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MENTOR Massimo Santanicchia Thomas Pausz FACILITATORS Fiona Mary Cribben Droplaug Benediksdottir LOCAL AGENTS Hönnunarmiðstöð Iceland Design Center Gudrun Lilja Birgisdóttir Karna sigurðardóttir STUDENTS Helgi Pétur Lárusson Lára Kristjánsdóttir Rakel Erna Skarphéðinsdóttir Brynjar Darri Baldursson Bergdís Bjarnadóttir Hákon Ingi Sveinbjörnsson Therese Eberl


Iceland Academy of the Arts 09|05|2014 TOGETHER | repair | MHV1011OEI | ALL200-06H | design team

School life gives us a sense of who we are: comradery, achievement and ownership. School life helps us in feeling as part of a community that shares common interests and goals. When we leave school we start facing the unknown. What are we going to do? How are we going to keep in touch? A strong communicative flow can be a powerful tool to inspire people, and empower designers to be projects’ promoters. Networking becomes therefore essential to create new opportunities within Iceland among the creative community and also becomes a strong tool to reinforce local communities.The creative process, which can be summarized as ‘Learn, do and share’, acquires therefore also a social dimension as a tool to connect designers with stringent issues in the Icelandic society. The aim of the H.I.T. project is to foster connections, and innovation by: filming creative processes, showing inspirational works, creating opportunities, thinking up workshops, documenting them, finding jobs, finding out what the graduates of the Iceland Academy of the Arts are doing locally and abroad. Creating a buzz by meeting people and sharing services through design. We want to create a new fresh approach of how designers are working, how creative collaborations can happen and how projects are developed and hence a creative community can be formed. Don’t we want to be organized individuals, creative people, individuals with excellent communication skills, problem solving abilities, people interested in photography, film making, typography and a programming. Then we can achieve anything!


(Have It Together)

MA PROJECT TEAM 2: REPAIR MENTORS Thomas Pausz, Massimo Santanicchia. LOCAL AGENTS Sigrún Birgirdóttir, Guðrún Lila Gunnlaugsdóttir, Icelandic Design Center and Karna Sigurðardóttir. FACILITATORS Droplaug Benediksdottir and Fiona Mary Cribben. STUDENTS Helgi Pétur Lárusson, Lára Kristjánsdóttir, Rakel Erna Skarphéðinsdóttir, Brynjar Darri Baldursson, Bergdís Bjarnadóttir, Therese Eberl and Hákon Ingi Sveinbjörnsson.











Met up for the first time. Introduced ourselves. Looked at the Mood Boards. Checked out the list of Alumni of the school. Some people new some people. Began to see what each of us can do, what we like doing. Can we find a programmer? Created a facebook page. Watched some you-tube videos of inspiration. Had a chat about what we thought the project was about and why the students picked it. Talked about how we could make design be more experimental and interesting. If any project comes up that you might want to do during the process together lets do it! Maybe talk to someone about portfolios? Document this for each category? Talked about being affiliated with Icelandic Design Centre and how maybe if we play our cards right we will be affiliated with them, be a link on their web page. Went off to look at who we want to begin to document during Design March and how, where etc.


RAKEL When I was trying to figure out what events I’d like to attend on DesignMarch I browsed the website, but had to close it down soon! The events are somehow all over, and I had difficulties to focus on what I could attend and when. So I ended up with a browser filled with tabs‌ I was glad when I got the brochure! There might be a simple solution for the website issue, people should be able to make a mark on the events they like to attend and every event they mark would then show up on their own personal DesignMarch calendar within the site.

