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Advantages of Online Flights Booking on Iberia You could book your flight by calling the airline and making a reservation, by visiting the airline's ticketing outlet or through a travel agent, but the best way to book is over the Internet. One of the best places to book a flight over the Internet is Iberia. You should book your flight here because this is a well-established company. This means you need not worry about Internet fraud cases as identity theft. This is the best place to book your flight because you will get information that you will not get elsewhere. The fact that this information is available for reading means you can take your time to digest it. As an example, you will learn that surcharges, taxes and service fees are included in the flight, but you need to pay a ÂŁ 4.50 surcharge per ticket if you are using a UK billed credit card. You will get schedule information such as the exact arrival and departure times on each flight, the stopovers and the duration of the stopovers. The fact that you do not need to visit a booking office means you will save money. You get to compare different flights based on their charges, the route and what is on offer (such as meals). This enables you to make an informed decision. The intense competition with other online flight booking websites means you will get exclusive discounts on Iberia. You will also get other incentives. You also save money since you will not be paying a commission to a travel agent. One of the greatest advantages of online booking is the unparalleled convenience you get. The Internet never closes, meaning you get to book around the clock. The Internet does not have boarders, meaning you can book from anywhere in the world. You can even book using your mobile device. Flight changes and cancellations are possible with online booking. You also get to check in early (up to 24 hours before the flight departure). You can choose the seat and print your boarding pass from the comfort of your home, meaning you will skip long queues. The company allows for multi-channel booking, meaning you can call to book or talk to a consultant if you do not want to do it over the Internet. Iberia provides a safe way to pay for your flight since credit and debit card payment options are encrypted.