhibited

dedication and common sense leadership. His broad range of skills, along with his career in municipal law, make him a great fit for the position.

With Jim’s continued leadership, we can be assured of a mayor who listens to a variety of perspectives and makes decisions thoughtfully and carefully.

Please join us in supporting Jim Dyer for mayor of Marshall. Mark and Kathryn Foerster, Marshall

Letters ... continued

Dyer is a capable, objective mayor

Eldon Vincent: best person to lead Marshall To the Editor: Like a number of our friends in the community, we worked to elect Jim Dyer as mayor two years ago. This time, we’re supporting Eldon Vincent for mayor, and we want to explain why that’s the case. First, we’ve recently seen how, once again, a divisive issue can pit neighbors and citizens against each other. Because we live in an historic neighborhood, we share others’ concerns about maintaining the integrity of our neighborhood and our historic community. We see the need to remain mindful of appropriate planning and zoning protocols and believe that our leaders must take into consideration the impact proposed development may have on the city’s tax base. We are a community of many businesses and stakeholders, and our local leaders should listen to all of them, not just a few (or one) when making public policy. When development is proposed, a truly transparent and inclusive effort needs to be made to promote success on all fronts. Eldon will work to help all of our local businesses succeed, while protecting and maintaining our neighborhoods. Second, in today’s economy, we believe that having

less taxes, not more, is the solution. We must live within our means and focus on education, police and fire protection and infrastructure maintenance. Until our resources allow, let’s invest in people and not necessarily in a new public safety building or by imposing a new city income tax. Eldon is opposed to a new city income tax and believes supporting public safety personnel is more important than funding a new building at this time. Finally, we applaud entrepreneurs and their families who invest in our community, and who have embraced our city as stakeholders. Eldon and his wife Carrie fit that mold in all respects. On these and other issues, Eldon Vincent is, in our opinion, the best person to lead Marshall at this time. We desperately need someone who will listen, communicate and engage all of our stakeholders in a positive collaboration. Nearly a decade ago, Eldon and his family chose to live in Marshall, and they have invested directly in our city’s future through their businesses on Michigan Ave. A practicing attorney, CPA and member of the Marshall Downtown Development Authority, Eldon has the

skill sets, knowledge, and, most importantly, the temperament to serve as our mayor and to find fiscally responsible and equitable solutions to the challenges that Marshall faces. He is not beholden to any one group or entity. Perhaps this is why Marshall citizens of all walks and political persuasion are meeting with Eldon in their homes, and in the community, his yard signs are cropping up everywhere and people are talking about his campaign. The diversity of the support Eldon has received is testament to his ability to bring people together in common cause. Both candidates are fine people and dedicated public servants. Some have asked, “Why make a change now?” It seems to us that it is precisely the time to take a positive step forward for Marshall’s future by electing someone who will unite us and who will find creative ways to help all of Marshall succeed. When you fill out your ballot on Nov. 6, we urge you to join us in electing a mayor who will have the best chance to make that happen—Eldon Vincent. Keith Kehlbeck, Ali Webb,


Vote Art Kale for County Commissioner To the Editor: After having attended approximately 30 meetings in which Art Kale was participating, I can tell voters in our community firsthand that Art is a very intelligent, sincere and dedicated public servant and of the very highest character. Art, along with Steve Frisbie, was the backbone and driving force during the long process of dissolving the failed road commission and taking on the burden of road maintenance on his own shoulders. You really need to know the track record of the

two candidates for county commissioner. Scott Brown is the most senior member of the road commission and therefore the most responsible for the failure of the road commission. Art Kale is the knight in shining armor leading the charge to save and take over road maintenance services in our community. Seems like an easy choice to me. Please don’t let Brown do for the whole county what he did for our roads. Tommy Miller, Marshall

MAGC celebrates 25th anniversary To the Editor: Congratulations to the Marshall Area Garden Club; 25 years of city beautification and community service is an anniversary well worth celebrating. Has it really been 25 years since the MAGC made its appearance on the Marshall scene? So much has been accomplished in those years. The hard work and dedication of the MAGC members has greatly improved Marshall’s public spaces. The West End project, Carver Park, Marshall District Library garden, fountain circle flowerbeds, American Liberty Elm project, Home Tour flower arrangements and the Post Office Landscaping Project are a few

examples of major projects that the MAGC has undertaken and underwritten. All of Marshall has benefited through the club’s efforts to bring awareness to the beauty around us. The main event that has benefited Marshall is the Welcome to My Garden Tour. Each July, visitors come from miles around to experience the creative and varied gardens that are volunteered. Countless hours go into the tour, not only on the part of the homeowners, but by the MAGC members. The tour benefits our downtown too, and many guests have made this a “must-do” summer event. The Garden Tour also created a gardening trend that is obvious as you walk through the neigh-

borhoods. From large, expansive gardens to small “pocket gardens,” the city has enjoyed a beautification effort by its citizens. The club states: Its objective is to stimulate the love of gardening, encourage home and community beautification, promote better horticultural practice, and encourage all forms of conservation. We say, “Well done!” The MAGC has met their objectives in every way. Thank you, Marshall Area Garden Club members for helping to make Marshall the beautiful community that it is. Mike and Cathy Galloway, Marshall