Some of the tabs Dull website! — The “Icelandic Designers” section is pretty useless. It should be a venue for everyone to look up designers, to get to know their work, not only to see their phone number and address. RAKEL + LÁRA Website for events. Who doesn’t know the feeling of just missing an event or an exhibition. Is there a place where you can gather information on what’s going on? Talked about: Being a creative platform, how the Design March brochure and website is laid out...good and bad points to improve on. Who is going to what shows and document them. landsýn við ísland, Letterpress, pappírsmótun) Jökla, Skoðaðu í kistuna mína, Kroterí, Open mic, Verum fabúlos, S33 býður í partý og sleik, the medusa design project. THERESE Design Talks; Frozen Landscape - Design Process; Made in Furniture; Bim og Makkin; FIONA Wednesday: The Women Present, Nordic Husid, Muses Kex Hostel 9pm, Thursday: Design Talks, 5pm Frozen Landscapes, 7pm In my chest Kex hostel, Saturday RFF. HELGI OG LARA Letterpress, Pappirsmotun, liffaerafraedi leturs, tulipop teiknismidja, kolfsstadir, verum fabulos, pop up marina. BRYNJAR The new kids block, Buildings on stamps, Made in furniture, Hannesarholt(the building), Series X, Chicago-Peking-Reykjavik, Book launch and exhibition by PK arkitektar. BERGDIS I’m going to try to see PK arkitektar, chicago-peking, tulipop, thjodmenningarhusid, spark design space, hannesarholt and the kids block.


FIONA Really interesting project that Gudrun, who is a product developer is doing to help young designers, as she has a lot of experience with getting product to the market. These are lovely pieces using paper‌.DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD TALK TO THE GROUP OF DESIGNERS>>>>> AND GUDRUN???? highs and lows of getting product to the market.



DEALING WITH REALITY FIONA STEFAN SIGRIST Can be dangerous, Stefan Sigrist head of the Wire Think Tank for business, science, research and expertise. Really interesting guy….maybe we should contact him about our project?? Hilarious videos of guy jumping into water but it was frozen. In a small environment you can predict whats happening. The World today - highly fragmented, highly specialized. Disciplinary thinking - loss of the big picture. Standardization of visions - more of the same from the past, ‘INVENT THE FUTURE - WE CANNOT PREDICT IT’ MARCO STEINBERG i found him very interesting. Structure, logic, culture, social, contract with history. Combined effect of many things will create innovation. The challenge from an administrative endeavor to a creative endeavor. Innovation begins with asking the right questions. FIND ME THE QUICKEST PATH TO WHAT I NEED. Co create planning - active participation, activating people differently. Impossible projects? RETHINK THE PRINCIPLES List of priorities? KATHRYN FIRTH Working on The Olympics was a co creative project, process. They managed expectation. I found this a little boring and uncreative, and watched too many documentaries already on the making of the Olympics to really like this talk. But it was interesting all the same to hear her side of Urban planning on this area of London. Don’t think she really talked too much about the real reality of it. Glossed over a lot. ROBERT WANG GOOGLE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Interesting videos he played. He was ‘shaping a creative lab’. Innovation is not about coming up with a completely new idea, its about changing it. What

activities give you energy? What takes your energy away? Naturally thats what gives you the most value. Density and diversity...cross disciplinary pod teams. Google Glass - the functionality of the technology is what brings this to the forefront. Defining Value - Sometimes goofing off can be good. We are limited by our imagination. ACNE’S MICHAEL SCHILLER Fashion, entertainment, technology. Acne Paper Magazine CALVIN KLEIN Calvin Klein interview was desperate. I didn’t see the point of it. There were no interesting questions that dealt with the topic of reality. RAKEL WIRE really interesting - Discipline thinking - Inventing the world instead of predicting it! MARCO STEINBERG Design the engine that can deliver. He talked about the different times we are living, - Different times - different world. 18 century institution on a 21st century world KATHRYN FIRTH The Olympics--- pretty boring, had to go out of the room ROBERT WANG GOOGLE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Inspirational talk! Very emotional and fun! INVENT THE FUTURE -Do one thing that scares you everyday! Út fyrir þægindahringinn! Be aware of what gives you energy - not what sucks it out! DO EPIC SHIT! ACNE’S MICHAEL SCHILLER Embarrasing…..

