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Social Networks and Its Balance Many things have changed since my high School days. Now a days we are all trying to build credibility in the eyes of our friends. We want to be seen as experts in some areas. You’ve heard it said, “I’m just thinking out loud.” Today many people think out loud through social media. In fact, the study said they process information more deeply, thoroughly and thoughtfully when they share it online. Additionally, many response said that reading other people’s responses helps them understand and process information and events. That’s right, welcome to our socially networked world. One of the most puzzling things about it is why normally we use Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram etc. I've noticed that people tend to share or at least comment on posts if it strikes with them. It's a "feeling" they experience while reading post/comment. If I create a feeling or at least an experience for them while they are reading, they will most likely share and/or comment.

For Instance, Recently I was having Dinner in a restaurant with friends and in the middle of which my phone beeped with a text message. "Hey, I see you're having Good time," it read. "Is It OK if I stop by?" What puzzled me was how this person knew that I was having a dinner party. Then I looked at my Friends, and noticed that all my Friends are busy with taking Pictures. I was the only one who was interested having a Whole Chicken. After Some Casual talk, I noticed that they are posting it on Facebook, sent six Twitter messages (five with photos), six photos on Instagram and two people checked in on Facebook, Foursquare Etc. When I added up the collective follower counts of the people in the uploads, my little dinner party was potentially viewed by more people than I even know.

Let’s be realistic, you are going to get stressed out and feel overwhelmed. Many students that don’t work are stressed out enough just with homework. I know it may seem impossible but you need to make some time for yourself as well. Many students, especially those in high school, could benefit from taking a step back and considering the idea of “balance.” For some, it is all Fun and for others a Proud Feeling. Nowadays homework seems boring, classes are tedious, and the idea of hanging out with friends in Facebook seems tremendously more appealing than going to school. Therefore, now it’s time that you have to switch off your PC and resist yourself going to social networking sites and practice it on Face to Face. And, the most effective strategy when it comes to balancing school and a social life is to make sure to focus on balance it all times. When you receive good grades, reward yourself by spending extra time with your friends doing something you love. Limit the amount of time each day that you do something socially Online, but do the exact same thing for the amount of time you spend doing homework. Don’t let either academics or socializing take over your life; be sure to include a little bit of both in everything you do.

Find something that relaxes you whether it’s running, writing, or anything else you like to do. With some practice, you will be a master at multi-tasking and time management in no time! Some of these tips will help you in your career now and Later on. Sometimes, if we are only focused on getting great grades, we forget our friends and our family and that there is a real world out there to have fun and discover. On the other hand, some of us don't care about our grades in high school or college because we think our social lives are more important. If you want to succeed in life, you need to find a balance between your academics and your social life.

Here are some steps to help you to find that balance. Be organized. Get involved in social activities. Stay in touch with friends. Plot out your weekly schedule on a grid. Use time wisely. Lastly, encourage your friends to follow a similar plan, so you can coordinate your free time with theirs. Good luck!

Rakesh Mohan

Social Networks and Its Balance  

Just couple of years back, many people dismissed Facebook as a place for kids to share their rants/pictures. Today, more than 600 million us...

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