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distribution. Arshiya is also planning to have fourteen smaller spoke terminals across India to compliment its robust rail infrastructure network. “We have realised the need to position ourselves in India in order to provide ourselves the maximum reach to our customers and major markets and arrived at five major hubs where we would invest in integrated infrastructure of the FTWZ & Domestic Distripark (DDP) connected with Rail – which would become the mega-consolidation centres feeding the whole of India,” Mittal underlines. From Arshiya’s standpoint, therefore, Khurja FTWZ is part of the whole. However, a close look at the evolving zone makes it clear what Mittal’s grand idea of ‘mega-consolidation center’ is all about. As you drive down around one km from the Jewar Road and reach to the roundabout immediately after the main entrance, on the right and left sides are two clearly carved blocks – DDP and FTWZ respectively. The FTWZ is ultimately going to have 14 state-of-the-art mega warehouses with world class standard racked system also called as ‘U Shaped’ and cross docking ‘I Shaped’ units. each having a space of over a lakh square feet coupled with G+6 racking system which gives a huge size dimension to them. Adjacent to this unit is a huge open space

The entry gate of FTWZ block.


Pawanexh Kohli Senior Vice President

“We have done something very innovative for the supply chain universe. We started with what we call pilot agreements with tentative clients. We invited them to come for a limited service period and move the goods through our care.”

for container yard covering over 3.4 lakh sq ft . On a cumulative basis, FTWZ is being created on a land parcel of 135 acres. The zone will boast of a spacious administration building which will also have 24x7 customs office manned by customs department personnel. “I have seen FTWZ in Shanghai, and some other such units elsewhere. And I have no hesitation in claiming that our Khurja unit is going to be comparable with the best in the world. It could be, in fact, even better than Shanghai. I have heard there was an entry issue with Shanghai zone due to lack of space. But we have nearly two km of long road to the entry point. Plus, handling equipments deployed here would be best in the world and, therefore, there should not be any wastage of time in loading and unloading,” Ajay Sapra, AVP, FTWZ Operations (Khurja) assures you without mincing any words. DDP too has similar kind of infrastrcuture and it will comprise of twelve warehouses in total “We are going to have more cross docking warehouses in this zone because the goods stored here would be meant for domestic markets and, therefore higher churn ratio, thus needing expeditious clearance,” says Dr. Kular, AVP, DDPKhurja Project. Both these units would have state-of-the-art chilling zones for perishable products and there would be a

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Lt decemeber 2011