LARS RANK KERAMIKER Design chosen by accident - interesting to get new ideas while working, caused by some accident http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg. com/736x/c1/07/bf/c107bf656ef21f22294b56e0df52aba6.jpg. Beautiful Keramik work! LARA OG HELGI We went to Þjóðmenningarsafnið, Gallery Fabúla, Marina, Kraum and Harpa We talked to the girl who is one of the owner of Letterpress and also Sturla who is a famous for designing all kind of things (mublur) He is an architect and this year he made really cool phonebooth. (we will put pics later) THERESE important sentences: The internet changed our way of thinking. Show up and be useful. Do one thing that scares you everyday.

27.3.2014 MISSING Bergdís Met with Dora to discuss Droplaug’s team and maybe potentially joining our team. GIVEN BY THOMAS: - TO DO: find man - made website for next week next week visit to Toppstoðin visit to uncle Alli Stefan Moso Kitty: filming, costumes, behind the videos CREATIVE PLATFORM AGENCY Designer could apply for “ space. place for BIO - Portfolio, where designer could present their work Interview of the week. pick out people who apply hook up with Grapevine.

31.3.2014 MISSING Helgi We reviewed the weekend, what did we see in Designmarch . Agenda for the week. Tuesday: Go to Toppstöðin, create questions for them. Wednesday: Go to Vinnslan, create questions for them. Thursday: cousin Alli We went over some ideas for websites Artconnect Berlin, contact them. Can we connect them and spread the joy? Can we get investors, or funding for the project. FIONA


Dear…. We would like to introduce ourselves and our project to you. We are a group of MA and BA students across the design departments from the Icelandic Art Academy in Reykjavik. Currently we are working on a project whereby we are creating a design process platform, or creative agency. It is our intent to create an area for all creative people in Iceland to touch base and along with doing that, create workshops and collaborations in the process. We would be delighted if we could come and interview you and your processes and display them on our website, so you can show your work and also make contact with other designers and creatives….

FIONA LETTER FOR THE ARTCONNECT BERLIN PEOPLE Hello Maria, I am writing to you from Reykjavik. I believe our tutor Mr. Thomas Pauze informed you that we would be making contact. I am extremely pleased to make it! We think your site is so the last 3 weeks. The project happened to be a online design platform, or a creative agency for designers and creatives, crafts people etc, like what you are doing. Actually very like what you guys are doing. We had laid the groundwork and it was only then that Thomas pointed us in your direction. Of course we are looking at Iceland and Reykjavik, which is alot smaller scale than Berlin, however still for a small place there is a lack of communication on the creative front, hence we would like to tackle this. We are also alot more interested in processes rather than the finished product. We have some ideas for this that we need to research more. But if you would be so kind and answer some questions about your great site, we would greatly appreciate it. So our questions to you if you wouldn’t mind answering for us: 1. How long did it take you to put this amazing site together? and who partook in it? Is the same team still there? 2. How do you run it day to day? Does everyone have their own tasks or do you share them? Can you tell us a typical day? and most importantly: 3. Do you think you would like to spread out and franchise your website to us? Artconnect Reykjavik, or Iceland? Has this ever been something you had thought about? Or even just be affiliated with us in some way, if not connected. So I am just leaving this open for discussion. It would be amazing if we could maybe talk to you sometime or maybe even have a meeting on skype next week. Kind regards, Fiona Cribben (On behalf of Team H.I.T.)

1.4.2014 MISSING Helgi, Brynjar DESIGNING POSTER IN 48 HOURS PROJECT POSTER TEASER Everyone sketch out ideas of poster. Hand-made, simple. Meet wednesday morning and execute it. Text will be layed out tonight. Document the process. Materials needed Big paper(Rakel) Differently coloured wool thread Thumbtacks(Bergdís and Theresa) “Handmade” letters on transparent paper.

2.4.2014 Helgi, Lára, Rakel, Droplaug and Fiona work on poster while the others are in class this morning. Divide the group after lunch Karna lecture: Fiona, Konni and Bergdís, Therese, Uncle Alli visit and interview: Rakel, Droplaug. Letterpress and Axis visit and interview: Lára and Helgi. LÁRA + HELGI We are having a meeting tomorrow with Sturla 14:00 and another meeting with Letterpress women 17:00 there we are doing video.. first thing today we had to go to Laugarnes and get some camera things and then we went to Letterpress and they didn´t had a time for us so we went to Kria cycle on Grandi and talked with one of the owner David .. he was really cool so we shot a small video and have started to cut.

