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by Les Dyer chapter 15

Time waits for no one Many people puzzle over the concept of time – and it seems as if there’s more theories than hours in  a day... There is only now. Imagine it like clothing: what we’re wearing this moment is now. That’s the same as saying that what we’re doing this moment is now. All of the past we might imagine like a huge wardrobe into which we place the clothes we still want to keep but aren’t wearing right now. Open the wardrobe door and voila! There they are, waiting for us to either wear or throw out. That’s the same as saying that all our old memories that we aren’t consciously accessing are still with us in storage until we choose to either discard them or use them again. Every time we go to the wardrobe (memory) and open the door we’re doing it now so the clothes we see (our memories) are always accessed in the ‘now’. The future we might imagine like a clothing store we visit to look at the many choices and styles that we can choose to purchase at a later opportunity. Until we buy something they’re just future possibilities. That’s the same as saying that our forward thoughts are just options for us to consider. Every time we access them we’re doing so now so the clothes we have the opportunity to consider owning (our future fears, hopes, aspirations and doubts) are always accessed in the ‘now’. Way of the Heart


Is there a past? Yes, it’s in storage, here and now. Is there a future? Yes, those possibilities are in store, waiting for us to choose, here and now. If any part of the past continues to haunt us it’s because we’re still attached to some article that no longer suits our style. We should throw it out and simply keep a photo of the time we wore that fashion statement. If any part of the future concerns or worries us it’s because we’re visiting the wrong store. Change outlets and you’ll change your style choices. Just remember: whatever you do, remember or think about – and whenever you do it – you do it in the now. Only now is reality. Contrary to some popular opinions you cannot escape the state of ‘now’. You can, however, move into full awareness of what you are thinking and feeling and doing – and from where you source its inspiration. An enlightened being doesn’t discard the past – but learns from it. Remember Victor Frankel. An enlightened being doesn’t discard the future – but grows through it. Remember Einstein. An enlightened being simply stays awake and aware all the time. Remember Jesus. Oops! Time’s up! Gotta go! All my love, Les b

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Each individual is master of his or her destiny: It is up to each person to create the causes of happiness. ~ 14th Dalai Lama 76

Volume 14

| Issue 1

Time Waits for No one by Les Dyer 14.1