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A Brief Decline Sketch of a climate, in a deft scrawl in pulper, fall in perspex reproach privy stock point fetched. withdraw my late bed this the hand to broke . the clouds icumen in. i'm an honest woman

, an unplanned order. to crouch over this | 're in'side, here, cloud |'s icumen : Let Me : locks of chastity. 'm an honest woman. lisping close on e, fugue for pulling off. of same – pulper if i'd the pour mesel. sweats patrician windrow maid aw wad hing the twenty candymen an Johnny we carries the bell Wir sind der Kinder dreien, in which the back makes a hollow drill 's a note still as 't relay design in 'tplug. general boy at rest shame . my pretty skirts, uh cry: panic kitsch |'nd switched your fucking 't event handlers grind ...whereas strife stunted i do icumen | , i do wonder ., as a spoke, look. grievous motion to power forward what kinds of value leave an imprint to smear by , cannot look in. i waited just by the lodge and he came walking towards it, beautiful in the most dusty light. locations are not gallant or clear that space is blotted into another: the lodge a pavilion a field and a short distance to it, standing there a tree by its side and under that was i waiting, piercing out now the light is freckled through that tree, and there in the field is beauty, a shockless shoulder, limply sobbing at the pitched distance, love never sanctioned, inbuilt pathetically frail to its snap decision, preferring the structured mute.

then decline. resolved to point from flesh to form maternal proud. proof by absolute profit. active to resist part decay1. linger silt. cpy if do not and under this what can attempting a better synthesis become. nearly 1

in't clover field| the clouds icum| hear the startling voracity of your hand a gentle tattoo:||t'which i squeal sore|he uhm quotients of the meadow do me on the hard shoulder* amass'd|on't stare why don't you clicked in|report traffic stats|hang. 'genius' over the supposed unmeaning engine|'re so sorry, lacks promise|whatsoever . rince, keep hitting me then. if it's not worth | you do with us what | won't: a blade skips past l . oh| 're always like this | no i can't go home little | sways about , i want to. want to – the problem (puts me away) is not that accumulation has bypassed my desires, “skills”, but is it that? |bsorbed into a furniture or carpet sans mud along the lane |'s well smelt stagnant. flies rising from a dead pup. list your fears: the |daub, the outside it the voice the shoulder bitten-fuck them off. |t's fear sucked my nthdrought. empathy, pathetic, eh? | stones through the face. its face: unaltered frippery 't devoured et al, |what's the shortage for? ||...long may it continue carving up the sinew. at this checkpoint i am three. i love to be three. the deposited spoils ascend into my chewing mouth, who holds for a perfect melt that kicks her legs| ree today, a th-thousand pounds. for you, besotted child revs up , grip plaits exhaust amok will crevice by use, use the calliper in-side |djust re: muck it, pasta. Dragonfly! Thou luscious |p'rapse ! deface the through-line ram |it's partic|dnary fault there's lyric rushing up|onfere|onfere remiss agent cusp! halt/beckon/heel fabric. contort|nto glass to compost |in tha|'s hang. lieu tenant, set control re-closet potent alias, hey, eh? back crotch|entum you didn't, patch found sewn coordinate|y all measures. many | , chamber mute. have you cause or just whit (MUTE UP AND SHUT UP NOW!) is matt coat for me... guess where the values add up,, as if the promise |snip | r's the burden but what's lost? umbilical ropes cross from one mouth to ground level, and, jest the air must taste so sweet. and stay there. This month there will be a delicate power transfer. then you're finished. so she can paint the whole universe the naked groups, point less, suffer. think about |-hence locate| what you think is the point |, affirming / connect each action somehow betters| even sale (cr|ou can't be a cure. your life etched out and hollowed, all the bleating lip bent kip universe porn just get turned off it, pls. clumsy carving caught in jellied arms held regress to which much despised obedience settle apt or crab, misfire ill use calm calm lapse so get flotsam ousted mend self matriculate self to cost divides |oft i've a coat on it's raining bolts the coat's too thin help |netted jester, lid your ey| pours over the pebbles. rain can't bite cack | ok. the viewing place, a refuge. The land is plaited, plough brushed, grease skimmed. One of thousand poly-tunnels roar into the air. |t's not so different lock dear elsie in the kennel, Joh|a black mare sockets hum rival to emulate | s if when drums are heard are heard. specialist victim i cleave to your run,, that least you can not bare the body contort above my voice crack| hums. the open wound of song, ha ha, erm shut that fix curve et victim coat - ms.|liked'd counterfeit breast stroke a ball |ot swans 'all too now' |w'd cull, she'll say get lost or like too much| 'by some wheel'. > the quality's excess bond smarts a break pro- ceeds under cut saw damage, remarked Els| tuck nip stitch , there were nobles CUT scratch to GNAW damp Elsie you come under u fucked it. x it begins at the key which resists a little. a square in black with a white cross. the square seems a smaller square on a gripped one. the rim of the bigger one beneath is frosted with dust and you can pick at the key to examine the underside cost affecting shutters, for an egg boil| compost chisel – one ceases action the other is | a v|y |ripped back altered outcomes whilst retain income diatribe – private knowledge crack seed in hand enhanced letter recycle lament. insist to bring cars on the esplanade, grind my frigid tongue| fugitive stash coiled to belt apart once out stink the station arches take the down going north west peculiar anti by gradient no returns. to evade