DROPLAUG + RAKEL Went to Uncle Alli and spoke to him, his wife Helga and their daughter Ragna. It all went really well, we got a lot of videos of his work and he even gave us galdrastaf. The poster has been made and sent off to printing for tomorrow.


TEASER art connect berlin teaser STORYLINE: introduce us as a group (NAME OF THE PROJECT, OUR NAMES, WHAT WE DO) trim what we have take shots of spots in reykjavik (GET THE ATMOSPHERE, GET WHATS GOING ON IN REYKJAVIK, PEOLPE) take shots of an exhibition opening words which pop in (ACTIVE, INSPIRE, WORKSHOPS, NETWORK, CONNECTING ARTIST, REYKJAVIK) interesting part of interviews pop in music TO DO: teaser in the end 180 sec. video make a prop FINAL TASK: presentation on 9.5.2014 video 3min. (visual documentary) 2 posters BergdĂ­s + Therese: booklet 500 words layout proposal

Hákon Reykjavík shots: Reykjavik by night Sara Riel Exhibition opening People enter galleries People talking... All of us: collect material RAKEL Webpage proposal:


5.4 2014

RAKEL Went downtown collected some video shots: Sara Riel mushroom, Kaffistofan, Harpan and opening at the Nýló (people). Looked at Website templates.

6.4 2014

RAKEL Editing some clips, ideas for website :D FIONA + THERESE went to Textil Print in Hapnarfjordur HELGI + BRYNJAR + HÁKON + RAKEL + LÁRA + DROPLAUG working on the teaser BERGDÍS + THERESE + FIONA working on the archive

9.4 2014


QUESTIONS FOR TOPPSTODIN Project managers tell us the aims of the project. And then we question designers on what they are doing. 1. Why did you decide to apply for a space in Toppstöðin? 2. How long have you been here? 3. What is the community like? Do you help each other out on projects, get together regularly etc.? 4. Do you work on the whole project at Toppstöðin or only at the end when you need maybe space for model making etc..? 5. How big is your work space? 6. Describe a day at work for you. 7. What are the tools of your trade? 8. How do you picture your future? (as a designer) 9. How many freelance projects would you work on in a year? 10. Name some clients, fun jobs? 11. How did it all start out and what did you need to go through everything regarding the the house [for the project managers] FOR ALLI 1. Who have you worked with? Any cool projects? 2. When do you work with someone, do you need a connection? 3. Do you charge by the hour or per project? 4. Whats your working day like? 5. Fórstu einhvert í nám? 6. Hvenær byrjaðir þú að “finna upp” hluti og geturður nefnt okkur dæmi? 7.Er þetta það eina sem þú hefur gert? Vinnulega séð FOR KARNA 1. When did you know that you wanted to do what you do? How did it happen? 2. Do you create your own work? How?

3. Do you charge by the hour or by job? 4. Is every process different, or do you do the same routine on most projects? 5. What does Glamour do? 6. Where do you see yourself take this? 7. Do you see a change in communication or how can we change things in design in Iceland, any ideas?

KARNA SIGURÐARDÓTTIR Karna from Glamour etc. Never impose....imply? Designs from nowhere...vopnafjordur Not making things,,, making things happen Design curator Make is to make a hot spot of the East of Iceland to create employment and creating opportunities. SENSE OF OWNERSHIP. SOCIAL MEDIA? WHO DO WE WANT TO REACH? the creative who have the right attitude that fits our project. Machinery? People who are interested will stay in our network…. Talking about Make….you need to make it exciting for your audience. Make got RCA and St. Martins students coming over and then it reached the Reykjavik audience BERGDÍS I tried to put the pictures in but it didnt work, dont know why. And I know one product designer, her name is Thorunn Arnadottir, maybe we can talk to her, I know she is really busy these days but I´m sure I can at least call her and ask some questions. Here we can check if Landsbankinn wants to help us: I APPLIED FOR US!! FOR 3 million…….WHY NOT, give it a shot.

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