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Zumba Dancing: What to Expect From the Invigorating Program If you have been searching for a body exercise regiment, you must have come across zumba dancing. It seems everyone is talking about this Latin music inspired aerobic exercise routine and if the reviews are anything to go by, it seems Alberto Perez a celebrity trainer credited with this craze has brought something worthwhile on the table. To appreciate the popularity of this program, consider it is now a brand spanning over 40 countries and over 12 million people practice weekly. As country specific videos continue hitting the market, more women are benefiting immensely and you might be one; just read on and discover why. Unraveling the Zumba Mystery While most training programs involve tedious and back breaking exercises, zumba is meant to make the whole session a lot of fun. There are no dumb bells and push ups involved and in fact, you will feel like you have stumbled upon a dancing troupe only that you will be welcomed with a smile. The music beats borrow from mambo, salsa, hip hop among others and the trainer selects the music and leads the session. Fortunately, you do not have to be a ballet dancer to join as the whole it is keeping up with the rhythm of the songs and burn as many calories as possible. After one or several songs, there is a break followed by another faster paced song. At the end of one session, your body and mind will be well relaxed. Benefits Associated with Zumba Dancing Several benefits of using this dancing workout routine have emerged since the inception in the 1990s. Some of these include; 1. Improved cardiovascular health; one of the risks of poor living is heart attack and it is caused by a weakened cardiovascular system. When you dance to a rhythm, you exercise this system and hence, the heart and all arteries retain good shape and supply of oxygen to your body is not interrupted. 2. Improved well-being; after a session of zumba workouts, participants always note that they can control their mood and emotions better. After a tiring day in your office, there is no better way to unwind than zumba. 1. Lose weight and tone your body; according to zumba founders, an hour of dancing helps to burn approximately 400 calories. When you combine this with good dieting, you can effectively cut weight and get firmer muscles. 2. Improved motor coordination; this helps you to be alert at all time as your body already has a rhythm gained during training. To put it simply, zumba dancing is a Godsend for many women. You will not sit in the office dreading the gym session anymore and in fact, it will feel like a girl’s day out accompanied with vigorous dancing.


Zumba Dancing: What to Expect From the Invigorating Program If you have been searching for a body exercise regiment, you must have come...

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