working for what we can desire without a forged signature that could feel finer. with a cold interested stare the hand reports. there was a knot clustered under this harsh hand, his tight folded smile, swoon beneath the crescent sky sealed in silicone underlay, fewer that he who throws the dice listen here you lucky hit locking perhaps you do this, fool lay tweak the lights a little they won't care. and need tediously your care. deletes head out and the moors are calm. with gravity of cost comes addition of type: one is forgiven for considering the orientation of wealth , but then the mist is back, filled and pink rose to splutter and gurn and maybe you'll chase, chase your tongue into mine, grinning aimless silicone juts under-bite maiming to surrender and once yawn set peacock flurry kiss me O sour man. i've forgotten how to gently lay. gently gently gently, gently. sulphur little fish The Evidence provoked me to act, but how. Smiled Elsie, twisting in her warm slip |ift. where determined |idal barricade summoned , so you say, are provoked and do never |hit? doil incapax, oh why smear pull a sick bird on erm the lens |it will humanise reproach oh yes, what you feel is the back of what you felt or its cross mark or front panel which moves, say, forward.which ?| which token from what cut is tender rare |adiates daisy le| pug lip sync|h a star! what aren't you amazed. native such was hitherto a drunk rally feeling was bettered by the protest pitched outside a pepped rally feeling those who clustered |op the passing |eports of small vandal crutch stealth:|| the point of reproach, what she has done to position neatly or nest with closed blinds| tender by credit matched not but more complex|ll desires amok tochew, a slow, throbbing gnaw at first the soft shell then the sun milk skin| no damage plates!! but he a-asked them what it was detained their sweat. supposed replies were vacant dawns, well learned – untrained |UMMER got to chew her bits to bits brittle, last down there gets a battery fuck. |what's the task as we've spoke that the shoe bill must persuade its worth to drink, that remarkably few outside belief depart |siph on's lust bedraggle oh but charm. relief. spring! oh what little remains complex at the complimentary soap dispensary fields|orget the feel of black undulating rain you dull proud boys go play|'s a jam to come back to me now, now where the fuck's he gone he's gone i think he's gone bite wrap feel “the break at which I clutch for brick finger strip where the fuck's he lost part mantra eat of cure of note of scratch at mute grid fancy a dart squeezed out thorn repose announce clit blade nullify blank open zit mouth wide cramp as full spade paint derision most cut most whet break sing not pallet void mac to pinch grit she dead spit crap dredge for close to multiply spoil on spoil as dick mite wren's bleed clutch smut cackle to soil fuck geld hence polish dispatch cig notch grain mantle slits in croft diverse ad�. in a local dressing wound fill, this does not feel, like hurt, should fall offset| where is the mordant mark, come down, rehearsed as you cling suffice to slope, baffling, at once my throat whose jaw released now to know which chapter house where the pitched glares kindly hold in a central pact |then coil. ardent rye

and mourn the mind redacted speech, speck|f birds fleet the flume for where the blank skyline comes gold sieved, fast is it not we are dancing or is it better here, the released space in a cracked stone. heavy neighbouring sighs and groans with twelve red wheels and grinning, push her out of your mind. it will not be. laughter fetched towards the hanging tree little left to do escape, seems light reflect a hard place none of yours and yours

a brief decline sketch  

verity spott

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