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❞ Improvement in costs and times A lead new association for air cargo business – Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI)came into existence early this month. The forum are important

promises to emerge as an umbrella body bringing together all

stakeholders of the business on a single platform to contribute their bit to improve air cargo logistics. Intially, ACFI would be working to collectively put in place efficient processes at Delhi airport. The forum was unveiled on 10th October in Delhi and on the sidelines of the inaugural session, Ritwik Sinha engaged Pradeep Panicker, President of ACFI for this quick chat:

Lars Sorenson, CEO, DAMCO (South Asia), speaks on evolution of the company in past two years amidst challenging conditions, the broader strategy the company has adopted to consolidate its presence in India and its primary goal of breaking in top three LSP league by 2014: How would you explain the business environment in India in last two years? Since the beginning of this year, we have noticed slowdown in manufacturing. To what extent it has impacted you? The pervasive nature of the global economic slowdown has impacted most of the growing economies of the world and the effects of the same were visbile in India as well. With India’s economy connected to other countries mainly because of the vast amount of trade

happening between them, a slowdown effect in a particular trading nation will surely have its impact on industries in India as well. Having said that, it should also be noted that, while the global economy struggles to get back on its feet, India on the other hand has increasingly cemented its image of being a trust worthy supplier of manufactured goods to notable players of the world in industries such as automotive, chemical, aviation, retail, apparel and footware, technology, industrial and others. Although the growth in India

has slowed down in the past period, the foundational pillars of India’s economy are still intact and these have helped the country through the rough tides of the global slowdown. Speaking on the past few months performance, the export related growth has slowed but then the imports primarily driven by domestic demand continue to offer opportunities for logistics players like Damco. Despite a difficult environment this year, Damco has continued to grow its volume numbers in key products. As compared LOGISTICS TIMES November 2012

Lt nov 2012 for net  
Lt nov 2012 for net