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evidence of racial disparities in the ways people in our community experience policing is a crisis in democracy that can only be rectified with policy reforms that put the power in the hands of community members. PACT’s recommendations address that issue at its core. While no single policy will address all our challenges, PACT believes that the recommendations attached, presented to the Human Relations Commission last week, represent a significant step forward. As we work through this process, we respectfully ask you share with the public (1) what state and federal grants the Raleigh Police Department has applied for or plans to apply for in order to subsidize a body camera program for Raleigh and (2) what other means of funding are proposed to fund the program. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss our policy recommendations and provide further information. You can reach us at the email and number provided below. Sincerely, Akiba Byrd On behalf of the Police Accountability Community Task Force akiba@ncfairsharecdc.org 919-940-0050 OVERVIEW OF OUR POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS ACCOUNTABILITY 1. Work to create a Community Oversight Board that has power to investigate, subpoena, and discipline the police when there is injustice. 2. Strengthen the department’s anti-bias policing policy with real, regular checks on officers’ stop-and-search data. EQUITY 3. Improve officer training and expand Crisis Intervention Training. 4. End the bias in stops and searches by requiring written consent-to-search forms. 5. End the biased enforcement of marijuana policy by deprioritizing marijuana enforcement. TRANSPARENCY 6. Implement a body-worn camera program that protects people’s rights, privacy and access. COMMUNITY POLICING 7. Implement an internship program to recruit and retain officers of color. 8. Increase opportunities for positive relationships between community and police. OUR DETAILED POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS TO THE CITY COUNCIL ACCOUNTABILITY Pass a resolution asserting the council’s public support for a strong and representative Community Oversight Board. To balance the scale of power and give the community the power to investigate, subpoena, and discipline police when there is injustice, we propose the creation of a Community Oversight Board like the one in Newark, N.J.

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3 14 16 pact memo on body cameras (3)