Election Letters:

Due to the large number of letters received not all letters will be published due to space availability in the Nov. 3 edition.

To the Editor: I would like my friends and acquaintances in Marshall to know that I fully support Mayor Jim Dyer for re-election. There has been a plethora of publicity involving the controversial issue of the Oaklawn Hospital Overlay District, which, unfortunately, has elevated it to one central, emotional issue in Marshall. I have an opinion regarding the district issue but am not stating it here because the election for mayor should be much more than that. This should not be a one-issue election. It should be about

the ability to listen, weigh and evaluate all issues for the betterment of our community. Jim Dyer is committed to balancing the emotional and controversial issues that are important to all of us, such as the Overlay District, with other municipal obligations such as our water, sewer, electric service, infrastructure improvements, business attraction and development and public safety services. Jim Dyer has a record of experience, having served Marshall on the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Planning Commission, and as a

City Council member as well as having served as mayor for the past two years. He has also represented local governments and elected officials in his vocation as an attorney. I have known Jim Dyer for many years and know that he is willing to listen to all sides of every issue and to act in the best interest of our community. We have a capable, objective, honest mayor. Let’s keep him on the job. Besides, he laughs at my jokes. Tom Whitesell, Marshall

Art Kale: a We need common sense gov’t a higher standard; really strong voice To the Editor: To the Editor: We are very active in the Albion community and one constant that we can count on is that Art Kale, our county commissioner, will be at whatever event we attend. His reputation in town is one of involvement and caring for all our citizens. Art is a natural leader, having been chosen board chair as a first-term commissioner. And, when county revenues are falling and costs rising, Art is the only candidate in this race that has a proven record of balancing budgets and not squandering our tax dollars. We finally have a strong voice for this side of the county, someone that can get things done. We need to make sure we continue to have someone in this position that makes common sense decisions for all of us. Please join us in supporting Art Kale for reelection as our county commissioner. Glen and Willie Culp, Albion

In Eckford, Homer, Marengo and Claredon townships, I see large ‘Elect Bolger’ signs. After checking, most of southern Calhoun County is now in Michigan House District 63, no longer District 62. Jase Bolger, Republican House Speaker, if re-elected, will be our representative for District 63. Jase Bolger is guilty of election fraud. If not, why would he have apologized for doing it? Bolger and the conservatives say they have

more like, “Do as I say, not as I do.” He says he is a Reagan Republican, but acts more like Nixon. He also said the Democrats do it. Must be conservative math; two wrongs make a right. Yes, we need common sense government, but if it was common, we would have more of it. It’s all about power and total control. I’ll vote for Bill Farmer. Frank J. Baffi, Homer

Vincent for better a Marshall To the Editor: I have known Eldon Vincent and his family ever since they came to Marshall. They moved here after two visits because they liked what they saw and experienced. They wanted to be a part of this community and raise their son here. Right away, they became active in organizations that promoted the betterment of Marshall. The purchase of the Garden Theater building shows their commitment to Marshall. As a person, you can’t

find a more honest and caring man. His wanting to be mayor just shows how committed he is for the betterment of Marshall. He will represent all the groups and citizens of Marshall in a very fair and just manner. He is someone that will take the time to listen to anyone that wants to talk about any issue We should consider ourselves very lucky to have such a man as Eldon as our mayor. Deb Stuart, Marshall

Christine Schauer for County Treasurer To the Editor: Christine Schauer is running in the political race for the Calhoun County Treasurer position, for which I personally think she would do an excellent job. I have worked with Christine when she was the manager of Calhoun County Senior Services and have seen how fiscally responsible she is with public tax dollars.

Christine owns a small business, which has substantially grown over the past few years. Because of her business knowledge and the ability to deal with the public. I encourage all voters to support Christine Schauer in the upcoming election. Beverly Bentley, Albion

Kale is deserving of commissioner seat To the Editor: Seldom will I write a letter to the editor, unless it is something I feel very good about. In this election - it almost scares me to vote - so much confusion on all topics and candidates. Except for one candidate - Art Kale, running for re-election for Calhoun County Commissioner.

