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1984 AD


1984 AD

As a designer I focus on human centered design. The user is the most important part of the design and has to have the feeling that the product satisfies all the needs targeted by the design. In the Master course I explored this design approach as well as design with our impact on the environment. Integration of functionality, aestethics and technology in a design that satisfies the users in use and pleasing appeal. In projects and assignments I´m always on the lookout for challenges in functionality, technology and aesthetics. I´m easy going and flexible in my work. I can work on my own but will easily adapt to group work. Audentes fortuna juvat or Lady fortune favors the bold Which for me means that you have to take a leap into the unknown to create new and innovative ideas. Also in life you should take some risks to really get all out of life that there is. - Rakesh Soekhoe - - -

1984 AD

Group work

S.D.C. Context

Some idea sketches that lead to the final product

In cooperation with the sustainable dance club a project in which the 3 masters IDE were respresented was conducted. The idea was to have the students run their own project with as little as possible guidence.

1984 AD The assignment was to search for new applications of the current technology of generating energy and expand the SDC in other possible markets. The game floor was developed to have the user generate energy before being able to play.


Sustainable game floor Product S.G.F. in context and use

1984 AD

Group work

PV-panels on the Afsluitdijk Context

In cooperation with the Sun factory a study Text was conducted to assess whether the Afsluitdijk was a suitable location to place solar panels. After this study a mounting system had to be designed to withstand the harsh salty conditions.

1984 AD

Text The mounting system and pv-panel were to be able to withstand the hot temperatures in summer and the extreme colds in winter. Also the risk of vandalism and salt the mounting system would have to be incorporated in the design.

Mounting system

1984 AD

Product Final module with 3 panels

Custom solar pv-panel

Mounting system

Philips Context

1984 AD The BBQ-feeling should be: - focussed on senses - visual - smell - NOT a ‘gourmet‘ device - social happening

This project was a cooperation between Philips CE and the IDE faculty. The main focus was to bring the BBQ feeling inside. A research for what the BBQ-feeling is and how to bring it in.

Red stone grill

1984 AD

Product Red when ready to cook

BBQ inside with the family

No smoke in the room

Design manifestation Context

In an exercise to research what the impact is of design in the public space I researched the design of the Atrium in The Hague. The layout is designed to keep the waiting people from getting bored and interact as the waiting time is usually long.

1984 AD The public space I designed the street furniture for was the station platform at station Moerwijk, The Hague. In this space people also have to wait and tend to avoid each other. I attempted to create furniture that would trigger interaction like the different objects do in the Atrium.

Street furniture

1984 AD

Product Product

Brightness of the light corresponds with the arrival of the train

De Drietand Context

As bachelor graduation project De Drietand asked for a new concept for their product portfolio to mitigate the decreasing demand in their current products.

1984 AD Text The products should give the Delfts blauw stoneware a new face, a new look for the current and next generations. As the current products generally are associated with dull old fasioned products.

NEWDelfts Blauw

1984 AD

Product The newtulpenvaas with custom made print

The newcollection Delftware

Human power Context

1984 AD Text The most important specifications are: - human power - rewarding - outdoor - vandalism resistent - taking your mind off work

Text To get the office clerk to exercise more keeping in mind the limited time the end-user has during the week, an exersize machine had to be desgined. The location for the machine is the area in front of the ministry of finance.

The working mechanism of the musical box.

Musical box Product

The musical box in a park at the ministry of finance in use and context

1984 AD

“Me” Logo design Context


Collages that inspired the logo’s

Text For this project at RMIT Melbourne, the idea was to create a logo that fits you with all the needed materials to actually create your own letterhead, businesscard and logo with rationales ready for sign-off and printer.


1984 AD Text The course was part of the graphic design department and followed the usual design process. The logo should express yourself. In my case I focussed on sports, music and design and drawing.


Me - logo & stationary Product


Industrial design engineering


Rakesh Soekhoe

Phone (+31) 6 41381599 Email

Business card


King olivereiland 118 2551 JS Den Haag Netherland s

Logo idea´s

1984 AD

Sketching Context

Text During the years I have developed some skills in sketching to convey ideas and working principles. To illustrate this the following pages are a collection of some sketches.

1984 AD

Title Product

1984 AD

CAD / Solidworks Context

Text In the different courses it was needed to build a CAD model to assess the design.

1984 AD Text

1984 AD

Industrial Design Portfolio  

Portfolio of work from mainly the industrial design engineering coursework by Rakesh Soekhoe

Industrial Design Portfolio  

Portfolio of work from mainly the industrial design engineering coursework by Rakesh Soekhoe