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Project Management Tips For Modern Managers Well, it goes without saying, that project management solutions are an imperative approach to a succesful busines. Lot have been said and pursued in project management to explore the most effective avenues that can be venture transforming. However, in order to be better, it’s always wise to be re discovering tricks that can enhance efficacy and improve revenue streams while managing projects brilliantly. Guerella tactics are a great way to rescue project managers and team from high risk circumstances and get them to safe landing destinations. If you understand the concept well, and apply in your project management ways, it’s not really going to be a tough call anyway. Let’s study the vertical to help businesses change their approach to projects management and help better their business probabilities. Voila! •

Being a project manager, you must be aware of three oponents that you would be dealing with, namely customer, project team, and higher level management. Amazed? Shocked? Flabbergasted? Fortunately, you would not have to be bothered by anyone else more than the higher management, for they are the ones who impact your stay and fate in the business. Rest you can still take care of while your stint, smarts, brains and acumen should always be charged up.

There are no projects on the face of this Earth that do not bring along risks with their birth. However, being a responsible project manager, you must be wary of not avoiding them but handling with maturity. Hiding risks by considering them as assumptions, can prove to be fatal. Ensure that your risks are not coming back to the project grounds, they must be fixed and addressed at the earliest, before they get too sentimental to get on your nerves!

Always, always keep your reports clean and updated. That’s your appraisal sheet that determines where you stand with the report being managed by you and your team. Remember to include report actuals and planned totals in your progress reports.

Umm, this is a little whacky and would sound insane, but still, since it’s part of the game, never discuss too much about your project team with your higher officials. Your team is there for performing jobs, and then would you talk about your hammer too much, it’s indeed formed to hard hit the nails. The main objective is to achieve the milestone and the goal, not to go gaga for your team and make them happy and blushing about your management skills.


As discussed above, your customer is your counterpart. It should not matter to you whether they are happy or not about your projects, all that is significant here is your project success. They should not be having a hint of what goes in to making a project hit. Always display that your heroic attempts made a project successful. Also, an overly successful client can be detrimental to your career, for that would signify that your commitment towards your client is more than your dedication towards the company.

Above points are critical for career growth. Keeping them in mind improves success chances for modern managers just the way an online project management system helps in increasing office productivity and work hour utilization.

Project Management Tips For Modern Managers  

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