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Sin 702


Winter 2013-2014



Winter 2013-2014

6 Rakkasan EnterpriseZ—Las Vegas' 24

Rush—Aston Martin DB9


Sin Girl 702—Jordyn Rose

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Day Trips—Cathedral Gorge Adventure

Drink Up—The Green Fairy




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Rakkasan EnterpriseZ Las Vegas is commonly talked about due to its gambling and party night scene, but your never hear anyone talk about the great art they have here. There are many unique structures in Las Vegas besides the strip dedicated to art. Most commonly known is the Cleveland clinic. Other events like First Friday are held on the first Friday of the month in the downtown graffiti art district. Body painting and unique to bizarre art are portrayed throughout the area and most go there as an excuse to drink and to be entertained. Las Vegas has its priorities on night life, drinking or sex. Las Vegas is a town you could live as a real life playboy. Fast paced city living equipped with exotic cars, exotic drinks and of course exotic woman. Woman make the first two have meaning. The clubs on the strip collect these beautiful dolls and lure you in. One thing is for sure Vegas is full of beautiful models. The following pages are Rakkasan Enterprisez latest adventures, art and prized models. Look for more of Rakkasan Enterprisez on instagram tags @rakkasanenterprisez #donniebarnett #getwetorgohome 6

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Aston Martin , the name alone is unique amongst auto makers. Recently I had the privilege to drive a 6.0L V12 Aston Martin DB9. Although marketed as a touring car, this 500+ horsepower car is more of a grand super-sport. Aston Martin has been associated with James Bond and can make you feel like you are licensed to kill. Everything about this car is built to high specifications. Whether you are a fast sporty kind of driver or a Sunday driver this car fit your craving. There are very few cars as sexy and sophisticated as an Aston Martin. The DB9 has a very unique look and has a long, sleek shape from the side view. It has a long front end to hold the massive V-12 engine. Very little under steer came with this, a problem that plagues front-engined cars. Along with the long bodied car comes this very appealing music from the dual exhaust. The car comes with a 6-speed sport-tronic transmission to support this 500-horse power tank. Although a tank may be a little much, this car weighs nearly 2 tons. It gives a very solid feel compared to many Ferrari and Porsches. Opening the door to an Aston Martin you are immediately greeted by large wings and the message "hand built in England". The interiors of the DB9 series continue to get better year by year and are among some of the best in super car world. You will be amazed by the amount of comfort and leather in this car. The steering wheel is one of the few wheels I've driven that actually allows me to grip it more tightly yet comfortably. This car is equipped with paddle shifters that do not interfere with steering the car as most paddle shifters do. The center stack console holds all the control goodies of this elegant car and is equipped with several interesting choices like sport and track modes. These open the exhaust more and adjust the suspension for a more interesting and fun drive. Once on the road I took this car down onto the Las Vegas Strip. Every person in a 200-foot radius glared at the car. The car was not ostentatiously painted like a Lamborghini but certainly gave a similar appeal. Within minutes of having the windows down the woman of all ages were yelling “nice car!� into driver seat. Once satisfying the sex appeal of myself and the car, we set out looking to test performance. Wanting to see the DB9’s maneuverability, I got away from the traffic

and goosed the throttle a little more in the windey roads of Nevada’s Spring Mountains. The car hugged the road better than many of the other sports cars I have recently driven. Hearing the sweet moan of the engine is probably the most empowering feature when driving the DB9. Smashing the gas pedal, the car really gripped the road well and we cruised around these hills at a wonderful rate. Coming across a deer on a turn, I went from 85 mph to a near stop in a few seconds. The seats really lock you in and keep you comfortable and secure under severe conditions. The DB9’s 0-60 mph time was just under 5 seconds and it topped out at 194 mph which was a little more than what the manual said was the top speed. The car was comparable in 0-60 time to the Bentley Continental GT and has better gas mileage and range. After parking this beauty I found comfort just looking at the unique shape and appeal of the car. Aston Martin’s DB9 is very similar to the Vanquish. Simply, the DB9 has several differences. It is made from aluminum, not carbon fiber like Vanquish. This means 400 lbs more weight and slightly slower. It does not have as many sporting features and has slightly less room in the interior. Although it’s not the flag ship for Aston Martin the DB9 still is a great car. Aston Martin also makes a convertible(Volante) model of the DB9. The cars are available in dark colors, or English pastels. The more super sport colors are Madagascar orange or apple tree green. The DB9 start around $180,000 and goes up depending on options. The DB9 seems to be more of a daily driver than just a warm weather car. It felt quite solid compared to many of the cars in its price range. This brute of a car was not a fiberglass wimp like many of the other European super cars. The DB9 fit my style of performance and power and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little creativity in their daily drive.

