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Replies Letters

Acknowledgment letters Should be written when you receive merchandise, material, money, or information. Such a letter is a courtesy, letting your reader know that his communication has reached its destination. The purpose of the acknowledgment letter is simply to tell the recipient that the document has been received and should not offer any information beyond that.

Markham’s Cards and Gifts 400 Paseo de Peralta Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 April 12,2012 Mr. Joshua Contreras Sales Representative New Cards, Inc. 399 North Canon Drive Beverly Hills, Califonia 90210 Dear Mr. Contreras:

Thank you for arranging for us to receive our Chritmas card displays a bit early this year. We installed them as soon as they arrived on Monday, and we have already sould out two lines! The two months between now and Christmas seem destined to be busy ones, and I suspect you I will be hearing from us again soon. Best wishes, Raquel Conde Assitant Buyer

Follow-Ups letters After a decision or agreement has been made, either at a meeting or in conversation, it is good to send a follow-up letter. Usually sent for two reason. Serve as an opportunity for additional contract. Conffective relive a job search. Phrases:

1. We would like to offer you‌ 2. We would like to remind you

The Committee to Keep Minnesota Green 24 North main street, Blackduck, Minessota 56630 April 13, 2012 Ms. Cristina Ajuria Solars, Solars, and Wright 62 Onigum Road Walkedr,Minnesota 56484

Dear Ms. Ajuria: We are pleased that yiu will be participing in the Ecology Colloquium spronsored by The Committe to Keep Minnesota Green. As we discussed in our telephone conversation this morning, the Colloquium will take place on June 29 in the convention room at the Blackduck Inn. Thw Colloquium will begin with the keynote address at 9:00 a.m. at 11:00, you will join our other guests of honor in a debate on the topic, “The Cost of Conservation: Public or Private Responsibilities?� Following the debate, luncheon will be served in the main dining room, where you will, of course, be a guest of the Committee. Along with the members of the Committee, I am looking forward to our meeting on the 29th. Sincerely yours,

Confirmations letters Confirmations are routine for a such businesses as hotels and travel agencies, but other businesses may also need to send them. You can use this document to confirm previosly agreed upon issues between two parts. Phrases:

1. I am writing to confirm... 2. I would like to confirm what we disoussed last Friday‌ 3. I would just like to confirm the main points...

Fulson Contractors, Inc 444 Western Avenue Boulevard, Colorado 80301 Mrs. Justin Michaels 622 Garth Street Washington, D.C. 20008 I am writing you to confirm the lunch date that will take place at trattoria di marco at the corner of Tenth Street and Western Avenue, on April 7 at 1 p.m. I am looking forward to seiing that day.

The best wishes Nancy Carson Architect

Remittances letters Companies often request that their bill, or a their bill, accompany a remittance. Phrases:

1. I look forward to pleasant personal relations in the future. 2. We enclose paycheck for‌

Quallity Industries 1876 Magnolia Detroit, Michigan 48233

April 9, 2012 Ms. Juliet Office Manager Inc. 1704 North, Broadway Richmond, Virginia 23261 Dear Ms. Juliet: We have enclose check for $5,000 is in payment of invoice No. 335-E. This is the list payment of the contract to service of Quality’s Office machines for the nest three years. Please credit my account No. 6338-H Sincerely yours,

Order Acknowledgments letters Should contain specific information. Phrases: 1. Thank the customer for the order 2. Recap the contents of the order 3. Give any revelant delivery details

Walmart 2019 logan Street, Paramous New Jersey 70622 April 11, 2012

Mrs. James Smith BDRM Badding Store 529 Eaton Avenue, Betlhem Pennyslyvania 18115 Dear Mr. Smith: We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your order or March 31, 2012 and to say welcome as a new customer in our company.

Your order No. 32345 50Beatyreat Euro Square Rillows 20 Queen Microfiber Sheets Sets

The merchandice will be shipped in two separate consiments Cordially,

Stopgap letters It is the letter we sent when we delay any meeting, interview or when part of our company there will be a delay in the delivery of our products either for reasons of depleted material, procedural changes in our company or credit applications or with insurance agencies. Phrases: 1. 2.

In reply to your letter of... In accordance/compliance with your request...

SANTRAK INDUSTRIES 412 Bellevue Lane Annapolis, MD 21401

April 16, 2012 Doctor Jeffrey Anderson Medical Center Reston, VA 22096

Dear Dr. Anderson: Your request to come and give us a demonstration on health care for all our employees came to our office this afternoon.

Appreciate the intereste on your part, but his visit will be postponed to next week because most of our workers are on vacation and hope to return later this month. We will be notifying the exact day and time to have him.

Inquiry Replies letters Should be answered, even thise that, for some reason, cannot be a complete response. Indicates interest in the company, and an inquier is a potential customer. Phases: 1.


Thank you for your interest‌ We certanly appreciate your interest in ‌

SANTRAK INDUSTRIES 412 Bellevue Lane Annapolis, MD 21401 April 17, 2012 Mr. Mario Green Maxine Sportswear Manufacturing co., Inc. 842 Seventh Avenue Nwe York, New York 10018

Dear Mr. Green: Thank you for your interest in G & C equipement. We are happy the supply you with the information you requested. The following prices are quoted per dozen. Individual units are slightly higher: Item B-J Garment Turner Acee Thread Trimmer

1 Dozen $180.00 90.00

In case you have any further questions, Mr. Long, please do not hesitate to call. I can be reached between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at 2456-7894. Sincerely yours,

Refusals letters The refusal letters, are those ones that are to say «NO» in a polite way. When granting a favor, awarding a contract, hiring an applicant, or making any decision, saying «YES» to one person often menans saying «NO» to another.

•Express apreciation for the request. •Suggest an alternative course of action. •A «not at this time» refusal keeps open the posibility of future business.

Refusals letters Phrases: •

You have not been selected for the position, at this time. We encourage you to apply for positions, for which you qualify, with the (name of the company) in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to come…

SANTRAK INDUSTRIES 412 Bellevue Lane Annapolis, MD 21401

Ms. Jennifer Ricardo President of Writer's Association 121, St. Park's Street Washington, D.C. 20008 Dear Ms. Ricardo: I am really honored to receive an invitation to become a member of your prestigious Association. I am greatly thankful to you and the other members of the Association to give me such an honorable offer. I understand that being part of your Association would require me to put in my quality time and effort which I am quite willing to. However, I am already committed to various projects for more than a year and hence, I will not be able to do justice as a member of the Association. I respectfully request you to look for another person who is worthy to be a member of your Association. Best Wishes for the Future. Sincerely,

Isabella Courtier


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