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by Jayem chapter 3

What is this, for? A FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION INTO SELF Ed. Note: I am preparing this issue of the Journal as we travel through Israel on the fifth Pilgrimage for the Family of the Heart with Jayem. As always we are given real opportunities for growth and I gladly share these with our readers. In here is a message directly received from the Christ Council. As we work with the energy and the dynamic of the group it is evident that the messages that we are using are for all people, for without doubt no matter what is said about this Journey through Consciousness and awakening this message is so applicable to all and I want you to have the benefit from it as we do. If you, as all of this group have done, actually take time to really dive into the questions asked, you will discover as we have done – the truth about yourself, what motivates you in Love and what restricts that Love from full expression in and through you AND as we are discovering most importantly how YOU can change that RIGHT NOW! Please join with your brothers and sisters to explore the Truth – it is quite incredible. ~ Raj So... take some time to sit in these questions: What is it you most truly want to occur for you during this pilgrimage? (rest in breath, don’t hurry, see what emerges, and ask the question several times... let it surprise you) Are you willing to be fully present, aware that this is not just a trip, it’s an entrance into a very real energetic vortex offered not by me (but through me) and by a circle of masters and friends that are solely devoted to your growth, healing, and waking? How can you surrender into this time and become more open, and attentive to observing opportunities for healing and waking during the time of this pilgrimage? How can I be carried more gently by spirit, trusting and appreciating each moment as it unfolds me into connection with precious friends of the heart?

Way of the Heart


To convey what I want to share with you, I would like to remind us all that the most critical moment of any new creation is to begin with a fundamental question Jeshua insists is essential. That question is, What is this, for? As we learn to relax, and rest into the heart, letting that question reverberate like ripples emanating from a pebble dropped in a pond, we begin to access the greater, and hidden, depth of a creation. For example, if I say, ‘I’m going to dinner with my ashram friends’, and think only of eating, I have begun my creation by unwittingly limiting it! But if I notice I want to go to dinner, relax, and ask this fundamental question gently, several times, I begin to sink into a more meaningful depth, from which the desire has actually arisen. I might access, for example, that ‘Mmmm, as I rest in my heart, what I really want is to be with my friends, and by sharing of food, devote quality time in joy. I notice I have a desire to really find out how they are doing, truly.’ In the same way, a pilgrimage is not merely about visiting external place, but profoundly about opening internal spaces. It’s about allowing a context of place, people, and practices to – through deepening resonance and the power of shared purpose – to effect a kind of alchemy; a kind of opening that affects mind, emotions, psyche, and soul. This alchemy – the essence of all spiritualities – does two things: • It dissolves internal obstacles that result in suffering (it brings healing) • It opens new spaces within us to receive higher understanding (it enlightens) And so, let us begin with exploring what this Fifth Pilgrimage, Beyond Ascension, is for. However we ‘slice the pie’, this remains true. Spirituality emerges in the life of any human being when – by hook or crook – a movement stirs within that is itself the result of the soul’s being tired of its fundamental suffering. That suffering, or unhappiness – however vaguely intuited or understood – we call in this PathWay by essentially two terms: • Ego (I am separate, alone, alienated; I am this bodymind, and this is fear-full) • Dream of Separation ( thus, I generate experience that keeps reflecting back to me futility, death, and a recurring emptiness filled with striving, surviving, and a lack of true peace (however well disguised). 20

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This pilgrimage, arising from the purpose it has been given by God (or, if you don’t like that word, try deep ground of all Being!), has one purpose, and one thing. It is: Discovering, and dissolving what I have referred to as the Critical Point. And, then, generating a new momentum of power — like a new wave building in power and speed, moving toward shore — that begins (or deepens) our actualizing of Real Life in the specific contexts of our daily lives. You see, Jeshua makes it clear (and it can be shocking to really finally hear Him on this point), until this critical point is entered, and moved through, Life has not yet begun. Like so many things in even our ordinary lives, it is quite true about this that, once you ‘get it’, it’s, as they say, ‘elementary, my dear Watson’! We suffer from a very real kind of hallucination. Like all hallucinations, it seems real, Until we begin to see it never was so. Perhaps the best way to state this is in Jeshua’s own words, which express His own shocking discovery of the Critical Point, and also point the way toward it for those of us who follow Him: Of myself, I do nothing. And Not my will, but Thine, be done. The hallucination is exactly the opposite: If I don’t do it, it doesn’t happen. And It’s about fulfilling my will. One of these sets of statements (which represent very different domains or worlds) points to eternal life in heaven, the other points to the vagaries of time, birth, death, and suffering in, hell, for heaven and hell are very, very real qualities or states of consciousness. The call of Jeshua is like one shouting to a drunk, you can’t imagine the brilliance of sobriety! Come! Come! The Critical Point – and it exists like a concrete ‘point’ of condensed, gripped, locked-in energy, like the hub of a spinning wheel – is exactly the doorway between the Reality expressed and pointed to in Jeshua’s words above, and the hallucination of Ego and the Dream of Separation. And passing from the latter to the former is both the only thing real spirituality Way of the Heart


