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Ecstasy Addition What is Ecstasy??? ďƒ˜MDMA (3,4Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is commonly known as Ecstasy. It is a imitation, psychoactive drug chemically parallel to the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline. ďƒ˜This is a psychoactive drug and is a wide group of substance that have the drug such as stimulants, psychedelics, and the empathogenicentactogens. Actions of the Ecstasy Ecstasy acts negatively and damages the Central nervous system. It ends the functioning of the brain and generates the euphoria effects that are very different from the other stimulants.  The drug amplifies the level of conviviality, relations with other, increases the optimistic emotions and decreases the defensiveness. Short term effects are:

Long-tem effects are:

-» nausea

-» depression

-» hallucinations

-» increased heart rate

-» chills & sweating

-» increased blood pressure

-» increased body temp -» tremors -» muscle cramping -» blurred vision

-» Sleep problems -» nystagmus, anxiety -» Hyponatremia & Hyperthermia How it is administered??? ďƒ˜Ecstasy is mostly administered in tablet form and is usually ingested orally. ďƒ˜It is also available as a powder and is occasionally snorted and intermittently smoked, and rarely injected. Treatment of Ecstasy Addiction There are so many drug rehabilitation centers available for the ecstasy addiction treatment. These centers provide various therapies such as detoxification therapy, withdrawal therapy, individual & group therapy. These treatment centers have experienced psychiatrics, therapists & counselors who suggest the addicts whether to go for medication treatment or therapeutic treatment.

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How to Find Best Services Available For Ecstasy Abuse  
How to Find Best Services Available For Ecstasy Abuse  

Ecstasy is very harmful and dangerous drug for addicted people and these centers reduce the long term effect of ecstasy abuse. Get more info...