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by Gene Thompson chapter 8

Total Self Responsibility The human race as a whole is not self responsible. The legal system is supported by the intention to make someone else responsible for the pain or loss experienced by an individual or group of individuals. Wars are fought because one group feels that another group is responsible for their pain or loss and they want to punish them, suppress them or eliminate them. Relationships break up because one person feels hurt because of the behaviour of the other. Kids constantly blame one another and their parents for their unhappiness. We are not for one moment suggesting that these outcomes may not be necessary. What needs to be examined is the motivation behind those outcomes. If people, groups of people and nations were moved by and through total self responsibility many of those outcomes may not be necessary. The opposite to total self responsibility is victimhood. Almost everyone sees themselves as a victim in varying degrees. They see themselves as victim of their parents even when they are adults, their boss or their employees, their relationship Way of the Heart


partner, the kids, the government, or the weather. We hear statements like. He made me angry. She made me unhappy. I can’t help the way I feel. Let’s break responsibility into three levels, namely, responsibility, self responsibility, total self responsibility. Most people accept responsibility for their actions when it is clearly evident that they have caused the situation and they can see no way of shifting the blame to another person. The next level of responsibility appears when a person realises that in the long run it feels good to accept responsibility for one’s behaviour even though in the beginning it may be a bit of a blow to the ego. This is the first step towards self empowerment.

Self responsibility Self responsibility becomes evident when a person realises that there is nothing another person can do to cause them emotional hurt or suffering. They realise that all emotional pain is the result of their thinking whether conscious or unconscious. This is a major step towards self empowerment providing freedom from emotional pain and suffering as the skills of self enquiry are practised and mastered.

Total self Total self responsibility is when a person realises that they are the creator of their reality physically, emotionally and mentally. With this realisation comes the challenge to claim full empowerment as a highly Intelligent, Creative, Loving Being living in a physical body in the world. b

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Volume 14

| Issue 1

Total Self Responsibility by Gene Thompson 14.1  

Total self responsibility is when a person realises that they are the creator of their reality physically, emotionally and mentally.

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