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The Christ Path is the epic journey to the epicenter of Real Life. is about as well as the only thing time can truthfully be use for, since everything occurring is the result of ego’s dreaming or how it is pushed to awaken from Dream. This is a radical notion, but it is absolutely essential if we are to ever hope to even begin to understand Jeshua’s teachings whatsoever. The Christ Path is the epic journey to the epicenter of Real Life. How does this brief summary (which you may want to slowly and gently re-visit often over the next few weeks) fit with this pilgrimage and our fundamental question? This pilgrimage is about focusing all our attention and desire on the Critical Point, and sustaining our energy upon it throughout the context of this experience. To do so, we can all begin in the following way: • • • • 22

First, relax out of the hardness of seriousness into the softness of willingness. Second, make your home in the breathing. (If you haven’t yet learned LovesBreath, simply feel and allow your breath to descend and fill the belly, then gently up through the heart, rhythmically) Third, spend ten minutes reading Jeshua’s words above slowly, wanting to gain a deeper insight into them (of myself... not my will...) Fourth, spend as much time as needed to arrive at a succinct, clear, statement about the purpose of your very existence. Do this by changing our fundamental question as follows: Volume 13

| Issue 4

What is my very existence, for? Don’t be in a hurry with this fourth step. Let it take a week, and enjoy simply discovering all the chatter the mind makes up, like a sifting process, as you “set the resonant field” by following steps 1-3, first. Discover if you can reach that place in which from the depth of your being you can feel and state truly (you will know it when you feel it) that your purpose aligns with Jeshua’s words in essence. That is, can you access the true desire of the soul to want only God’s will as you great love, and can you feel the truth that anything truly Good flows through you, but you are not its source? Above all... Pray daily. Carve out just five minutes a day for the following prayer. Now, first, how to pray? Regardless of any habits you may have, let us all do the following. Use the first three steps given above for 2-3 minutes. Then, say out loud, seven times: In the Name of the Lord, Christ I AM, I desire the Only True Life to be lived through me. I offer all that I am, To my Creator. Ameyn. When finished, return to the simplicity of steps 1-3, and inwardly, simply repeat like a mantra, the two words, thank you. Again, do this slowly, perhaps once on every gentle exhale, rushing nothing, seven times. Then let your eyes open slowly, letting texture, color, and shapes come to you easily as you welcome this harmless, innocent world into your being, and wrap it in your choice for love! Notice by quiet observing how you feel (pay little attention to the mind!), then be about your life. This prayer signals our initial activation. It was given me by the Christ Council for the specific purpose of this pilgrimage. It bridges, or links all of us together, and to the holon or vibrational field of the Christ Council. Like the making of good bread requires the base ingredients, the leaven, and the heat, resonant prayer, grounded in shared purposed, is what opens the soul to the ‘heat’ of penetration by higher divine wisdom. I am speaking about a very real mystical, even scientific truth expressed again so beautifully by Jeshua: I stand at the door and knock. If any would open the door, I shall enter therein. Way of the Heart