Once an election is over, you seldom hear or see the person again, but, not Art. He promised to be accessible and work for some stability in Calhoun County and us lucky citizens and he has kept his word and actions. I, for one, has never hear a negative word about his actions while in office; only about the good he

has been doing. It is so refreshing to be able to feel this good about a political candidate. I thank you, Art, for the stability you have brought Calhoun County and hope others will place their confidence in you at the polls again. You are so deserving. Peg Eckmyre, Albion

Letters ... continued Retain Jim Dyer as Marshall’s mayor To the Editor: I have worked with Jim Dyer for almost two decades as he has served on the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the City Council and finally as mayor of Marshall. I have seen him thoughtfully and diligently respond to innumerable requests and situations. I believe he responds fairly and does what he thinks is in Marshall’s best interest,

even if it’s controversial. While I have not always agreed with every decision he has made, I respect him for his thought process and open-mindedness. His support for the Hospital Campus Overlay District, albeit with restrictions, demonstrated his support for Marshall’s leading employer, with over 1,000 employees and the potential to add 500 more in the future. I can tell you that Jim is

very concerned about the economy in Marshall and its resultant tax base. He understands the need for growth, the need to support business and to provide enough tax base to also support the residential sector. Jim is eminently qualified to continue to serve as Marshall’s mayor. I urge you to re-elect Jim Dyer. Rob Covert, Marshall

Vincent brings expertise to the job To the Editor: For over 20 years, my family and I have enjoyed living in Marshall. The small town atmosphere, the historical character of the community, the downtown retail district and their many events, and the excellent schools, city services, and health care have all contributed greatly to our lives here. However, in recent years, I have become concerned with the many public issues that have divided the community for the potential benefit of small special interest groups, which do not necessarily represent the feelings of the whole community. For the first time since we have lived here, I feel compelled to publicly support a candidate for mayor, Eldon Vincent. Eldon brings his expertise as a CPA and attorney to the job. While working with Eldon on his election committee, I have grown to appre-

ciate the breadth of knowledge and experience he would bring to the mayor’s office. Eldon operates his CPA and law offices in downtown Marshall, is a downtown building owner, operates a retail business downtown, and is a member of the DDA board. This involvement and equity he has in Marshall gives him a unique perspective of the challenges of living and working in the city. I also have found Eldon to be a careful listener, and very good at considering all opinions while making a decision on any issue. Marshall needs leadership that supports all stakeholders in our community, and I believe Eldon Vincent is the best candidate for the mayor’s office in this year’s election. Dave Deppe, Marshall

Harry Marshall will do his best for all To the Editor: With a resume that includes service in Vietnam with the United States Navy, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a doctorate in psychology as well as experience running a small medical practice, Harry Marshall brings to the table the background and commitment to public service that 6th District voters expect and deserve from their representative on the Cal-

houn County Board of Commissioners. Dr. Marshall understands that the 6th District is made up of many constituencies farmers, professionals, bluecollar workers, small business owners, students, senior citizens, people of many religious and political persuasions - and that those who govern derive all authority and power from the governed. If given the sacred trust of representing

the 6th District, Harry will listen to and do his best for all citizens of the District. He’s spent a lifetime serving and helping people and working with others to solve problems. He’ll do the same if elected 6th District Representative on the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners. Dan Sullivan, Marshall

Support Blaine VanSickle for District 6 To the Editor: Mr. Blaine VanSickle is seeking re-election to the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners representing the 6th District and deserves your support. I have worked with Mr. VanSickle for almost three decades in his work with the Mar Lee School District where he currently serves as the president of the board. Mr.

VanSickle is a dedicated leader, he understands how to bring diverse groups together to solve issues, he also knows how to seek information and input to guide the decision making process. As a proven leader in Calhoun County, please support Mr. VanSickle on Nov. 6. William LeTarte, Marengo Twp.

