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Best quality server racks and cabinets for data centers Server racks and cabinets are a perfect match for data centers. It saves time and space at the same time accommodates random access to repairs. If your data centers are located in the areas that are susceptible to earthquakes, then you need to have NRS- S series server racks. Proper planning and meticulous designing is very important for the data centers as server racks are an essential part of the establishment. Data centers are becoming more and more prevalent in every country due to the increase in internet usage. Technical enrichment and efficiency is the key for these data centers to accommodate more space and servers. For the continued operation of data centers, installation of server Cabinets are very important. Inexpensive networking: Data centers are providing solutions for inexpensive networking process that are used in a wide spectrum of industries. Innovation in the field of networking and technology made space requirement for computer very small and now one can accommodate more and more systems in a single room. But the installations should be designed properly so that different parameters of the data centers should match perfectly.

It is known to everybody that in general, a data center houses routers and servers and they are usually placed in wall mounted data server racks. It is becoming

integral part of every business and offices. It is one of the requirements without which data centers or any business center cannot survive. Therefore, they require very high quality materials for their server racks, cabinets manufactured by reputed and professional company who can understand the needs and requirements of individual enterprise. Material: The server racks and cabinets are made out of high quality 14 gauge steel sheet. They are prepared by using four rigid pillars that are according to the standard measurements. These frames can be made according to the customer’s requirements, however in general 5 frames and racks are placed in a rectangular rack that were reinforced and welded on top and at the bottom by providing support at the bottom, with required depth. Good ventilation is provided by making suitable perforation at the front door, mounted with a fan. All the arrangements can be maintained securely with a lock and key system so that fool proof security is possible for these racks. Safety measures are ensured with a lock and key. Everything can be securely placed with this arrangement. All these racks are equipped with caster wheels for comfortable movements. They come along with front two wheel brake systems. Various combinations in 42 RU are available in 600 and 800 configurations. For technical specifications readers can visit the company webpage of Netrack Enclosures Private Limited,India. Summary: Server racks and cabinets are the basic requirements of all data centers and most of the business enterprises where networking system is essential. Netrack India private limited provides very high quality server racks and cabinets that are customized. They are manufactured by following stringent in-house quality inspection.

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Best quality server racks and cabinets for data centers  
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