SO! The beginning is made! Care for the beginning is everything. And so our pilgrimage begins. Let me finish with the very words Jeshua spoke to his intimate students at the last supper, and I suggest you might want contemplate them relative to our beginning instructions: Do this often, in Remembrance of Me. Greetings unto you, beloved children, beloved offspring of the Most High; beloved offspring of Light Divine; beloved offspring what alone is eternally real, and can this be but Love? And is not Love the infinite power, the eternal passion, the ceaseless desire, to make Love itself, known? To make Love itself, the greatest of values? To make Love itself the cradle into which all who yet suffer the burden of fear, the pain of unworthiness, and the hell of a deep inner guilt, may yet be placed in unshakable safety, undying dedication, and the radiantly clear vision that never fails to see their essence as Love itself, holding that vision until in a glorious and Holy Instant, they set aside all illusions born of Fear, and claim that vision of themselves, for themselves, and for all beings? Is not Love, what you came here, for? Not to seek it, but to offer it? Not to question it, but to trust it? Not to let it be veiled in the mad attempt to seek safety in the approval of those run by Fear itself, but to let Love remind you always that your safety and worth are already established in and by the One who has birthed you by its very breath, and longs to show up in the midst of Fear through you, that those bound in Fear may join you, the resurrected Christ? Is not Love, the open door to all that alone can ever hope to fulfill your deepest dream, the dream of the final coming of Heaven, to earth? We call out unto you not from a place far from you, but from that place that is within, or prior to, every dream that has tempted you to go ‘out from the Holy of Holies’ in forgetfulness of your divine being, and to settle for conformity to the dullness of Fear’s substitutes. We call out unto you from the Heart of your own very Heart, too long forgotten as you have yet chosen to look outside your true Self, and into the heartlessness of dreams, dreams of struggle, of doubt, of great seriousness, scanning the madness of the world of Separation for some sign it may yet provide you the safety, the fulfillment, and the approval you have mistakenly believed you were without. Here, is where alone you find your true Life. Here, are useless dreams forgotten, and Christ arises right where you find yourself, gladly seeing that this moment is the only useful time; that this place is the only useful context; that this relationship occurring is not by accident, but has been sent unto the one who would choose to serve Love by delighting in being only Love, Now. 24

Volume 13

| Issue 4

Love is not merely a comfort, but also a Fire. Love is not merely a comfort, but the resolve of firm Truth against the temptation of illusion. Love is not merely a comfort, but the effortless choice to surrender the comfort of the ego and what the world can only appear to offer, for the comfort of Reality. The body is utterly meaningless to your Reality, but it is not meaningless to the usefulness it can be given by Love, operating through it under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that realization of Spirit’s pure holiness, for can Spirit be but the spirit of Love? And God is but Love. Know the Father, then, not by complying to ideas about God, but by your choice to enjoy the extension of Love, and all that Love is, and if you would receive it, the essential qualities of Love – which can only be known through the living of it – have been named for you in all that has been shared in this message. We suggest unto you that you list each of these. Then, make your home in the eternal breathing, surrender seriousness, but also haste, and in the quality of allowance, of studentship, and of devotion, ask simply this question: Where, and how, is this quality of Love truthfully shining forth through me? Then, write each quality down again, and abiding with each in the same manner, ask this question: Where, and how, is this quality restrained from shining forth through me? Remember, as always, that there is no such thing as right and wrong, and thus no justification for judgment. There is the opportunity to grow ceaselessly the infinite capacity of the soul for realizing the reality of Love by living its qualities! This alone is what birthed you, and what you were birthed for, as but a great ray of Light. When you have completed this opportunity for discovery, pause, and reflect on the first list. And then celebrate your very self, and all that you have already evolved and brought forth. Breathe it into every cell of the body you would have given over in devotion to God, and as you release the breath, feel the joy and light extend out beyond the body, until you feel the delight of abiding in your Luminous Sphere. Be, therefore, in the joy of Love’s Presence, and you are in Heaven, Now. After five minutes, crumple the second list, and light it with fire, smiling as you watch it reduced to ashes, knowing that ‘the Father already knows you have Way of the Heart


need of these things.’ That you have surrendered these things into the Fire of Love, and Love is, alone, the Great Healer. For in this have you used the keys to the kingdom. You have desired, you have intended – clearly, or there would be nothing on the first list at all! – and you have allowed. As you rest then in joy, remember that it is the Father who ‘takes the final step for you’, in surrender. And it will come to pass that the items of your second list will come to be transformed in Love. For this alone is life: the extension of Love into and through all that has lacked it. Then, crush the ashes and sprinkle them in the wind, and watch them disappear, quietly whispering, The end is perfectly certain. Thank you, Lord, thank you Lord, thank you. Ameyn. We would suggest that you bring this prayer – for that is what it is – for this begins the alchemy of the movement through the doorway, for which this pilgrimage is called. We would suggest that you each abide in this prayer, for what is prayer but attunement? And to do so at least three times in your next two week period. Yet, you will find that the more you enter it, the more this attunement reveals, heals, and enlivens you! And would you meet your brothers and sisters with less than joy and gratitude? Rare is this calling, rare this opportunity to which you choose to respond. Therefore, love yourself by preparing yourself, not in seriousness, but in the fire and light of Love! We are the many who are the source of this Lineage; called the Christ Council. And we join you in this pilgrimage to join each of you to us. Just consider what this simple statement may come to mean!

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Contemplate on this sentence... The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you. 26

Volume 13

| Issue 4

What is this, for? by Jayem 13.4  
What is this, for? by Jayem 13.4  

A fundamental question into self. If you actually take time to really dive into the questions asked, you will discover the truth about yours...