Christine Kosmowski is the clear choice To the Editor: Water is the absolute most important natural resource of all and consequently, the job of Water Resource Commissioner is not only important but critical. Christine Kosmowski is the one and only candidate who is truly up to this important task. She has a long and successful track record of water resource protection. She has implemented award winning storm water management projects in Battle Creek, has championed local, state, and even global water protection issues, has distinguished herself among peers and is recognized as an exemplary professional in the field of water resource protection. She will bring to this position much need technical expertise, experience gained from a lifelong career in water resource protection, and importantly...extensive knowledge of the watershed issues we face in our county. Serious and complicated issues facing protection of

water resources has necessitated the need to expand the responsibility and scope of the Drain Commissioner Office; the new more comprehensive position is now referred to as the Water Resource Commissioner. The day of the “Drain” Commissioner has past. We must ensure that the role of Water Resource Commissioner is filled by a person of comprehensive qualifications. I urge everyone to take the time to review and compare the real qualifications of each candidate. John Cash is a perpetual candidate, running frequently from year to year for any open position and on either side of the ticket. This particular job is too important to be about campaigns and politics. it’s about hiring the right person to protect our water resources. Christine Kosmowski is very clearly that person. Cheryl Vosburg, Marshall

Bill Farmer: strong character, integrity To the Editor: In the Oct. 14 edition of the Battle Creek Enquirer there was an article titled “Bolger a Collaborator” in which former Representative Liss wrote about Jase Bolger the collaborator. It appears that Liss was trying to divert attention from Bolger’s serious problem concerning his involvement in the Roy Schmidt affair, which has brought on a grand jury investigation of him in terms of attempted election fraud in Grand Rapids. When asked about this, Bolger said he was not lying, just being evasive,

which is another way of saying he was deceitful, misrepresenting and misleading people from the truth. That is the definition of evasiveness. Is Bolger a collaborator? It appears that he did collaborate in the Schmidt affair. Lets not allow for deceit and misrepresentation of the truth (evasiveness) when we go to the polls. The people of the 63rd District deserve better than that. Bill Farmer, who has been involved with several community committees including the Greater United Way of Kalamazoo County, Michigan Works

Work Force Development Board, Citizens for Responsible Economic Development and Kalamazoo Area Labor Management Committee, has an admirable record of service to the people of the 63rd District. Bill Farmer is a person of strong character and integrity. Isn’t this what we deserve in our representative? Let’s start fresh and vote for Bill Farmer for Representative of the 63rd District. Tom Cook, Marshall

Make your choice and please vote To the Editor: So you’ve decided you want a Clerk/Register of Deeds who’ll run elections, manage public records, and make government work For the People. You know why you should vote for me on Tuesday, Nov. 6 (or earlier, if you’re voting absentee). But you’re not sure how. Here are three ways. • If you always vote the person, not the party, you vote a mixed ticket. Pick your individual candidates in each race. When you get to Clerk/Register of Deeds, connect my arrow. • If you share the Green Party’s values – grassroots democracy, environmental wisdom, social justice, non-violence – you can vote a straight Green ticket. Mark the Green Party’s arrow at the top of the partisan section of your ballot. That’ll cast your vote for all Green Party candidates in partisan races, including me for Clerk/Register of Deeds. You’d still need to vote separately on non-

partisan races and ballot questions, though. And you can vote for individual candidates of other parties (or no party) in partisan races lacking a Green. • If your preferred candidates are mostly in another party, but you want to make an exception for me, you can vote a split ticket. Mark the arrow for your favorite party at the top of your ballot. Then go to the Clerk/Register of Deeds race and connect my arrow; that overrides the straight-ticket vote in my race. Make other exceptions too, if you like. But again, you’d need to vote separately on the non-partisan offices and ballot issues. Make your choice – and please vote. John Anthony La Pietra, Green Party of Michigan Candidate for Calhoun County Clerk and Register of Deeds, Marshall

Re-elect Bolger as state representative To the Editor: I urge the local citizens of the 63rd State House district to vote to re-elect Jase Bolger as our State Representative. Yes, Jase made an error in the candidate recruitment process for a seat in Grand Rapids. He owned up to it and apologized for his involvement. I applaud him for taking responsibility— too few do, and for his asking for forgiveness. But when I look at what matters to me the most, his representation of our community, I am very pleased with Jase’s hard work. He has spearheaded tough reforms in government that have led us to a balanced budget and more streamlined government. Make no mistake, they have been painful, difficult, but

needed reforms as those of us on Main Street have come to understand this first hand. As a self-employed individual, the economy prior to the election of Gov. Snyder, and Speaker of the House Bolger had been worse than dismal. My income was cut in half, our benefit costs were rapidly increasing and onerous government regulation severely stunted new development, and we private sector workers suffered deeply for several years. Yes, it was very painful cutting expenses, we struggled to make ends meet, uncertainty of our future set in, times were tough. The state of Michigan had massive trouble balancing the budget and each October we got threats of more taxes

and government shutdowns. It is truly refreshing to not have to deal with those issues now, and when was the last time you could thank a politician for delivering on creating a business environment that attracts jobs, entrepreneurs and new business start ups? Are we where we need to be? Not yet, but Michigan’s economy has exponentially improved. Personally, business is up, home values are rising and confidence is taking root. I can say with certainty, we are much better off now than we were two years ago. Re-elect those that got us here. Reelect Jase Bolger. Matthew Davis, Marshall