702 Girls Sin

Tis the season for giving and caring. The weather is getting cold and everyone is bundled up by the fire. But Jordyn is dressing down for winter. How would you like to cuddle up next to this beauty. Jordyn is an aspiring stage actress working towards making it big this winter. She loves her friends and the open road. Trips and adventure are among the main fun this girl enjoys. Jordyn also likes watching football and drinking, she is the perfect girl to be with on Sundays. So when the weather is getting cold, Let Jordyn warm you up this winter.

702 Girls Sin

Jordyn Nicole Rose Winter 2013-2014

Sin Girls BIO Jordyn Nicole Rose


HEIGHT: 5 ’ 4 ” BUST: 32D

WEIGHT: 112lbs WAIST: 23 ”

HIPS: 35 ”

BIRTH DATE: October 27, 1992 BIRTH PLACE: Las Vegas, NV MAJOR: Radiology LIKES: Acting, singing, dancing and sarcasm DISLIKES: Obtuse people, traffic and misunderstandings. IDEAL DATE: Something original or just something different, like riding in a hot air balloon or going surfing. FAVORITE TUNE: Anything by The Cure FAVORITE FILM: Wristcutters: A love story FAVORITE ICE CREAM: Raspberry sorbet PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Graduating Early MY FUTURE: Hopefully the silver screen MY MOTTO: “ Good things fall apart, so better things can fall together ”

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Haley Banks Hair dresser, colorist, makeup artist

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contact Email: Cell: (702) 467-7175

Cathedral Gorge State Park Adventure

The first Saturday of September was a very wet weekend. Like usual I had planned to go on a trip. This time bringing a girl, my best friend Billy and his girlfriend Nicole along, we left in the afternoon. It was already raining and the weather radar said it wasn't raining near Panaca, NV where we were headed. It also dictated it would be clear later in the evening. Either way we were set to have a fun day, even if I couldn't shoot any star photos. Traveling up hwy 93 we all started talking about a previous trip Billy and I had taken to this location. He explained the excitement to his girlfriend and all night “push� I made him do. My date for this event was passed out sleeping in the front seat. Full on mouth open and glasses half off her face. The rain got worse near Alamo, NV and I was hopeful I'd get something out of this trip. We decided to take a slight detour to see the giant alien statue just a mile west of Crystal Springs, NV on hwy 375. Waking sleeping beauty, we realized the alien was a store and went inside. Tons of alien souvenirs, something out of a parody alien movie. After visiting the store we headed back east onto hwy 93. We started chatting about rocks and minerals cause Nicole really liked them. Not our usual conversation. Billy and I were just itching to start our booze evening off. We waited for a while. Once headed up the mountain pass east of the Delamar Valley we could see a line of cars forming ahead. We stopped hazards flashing and I walked up the

road to the state patrol blocking the road. I found water and debre covering the road. Walking down the hill back to the car, people asked me what was happening. Lots of nice families stopped ahead of us. Getting back to the car, there were now 4 cars behind us. We cracked some beers and had to decide. Being only 35 min away from our destination, do we wait the 30 min for NDOT to clear the road or do we go back 2 hours to Vegas. Drinking beers in the middle of Nevada, in the rain was not my plan for this Saturday afternoon. The road got cleaned up quicker than expected and we were on our way. Driving the windey road towards Caliente, NV the rain finally stopped. Knee deep in traffic we entered the historic town of Caliente, NV. Lovely little stores and motels line the main drag and the neat train depot greats you to the east. The most interesting of the places is "Swallows Drugs" and the "Shady Motel". After a few quick photos we were on our way north 15 minutes to Panaca and our destination Cathedral Gorge State Park. Paying the cheap entry fee of $5.00 for the park we quickly went to see the caves and then walked up a trail to an overlook. Explaining to my friends that the ground was actually alive, they quickly realized the biological soil crust was green from the rain. Headed back to the car the sun

started setting and the rain started again. We set up our cooler at the covered picnic area and I realized this star and photo trip may be a bust. Drinking my second beer of the day, I noticed the clouds changing colors. I quickly grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. My hopes if photos were actually gonna happen. I dashed away from my friends into the cathedral formations. This landed up being one of the most intense sunsets of my life. Full of rainbows and intense reds and oranges I was finally smiling, I got my best

Cathedral gorge sunset photos. I had only tried about ten times before. Even for a annular eclipse I had little luck with photos here. Now if I could only get the clouds to push off I could get some milkyway photos and my trip would be complete. Sadly it didn't happen. My friends and I continued drinking under the candle light. Hearing several bats click by we decided it was time to head back to Vegas. I was hopeful I might see stars on the way back. About a hour later near Alamo I started seeing stars in the sky. Thinking quickly I realized Pahrahnagat lakes were near by. We stopped at the upper Lake campground. We parked and split up into 2 groups. Billy and Nicole stayed at the car to discuss stuff and my date followed me down the hill to the lake shore. The stars were super intense thru the partly cloudy sky. You could see the reflection on the lake. In the distance you could see the glow of Las Vegas. Snapping a few shots we laughed at how fake the photo looked in the back of camera. I finally had my stars for the evening. I had one of the perfect girls with me and my family up the hill. The trip was a success. Finally after taking 45 min worth of photos we headed back to Vegas. We listened to old scene screamo bands and sang along. Seeing the lights of Vegas I thought to myself, today was awesome.

