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The City of a Delhi has certain mystique to it unlike any other city in India and even around the world; the Capital of India retains a special place among many people and is a subject of intrigue among many more who haven’t lived in it. And the reasons to name are plenty. No other city has the melange of progress and charm of an era gone by like Delhi has. While the myriad Metro networks can take you to any place in a jiffy, the complex amalgam of narrow alleys in Chandni Chowk have an allure of their own. One hand we have the flyways and Expressways that reduce the travel time by ages, and then on the other hand we have the roads in Sarojini Nagar market lined up with all the clothes from latest trends at jaw-dropping prices. The contrast and advantage that each place carries makes it difficult for anyone to even comprehend settling anywhere else.

This wish however, is a cause for struggle for many in Delhi. With the teeming population showing no signs of subsiding, the set of challenges that Delhi faces is ominous. The conundrum of having a house with lavish green spaces while being nearer to the Capital city afflicts many residents dreaming of owning a home in their beloved city. Moreover, the emergence of smart cities has made it imperative to live in one. With the breakneck speed of progress being witnessed in technology, the demands from a modern home are now greater than ever. Not many real estate entities fulfill the wish list of a Delhite but exceptions are always there. Thankfully, the prominent of them, Dwarka Smart City is now offering houses in the Dwarka sub-sector of Delhi with all the things you had always wished for.

With a tempting collection of homes equipped with all the facilities that form the crux of the modern lifestyle, the DDA Smart City offering is a wish fulfilled for many of the residents of the capital city. Equipped with facilities like Water harvesting to account for the annual water scarcity witnessed every year during the scorching heat of May and June to the facilities that harness Solar City to create a better world for tomorrow, the houses in DDA Smart cities have been prepared keeping in mind not just your present but also your future. With a Yoga center to help maintain your mental health while dealing the rigorous of day-to-day life, the facilities like a special playing area earmarked specially for children and vast open spaces to help you maintain your physical shape are just some of the facilities that would be beyond the reach in many localities in Delhi. However, staying in Dwarka, you get all that without abstaining from all the things you love about Delhi. Situated near to IGI Airport and Metro station, you stay connected with the capital city and all the places you love to shop, eat or just roam. There are many times in our lives when we have to choose between two very good options. Leaving anyone always leaves a tinge of regret in our hearts. However, with the Dwarka Smart City homes, you don’t have to compromise on anything, anywhere.

Make a dash to dwarka for a home of your dreams  
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