Please vote for peace and integrity To the Editor: Former President G.W. Bush taught a valued lesson: it’s easier to start war than stop a costly, failing one. Iraq wars, Afghan narco-nation building, campaigns to enable Islamist ascendance in Libya, Egypt and multi-faith Syria result in America’s loss of wealth, moral leadership and an astronomic debt crisis. President Barack Obama seems inclined to reasoned reluctance in creating “redlines” to launch preemptive nuclear strikes at Iran with unforeseen disastrous outcomes. Mitt Romney’s red-line war cry will ensnare the U.S. in a first-strike assault that will impoverish all vulnerable Americans. “War is the greatest enemy of the poor.” Fortunately, we’ve got good congres-

sional local candidates. Justin Amash is the most sensible independent-voting Republican in D.C. Mike Pestka, mature Democratic jurist/legislator is allied with Sen. Carl Levin’s tested values. Both agree war is a last resort in a global crisis, not a first response at the thump of a bigot’s bible. Career-bent, Rep. Jase Bolger disqualified himself by a tax hike on senior pensions and deceitful election rigging in Grand Rapids. A change of tune is warranted in Lansing: “Farmer-in-the-Dell,” not “Turkey-in-the-Straw.” Vote for peace and integrity. Carl Davidson, Marshall

Letters ... continued Keep Marshall moving forward: vote Dyer To the Editor: Please join me in voting to retain Jim Dyer as Marshall’s mayor. There are a couple of very important reasons why we will continue to need Jim leading our City Council and representing Marshall as the top elected official. 1. Experience: As defined by Merriam-Webster, experience is “practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity.” I know our current Mayor Jim Dyer very well from years of serving with him, side by side, at community events and on boards such as the Zoning Board of Appeals. This is a guy with loads of real, practical, honest to goodness experience in

public service and governance. I know Jim is a fair, honest and collaborative leader. The facts: Jim has16 years of serving on city related boards and committees, he has given six years of service to the City Council, the last two as mayor. 2. The Intangibles: What makes Jim a good mayor is more than just experience alone. It’s his willingness to listen to anyone, anytime, about city issues, do his homework and make the best decisions for Marshall. It’s about the relationships and trust he has established and relied on with his peers on the Council and the employees and administration in city government. It’s his passion for Marshall and being a true part of the community for

over 20 years with the roots that come from raising a family and being involved with neighbors. Notice how the community disputes have significantly subsided under his leadership? That is not by accident. His knowledge and experience matter. And he is guided by what’s best for our community, period. A stable, well-respected team has been and molded through positive relationships on the City Council. As a community, we are blessed. I see no reason to break them up now with so much more work to do. I urge you to keep Marshall moving forward by casting your vote for Jim Dyer as our mayor. Raymond M. Davis, Marshall

Vote ‘yes’ to Prop. 1, ‘no’ to the rest To the Editor: Most of the proposals on Michigan’s general election ballot have me scratching my head for different reasons. Proposal 1 is confusing: ‘Yes’ means ‘keep the existing emergency financial manager law; ‘No’ means repeal it. I say ‘yes,’ because Michigan can’t recover with our worst-off cities and schools are stuck in budgetary quicksand. Proposals 2 and 4 are bad labor policy. There’s a reason the constitution has an imposing sense of permanence—it’s as close to “carved in stone” as the law gets. Proposal 3 misguidedly constitutionalizes energy production. Utilities are already working toward the ambitious goals of the 2008 Renewable Portfolio Standard.

Proposal 5 would prevent legislators from legislating by constitutionally requiring a two-thirds majority vote for state taxation additions or changes. Let’s allow our elected officials to do their jobs. Proposal 6 would require a statewide majority vote for building new international bridges or tunnels. The new bridge between Detroit and Windsor is a necessary improvement to Michigan’s infrastructure that will increase trade potential with our number one trade partner—Canada. The constitution isn’t where you codify policy on fluid issues like energy, labor, taxes and trade. I’m voting ‘yes’ on Prop. 1, ‘no’ on the rest. Andrea Boughton, Marshall

Vincent is genuine and trustworthy To the Editor: I would like to ask the voters of Marshall to look strongly into the candidacy of Eldon Vincent for mayor. I have had both a business relationship, as well as a friendship with both Eldon and his family. In both areas, I have found Eldon to be a genuine, trustworthy, up-standing person with high morals and a strong sense of integrity.

