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1. Sunshine provides energy 2. Solar panels provide DC power 3. AC unit provides cooling/green power for other devices such as TV, PC, lights, cell phone, fridge 4. Batteries store energy for later use 5. When no solar or battery power then the AC grid is utilized 6. Power other devices using your Virtual Power Plant when the grid power is down


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Typical Power Source

% Renewable Energy

100% 75%

Renewable Energy provides 17 hours of power per day in this scenario for North County San Diego, Ca.

50% 25% 0% Hours of Day











AC Grid

Renewable Energy Cycle - Saves Money $ The environmental controller manages the energy sources to make sure that a renewable energy source is always utilized first, before using AC power from the grid. The controller blends AC and DC power to maximize efficient use of energy at all times. Savings increase as more renewable energy is designed into the system. For example, a larger energy storage system and more solar panels will provide for an off-grid solution. No grid AC required at all, means NO electric bill. Zero.

Battery Charge Cycle - Extends Battery Life $ The environmental controller insures that the battery life is maximized by managing the charge and discharge circuits. No overcharging the batteries or discharging too deeply which shortens the life of the battery.

Toll-free 855.757-6937 Toll-free 855.757-6937

Initial Cost Model ** COMMERCIAL * Typical installation cost


Federal tax credit (30%)


SREC Annual Renewable Credit


Accelerated Depreciation (20% per year of installed cost)


Total incentives


Net Cost


* Check with local CPA and utilities for qualifications related to tax credits and rebates. SREC may change, this value for NJ.

** System includes GPRM100 Solar AC plus 2KW solar panels, 1500W AC power out, 2 ea 250 AH AGM batteries. Installed cost.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Off-Grid - Size the solar panels and batteries to operate the system without ac power from the grid. Generates “green” energy out to power up other devices such as cell phones, computers, TV, and fridge. Great for portable offices, mining & drilling sites, construction, second homes, sustainable living projects.

Grid Attached - Grid attached inverter to sell excess solar power to local utility company. This application cost more to install but generates larger energy savings over time.

Hybrid 1 - Similar to off grid installation including “green” ac power out option. Use this receptacle to power up other appliances such as TV, computer, fridge, cell phones and lights. Uses grid AC power as a last resort to save money and provides “green” ac power during grid failure.

Hybrid 2 - Similar to off grid installation but instead of plugging devices into receptacle, provide the “green” ac power out line and attach to a sub- panel in the building and provide the ac power to a circuit or two in the building. Provides ac power during grid failure.

The GPRM100 aggressively lowers utility costs by providing an efficient air conditioner, and utilizing renewable energy sources including solar panels and batteries. The system also operates as a virtual power plant by providing clean, green AC power for other devices. The reassuring fact is that is will provide power when the grid power goes down during a power outage. Toll-free 855.757-6937

Solar Powered Air Conditioning  

GPRM100 Solar Powered Air Conditioning provides efficient cooling while minimizing or eliminating your electricity bill since it is powered...

Solar Powered Air Conditioning  

GPRM100 Solar Powered Air Conditioning provides efficient cooling while minimizing or eliminating your electricity bill since it is powered...