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Landscape Your Backyard And Love It No matter how large or small your back yard is, it can be your own private domain where you can go to "get away from it all." But like any domain, you'll want to personalize it to suit yourself. Landscaping your backyard is an absorbing hobby that practically anyone can enjoy. The end product is enjoyable - a place for the kids to have some fun after school, or a place for you to sit and contemplate the whichness of the why, it's the getting there that's the most fun. Because, since you're dealing with living things - grass, plants, trees - there never really is an end product. There's always something to be done. As in all things, planning is the key to success. Do you live in a climate where your backyard is covered with snow for several months out of the year? You'll have to take that into consideration. Do you live in a climate, such as in the state of Arizona...where water is at a premium and lush green yards simply aren't an affordable option? Rock gardens are the key there, and have a beauty all their own. And finally, you'll need to find out what type of soil your backyard has. This will effect what kind of plants, flowers and trees you'll be able to grow properly. Who will use the backyard? First, you need to consider who will be using the backyard the most. If it will be used by children and teens who are going to be active - playing catch, tag, etc., then you won't want to have fragile items sitting around that can easily be broken by a stray football or baseball. No matter how careful you admonish your kids to be around such fragile items, no matter how far those items might be from the scene of the action - if they're there, they will get broken. The way you design your backyard is a reflection of your personality. There's nothing wrong with going with the old standby, of course - lots of green grass, some trees, perhaps a flower garden, but you can do so much more with it if you're of a mind to. Just think outside the box, as the saying goes. Creating a theme The simplest and most common backyard is the one designed to give kids free reign to play. Grass lawn, trees, perhaps a garden...but nothing unique, nothing fancy. And if you do have children, make sure you give them a say in what goes into the yard. Let them each plant a tree, or design their own portion of the flower garden to take care of. If you give them a sense of ownership chances are they'll take extra care to ensure that they don't go running through the garden in an effort to escape in a game of tag. But if you're not constricted by child considerations, then there s no limit to what you can do if you'd care to use a little imagination. In that case, you're constricted only by the size of the yard itself. It's not necessary to restrict your landscaping to merely the plants, flowers and trees - although they are of course an integral part to the yard and can be set out in an infinite variety of designs. You'll need to do research to choose the best types of plants, flowers and trees that will grow in your area, and then you'll have to design the yard so that you'll be able enjoy the look of it in each of the four seasons.

But it's not necessary to restrict yourself to plants, flowers and trees. I'm not talking about the obvious... A hammock between two trees so you can relax, garden furniture and a patio, but unique things...unique props. Are you a nautical buff? Why not have an anchor or two placed strategically, and a flower garden placed inside a rowboat shaped planter. Perhaps even a mock-up of a sunken ship if you're a real buff. Do you dream of tropical islands? Why not pile up a stretch of white sand and a tropical-looking tree, so that you can sit beneath it sipping pina coladas and enjoying the good life? Jacuzzis, and a word of warning There's nothing quite like a Jacuzzi or hot tub to add that touch of sybaritic pleasure to the backyard but beware - you'll be inundated by neighbors hoping to be able to use it as well. (Indeed, if you're going to get a jacuzzi or hot tub, or even a pool, depending on the size of your yard, these can be considered "attractive nuisances" and you'll have to make sure that they are inaccessible at all times until you actually use them. If children enter your grounds without permission and harm themselves, it doesn't matter a jot that they were trespassing - you'll be the one in trouble. But don't let that stop you from designing your backyard the way you want it to be, and then implementing that design. Make it easy to care for, and you'll be able to enjoy it for a long time to come. Greenhouses for sale

Landscape Your Backyard And Love It  
Landscape Your Backyard And Love It  

going with the old standby, of course - lots of green grass, some trees, perhaps a flower garden, but