GFairy The



Absinthe the rare bright green minty alcohol has been around since the late 18th century and was invented in Switzerland. Believed to have hallucinogenic properties and was banned in the United states for many years. This sought after drink has made its Impact on American culture due to its uncertainty and unique features. In the 19th century the French liquor makers took control of the market and created several brands and colors of absinthe. Nearly 95% of the Absinthe was coming from France during this time frame. Commonly green, you can find blue colored absinthe as common. Both are made from Artemesia absinthium . Commonly called Grand WORMWOOD, a small shrub related to our local sage brush (Artemesia tridenta). This is what gives absinthe it's minty flavoring and green color. The green fairy or the Green lady are only a few of the unique name's for this lucid drink. Its believed that after drinking enough you will see one of these objects. Many myths and fictions have been created about this drink. Even the proper way to drink the alcohol has been clouded, or in this case unclouded.

Myths "Does it make you hallucinate? " no, absinthe does NOT make you hallucinate. It's only potency is the high alcohol content and will not make you hallucinate any more than any other alcohol. In Europe the alcohol was banned just like America. The market for absinthe was so large that it actually competed with French wine makers and suddenly the hoax began. The absinthe makers were not going to deny the uniqueness of their liquor. Slowy after this Absinthe started being banned in many European countries and eventually America in the 20th century. With the ban on Absinthe in many countries, the demand for such a drink was still answered. The creation of Absente, the Wormwood alternative was made the same way but with a different plant (Artemesia abrotanum). This was chosen because it had the closest flavor and could make the same high liquor concentrate. Like Wormwood this plant did not have hallucinogenic properties, but it did not have the bad wrap of its sister drink. Both drinks can be prepared exactly the same and are very difficult to tell apart without a label telling you which is represented.

"You aren't using the Flaming sugar cube? You aren't drinking that correctly" In fact absinthe is not meant to have a Flaming sugar cube. This is a show put on to distract you from the brand name of absinthe you may be getting. Like all liquors there are lessened versions and pure versions of the alcohol. Absinthe should be prepared with a Absinthe funnel. The glass should be filled slightly with ice and water. Pouring the absinthe into the funnel over the ice cube the water will cloud or foam similar to beer. Once the drink is completely clouded the drink is properly mixed. It's high liquor content is for this reason. Other methods involve dripping the absinthe over a sugar cube and watching for the proper cloud. This method is called a "absinthe drip" cocktail. Absinthe has inspired artists and liquor enthusiasts for centuries. It has many choice cocktails and unique looks these days. Absinthe is known to have drank by Ernest Hemmingway. He invented a champagne and absinthe martini called "death in the afternoon". Which is one jigger(shot) of absinthe in a glass of cold brut champagne. The mix clouds like the other mixes. In 2007 the absinthe ban was lifted, it could be openly imported and purchased. In 2009 the advertisement of Wormwood back into these drinks brought across a huge of new drinks and popularity back to the drink. In Las Vegas you can get a good host of absinthe choices at the downtown cocktail lounge near the southeast corner of Fremont street and Las Vegas boulevard. Just look for the glowing sign that says "Downtown cocktail lounge". The Wormwood has made this drink one of the most desired drinks. It's sweet-minty flavor, its unknown history and unique myths draw many to this drink.

ABSINTHE COCKTAILS Absinthe cocktail 1/2 cup of ice and water Absinthe funnel pour till completely cloudy Absinthe drip cocktail 1/2 cup of ice and water Absinthe fork and sugar cube Drip absinthe slowly over cube till drink becomes cloudy Death in the Afternoon 1 jigger of absinthe 4.5 oz of cold dry champagne Orange poppy 1 Orange wedge 1 oz Absinthe .5 oz Triple sec 2 oz Lemon-lime soda Mint Muse 1.5 oz absinthe 2 oz Pineapple juice Mint leaves Lime wedge Sprite or 7UP The Green Beast 1 oz Absinthe 1 oz Fresh lime juice 1 oz Simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water) 4 to 6 oz Water Lucid Frappe 1 oz Absinthe .5 oz Simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water) 6-8 Fresh mint leaves 1 oz Club soda

This issue is dedicated to my fans and supporters.

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Sin magazine winter 2013-2014  

Las vegas' alternative magazine. This season features an Aston Martin DB9, Absinthe: the Green Fairy and a Day trip to Cathedral Gorge state...

Sin magazine winter 2013-2014  

Las vegas' alternative magazine. This season features an Aston Martin DB9, Absinthe: the Green Fairy and a Day trip to Cathedral Gorge state...