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Story Behind Shaktipith

The Shakti Peethas are spots of love sanctified to the goddess 'Shakti', the female vital of Hinduism and the principle divinity of the Shakti group. Shaktipith are sprinkled all around the Indian subcontinent. This goddess is regularly partnered both with Gorri/ Parvati, the big-hearted goddess of amicability, conjugal felicity and life span, with Durga, goddess of quality and valor, and with Mahakali (the dark one) , goddess of devastation of the malice.

As stated by legend, sooner or later in Satya Yuga, Daksha (who was the child of Lord Brahma) performed a yagna in a spot called Kankan (close Haridwar) This Yagya was named Vrihaspati Yagna. He performed this Yagna with a longing of assuming Lord Shiva. Daksha was irate in light of the fact that his girl Sati (one of his 27 girls) had wedded the "yogi" God Shiva against his wishes. Daksha welcomed all the gods to the yagna aside from Shiva and Sati. The way that she was not welcomed did not dissuade Sati from going to the yagna.

She had communicated her longing to go to Shiva, who had attempted his best to discourage her from going. Shiva in the end permitted her to go escorted by his ganas. At the same time Sati, being an uninvited visitor, was not given any respect by his father. Further more, Daksha offended Shiva. Sati was unable to tolerate her father's abuse to her spouse, so she conferred suicide by hopping into the yagna fire (conciliatory flame).

At the point when Lord Shiva found out about her demise he got irate. He alongside his ganas (devotees) went to the spot where Daksha was performing his oblation. The oblation site was totally demolished by Shiva and his ganas (fundamentally by the extraordinary Veerbhadra) and executed Daksha. Ruler Shiva then conveyed the carcass of Sati and began moving angrily all once again the spot like a neurotic. Alternate divine beings interceded to stop this move.

Ruler Shiva then conveyed the carcass of Sati and began moving angrily all once again the spot like a neurotic. Alternate divine beings interceded to stop this move. To cut down his displeasure, Lord Vishnu disjoined the dead body with his Sudarshan chakra. Different parts of the body fell at a few spots all through the Indian subcontinent and structured the locales of which are known as Shaktipeeth.

Shaktipith in East

Kamakhya | Guheshwari | Kalipeeth | Kireet | Manikarnika Ghat | Shri Shail | Kankalitala | Bhabanipur | Kapalini Vibhash | Ujaani | Tripura Sundari | Chattal | Tristnota | Sugandha | Yogadhya | Jayantia | Ratnavali | Mithila | Nalateshwari | Bakreshwar | Jeshoreshwari Kali | Attahas | Nandikeshwari | Danteshwari | Bahula | Patan Devi |

Shaktipith in West

Hinglaj | Shivaharkaray | Ambaji | Manibandh | Prabhas | Bhairava Parvat |

Shaktipith in North

Amaranath | Jawalamukhi | Devi Talab | Manas | Muktinath | Thanesar | Ramagiri | Bhuteshwar | Panchasagar | Shree Parvat | Karnat | Virat |

Shaktipith in South

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Shaktipith or Shakti peethas are the places where body parts of Mata Sati felt. There are 51 such places in different cities including India...

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