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Penwith English Students Minisaga Winners

The wind is whipping, as we are always told it does. My ears are battered until the motion folds over itself, and is perpetuated between them. Locked in the schema of my own uncomfort, the impression will not leave. It is a brand, a tattoo. I am changed irreparably. Callum Oulds (A1 English Literature) Then it happened. She lowered her hands from her face and quietened her sobs. She wiped what was left of her make up away from her eyes. He walked away solemnly; left her there, torn. She picked herself up and stood straight. “Time for a new start,” she breathed, “goodbye.” Bethany Noall (A1 English Language)

The obscure twisted light fell from the sky, finally. The world was quickly snapped up in cold and resembled a distant ice planet. Anna looked on from her spaceship wondering what the planet had once been like when life crawled over it like insects. Mankind, left to ruin somewhere else. Matthew Mansell (A2 English Language and Literature )

Veni, Vidi, Vici I came … I lined up, ready to take aim against the opposition. My enemy bravely held his weapon aloft, ready to strike me. I saw… the troops, stringing along behind him, ready to step in with hopefully tougher weapons. I was poised, ready to strike him down. I aimed, then… I conkered… Rosie Beale (Access)

Penwith College Minisagas  

The AS, A2 and Access English Literature and/or Language winners of the 50 word minisaga short story contest. All content belongs to Callum...

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