His platform, “For All of Marshall” truly represents Eldon. He is here for the people of Marshall and truly cares about what happens in the day-to-day lives of the community around him. Eldon supports our schools and also cares about the young citizens of Marshall. With multiple downtown businesses, Eldon has proven that he believes in the development of a strong

downtown area. Eldon holds high hopes for Marshall and its citizens. With his experience in law, accounting and being an active member of the Marshall community, I believe Eldon Vincent would be an excellent choice for the mayor of Marshall. Kelly May, Marshall

Jim Dyer wants the best for Marshall To the Editor: I have never met a man like Jim Dyer. He is very intelligent with a great memory. He is a religious person and a great family man. He is always professional in his thoughts and actions. But what may impress me the most is his love for our town.

He wants nothing but the best for the citizens of Marshall and will work relentlessly to get things done to improve our quality of life. His attorney background gives him experience to deal with all types of people on all levels, which is essential for good leadership. Thanks for

everything you have done for Marshall over the years Jim, and I hope you will continue your passion to help Marshall be the best place to live , work and raise a family. Steve Searles, Marshall

Support Kale and French for Albion To the Editor: Two key Albion-area races will be on the ballot this November – our area county commissioner and Albion mayor. For County Commission, I urge voters to support retaining Art Kale. For Albion mayor, Andy French is the best candidate. Since getting on the county board, Art Kale has exhibited solid bi-partisan common sense leadership. He was unanimously elected by his peers as chair of the county board and is an energetic and constant participant in many of his district’s activities and issues. He has worked hard to maintain and improve the county’s fiscal health and has

been a strong supporter of the Albion Forks Senior Center, county public safety presence and inter-community money-saving collaboration. Art Kale deserves our support. As Albion mayor, Andy French would unselfishly focus on improving our community and its economy and conduct the City Council with the diligence we all expect and deserve. Andy has experience on the council, has been active in the community and public schools, and is a long-time Albion resident. Andy French deserves our support. George M. Strander, Albion

Vincent is uniquely qualified for mayor To the Editor: On Nov. 6, Marshall voters have a choice to make between two mayoral candidates. Why should these voters make a change and vote for Eldon Vincent? In an economy that challenges the financial integrity of all levels of government, Marshall needs a mayor who will be committed to fiscal responsibility and will lead the city’s council into securing a fiscally sound budget without burdening the citizens with a city income tax. Eldon Vin-

cent’s experience as a CPA, practicing attorney and business owner is a testimonial to financial soundness through fiscal responsibility. Eldon Vincent’s proven commitment to the Marshall community is evident in the historic downtown building that he owns. This commitment is strengthened by the fact that this building houses Eldon Vincent’s four Marshall based businesses, which provide employment for other Marshall area citizens, and the Vincent Family residence. El-

don Vincent is uniquely qualified to serve Marshall as mayor and in this position will be responsive and accountable to all citizens at the individual level. National elections sometimes overshadow the electorate’s interest in local government. Marshall’s local government interests will be best served when you elect Eldon Vincent as mayor. Ronald and Deborah Howland, Marshall

Kale: a Friends of the Albion library representative To the Editor: with AlbionReads, if you have The Beatles proclaimed that attended a Brown Bag movie of the people “we get by with a little help and noticed the quality of the To the Editor: I have read many letters lately in the news endorsing Art Kale in his reelection bid for the county commissioner post. While all of the letters are positive and I wholeheartedly agree with the endorsement, one thing that has concerned me is that he is often referred as a Republican. Art Kale, when it comes to his job as a county commissioner and a person, is not defined as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc., or any other political affiliate, but rather he is defined by his caring attitude and addressing best needs for the county and its citizens. He does not ask your party affiliation when you call him for assistance/help; this in my opinion defines Art Kale, a representative of the people, for the people and of the people. If you agree with the above, please join me in supporting Art Kale for County Commissioner on Nov. 6. You will not regret your decision. Joyce J. Spicer, Albion

from our friends.” This is absolutely true of the Albion District Library as we celebrate all that the Friends of the Albion District Library do for our community through the library. Last week was National Friends of the Libraries Week, and the Albion City Council proclaimed “Friends of Libraries” week in Albion. I was so pleased to see this team of people receive recognition for the work they do. If you and your child have enjoyed watching the fish swimming in the aquarium, if you have participated in the annual chili suppers held in conjunction

projection and sound in our auditorium, if you have immersed yourself in reading during our Summer Reading programs or if you have made a great buy at the annual book sale, you have benefited from the generosity of our Friends. I cannot possibly list all the many ways the Friends of the Library contribute to the lifelong learning in our community; their contributions have made a huge difference in our library and community. Thank you, Friends. Karen Kuhn, Library Director Albion District Library

Re-elect Art Kale for Dist. 7 To the Editor: Art Kale has participated in multiple “ride-alongs” with our patrol deputies to understand the issues we face daily. He has worked cooperatively to understand what we do so that we can keep you safe. Art is strongly opposed to cuts to the road patrol and is working for real solutions to finally fix our roads.

