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Renewable Energies for a Better Future Although the United States' dependency on oil continues increasing, there are numerous renewable energies available that could be making a significant change in our environment. Various countries in Europe, primarily Denmark and the Netherlands are making the switch to renewable sources of energy because they are becoming aware of the dangers surrounding global climate change and other potential environmental disasters. As of now, the United States, the world's largest energy consumer, receives only 6% of its total energy from renewable sources. This is both dangerous and short-sighted.

There are various forms of renewable energy that can easily be harnessed in the United States. The most successful thus far and the most promising for the future is solar energy. The Sun holds enough heat to supply all of our energy needs several times over, therefore this is an invaluable resource to us. Unfortunately, solar paneling is more expensive than standard energy costs and as such is often discounted by consumers and energy companies alike. Fortunately as technology continues to advance, solar equipment may become more affordable and easier to install. Another promising resource exists in wind energy. Wind turbines are not as reliable as solar panels since it is not always windy, however they are cheaper to build and have no negative consequences. The major complaint against turbines has been their unsightly look, but that is hardly a valid argument.

Finally, water energy is also renewable and in fact has been made use of on a large scale across the world. Unfortunately, the building of hydrodams is often destructive to marine ecosystems and the materials needed as well as their transportation leaves a significant carbon footprint. One thing is certain, renewable energy is the way of the future. It must be researched, advanced, but it most certainly should never be forgotten.