The Police Officers Association of Michigan and the Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff’s Association has endorsed Art Kale for County Commissioner District 7. I hope you’ll join us in support of Art. Jonathan Pignataro, President, Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Dyer applies reason rather than emotion To the Editor: Marshall is a unique city where a delicate balance between progress and preservation is required to continue the quality of life that makes our city such a special place to live. To be successful, Marshall needs a mayor with depth of experience and sound judgment. As mayor, Jim Dyer has proven that he is committed to doing what is best for all of Marshall’s citizens. He carefully considers all sides of an issue when making decisions that are critical to our well being as we continue to enjoy life in a community we love to call home.

With Jim Dyer as mayor, our city is in the hands of a leader who applies reason rather than emotion, facts rather than rumor, and broad vision rather than a narrow focus to guide Marshall to a brighter future. We don’t have to look very far into the past to see what significant and long-lasting damage poor leadership and shortsightedness can do. You can keep Marshall moving toward a broader vision of preservation and progress by casting your vote for Jim Dyer for mayor. Marie Bachmann, Marshall

Dyer has been an excellent leader To the Editor: Dyer has been an excellent leader. It’s nice to have a choice for mayor this November in Marshall; however I hope you’ll consider voting to retain our current Mayor Jim Dyer. Stability counts. Jim has been an excellent leader for Marshall and has worked very well with his peers on the Marshall City Council, as well as local business leaders, residents and the city administration and employees. Initiative and knowledge count. Jim is respected statewide for his deep knowledge of municipal law and lo-

cally for championing important initiatives. For example, Jim is helping to lead the exciting collaboration between the city of Marshall’s Main Street/Downtown Development Authority and Economic Development/Local Development Finance Authority departments and the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce in the formation of a single cooperating entity to manage tourism, business services, events and economic development while work toward making Marshall the premier place to work, live and do business. Municipal finance experience counts. Declining shared

revenue from the state, stagnant property tax collections and an increase in property tax delinquencies from local homes and businesses have contributed to a very challenging budget situation. Jim continues to work closely with city administration and City Council to find the solutions that provide the best services at the lowest cost without increasing taxes. For these reasons, and many more, please take the time to vote on the side of experience and re-elect Mayor Jim Dyer on Nov. 6. Lois Zuehlke, Marshall

Welcome Dr. Toweh Medicine that Moves You

Oaklawn Hospital and Oaklawn Medical Group – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation would like to welcome Pedro Toweh, MD to its staff. Dr. Toweh is a physiatrist, specializing in treating patients with disabilities ranging from sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries. He works with his patients to develop programs for treatment of injury or disease, without surgery, for a quick and successful recovery. Dr. Toweh earned his medical degree in 2006 from Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Ark., where he served as resident physician from 2007 to 2010. Oaklawn Medical Group - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is located at the Oaklawn Life Improvement Center, 13697 15 Mile Rd., Marshall. For more information, please call 269.789.8298.






PROSECUTOR O Champions victims’ rights O Works with law enforcement to combat gang violence O Aggressively prosecutes crimes against the most vulnerable


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Marshall hosts Williamston in playoff action District semi final game kicks off at 1 p.m. For the first time since 2009, the Marshall High School varsity football team will play in the post season and will host Williamston today, Saturday, Oct. 27 at 1 p.m. Both teams enter the contest with identical 6-3 records with Marshall having won five of its last six games following a 1-2 start. The six wins are a two game improvement over last season’s 4-5 record and five game’s better than 2010’s 1-8 mark. The Redhawks and Williamston last met in the playoffs in 2009 with Marshall winning in overtime 27-26 to claim the district title. The winner of today’s contest will face the winner of this weekend’s Three Rivers / Pennfield game in the second round next week.

photos by John Hendler

Marshall cheerleaders had the right idea Friday, Oct. 19 as they waited for the Redhawk varsity football team to take the field at Loy Norrix. Marshall’s 38-20 win clinched the school’s first playoff berth since 2009. Marshall ended the regular season with a 6-3 record, winning five of its last six games.

Lucas Blanchard pulls in quarterback Dan Welke’s throw and then would turn upfield and sprint 40 yards for the Redhawk touchdown in the second quarter at Loy Norrix Oct. 19.

Landry Reynolds catches Dan Welke’s pass in stride on the way to the end zone in the third quarter.

Festival of the Forks Albion 5K recap

The Festival of the Forks featured a new running event to start the festival on Sept. 22. Preceding the parade and day-long celebration was the inaugural Albion 5K. This race was open to runners and walkers of all ages and abilities and saw 79 participants cruise around town, starting and finishing at the Albion Library. A total of $1,020 was raised from the event to support Kids 'N' Stuff Children's Museum. Besides agegroup medals and trophies for the top three male and female finishers, the overall winners each received $100 with overall masters winners netting $50 each in prize money. Top three male finishers for the event were: Anthony Klingler 16:48; Dan Dixon 16:56; and Mike Holik 17:51. Top three female finishers were: Marcia Backstrom 20:34; Christian Arnold 20;59; and Meghan Currie 21:26. Masters winners were: Jeff Klingler 18:29 and Angela Lanius 25:44.Caster Concepts and Hungry Howie's were the event's signature sponsors. Supporting sponsors included: Subway, Albion Eagles #1265, Guardian Industries, Homestead Savings Bank, United Educational Credit Union, and Cascarelli's. For further information and to register for the 2013 event please visit

Robby Ranville tries to get a hand on the Loy Norrix pass late in the contest.

Olivet High School Homecoming

photo by Craft Photography

Olivet High School’s 2012 Homecoming Queen Sarah Mathie and Homecoming King Scott Cook.

MHS boys soccer wins district title Team dedicates championship to ailing teammate Andrew Shippell Marshall sees season end following loss to Dexter, 2-0 in regional semifinal

Following Marshall’s 4-3 shhotout win over Coldwater in the district final, players brought the district championship trophy to teammate Andrew Shippell, who was in Bronson Hospital after being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The Shippell family has set up a website for family, friends and well-wishers to get updates, information and to send messages at Below: Marshall students packed the gym last Monday wearing orange to support Andrew.

Marshall players from left, Ben Hendler, Kyle Richardson, Ben Metzgar, Tyler Sisco and Antonio Lerma watch the final seconds tick away in the 2-0 loss versus Dexter in the regional semifinal.

Marshall players celebrate the school’s first boys district soccer title in 16 seasons after the Redhawks beat host Coldwater 4-3 on penalty kicks in the district tournament final on Oct. 20. On Oct. 23, Marshall lost to Dexter 2-0 in the regional semifinal in Vicksburg to see their season come to an end. Marshall finished with an overall record of 415-1. photo by John Hendler

Marshall cross-country looks for state berth at regional Teams race in Jackson today The Marshall High School girls cross-country team placed third at the Oct. 20 league meet in Sturgis. Today (Oct. 27), both the girls and boys team race at the regional meet in Jackson with the top three teams and top 15 runners qualifying for the Nov. 3 state meet. Marshall was led by Brianna Kalisz, who finished second overall with a time of 19:28. It was the fourth straight year that Kalisz had finished in the top seven. For the sixth time in the last eight years Marshall finished in the top three. “It’s a tremendous accomplishment for the smallest school in a 16team conference,” said coach Steve Wissink. “Along with the fact that we’ve finished first or second for 12 consecutive years in the SMAC East demonstrates a consistent excellence with our girls.” Wissink said that Kalisz is running as well as she ever has. “She is very psyched to try and earn All-State honors for the second time, a feat never before accomplished at MHS,” said Wissink. “Lauren Feasel (14th 20:40, All-League) continues to be a strong number two runner, and Abbey Ufkes (23rd 21:02) continues to progress by leaps and bounds. “Maya Williams (26th 21:14) is running great and very steadily, and Anyah Preston (40th 21:48) and Tristan Tobias (42nd 21:29) give us a strong top six. We are very excited about our chances at regional, and are cautiously planning to be running in the state meet come Nov. 3.”

photos by Lisa Ragan

Brianna Kalisz had her fourth-straight top seven league meet finish when she finished second with a time of 19:28 in Sturgis Oct. 20.

Abbey Ufkes was 23rd at the league meet with a time of 21:02 and miss All-League honors by one second.

Marshall runners Devin Price, left, and Alex Klingel

Matt Holbrook, left, and Christian Kalisz

Big Time Wrestling returns to the MAC tonight

Big Time Wrestling’s Pre Halloween Special will take place tonight, Saturday, Oct. 27 at the Marshall Activity Center at 8:15 p.m. Fans are urged to wear Halloween costumes to the event that features a full card of wrestling action including a battle royal and the AWWL championship between Rastakhan and Super Loverman.

Anyah Preston, left and Tristan Tobias

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