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By Dale Hoffman

I am sitting and watching my 7 year old son Mikey as he squats on our living room floor. He is patiently arranging and re-arranging hundreds of tarnished pennies into multitudes of shapes and figures. His contentment with the simple process of life seems surprisingly alluring to me. Mikey is not looking for something else to do, nor somewhere else to be. He is simply being Being itself, being Life itself. When left undirected, Mikey naturally flows to spaces of absolute contentment. I do not even know if I have ever heard the words bored or boring ever come from his mouth. As he stacks pennies in neat little towers, leaning like the tower of Pisa, it is as if he disengages from his attachment to the outside world without ever actually shutting it out or leaving it.


I cannot help but think back to my own childhood back in the late 1970s, when I was perfectly content with a rusty old coffee can, a flowing stream, and a few miniature mountains of dark, filthy mud. The simple process of submerging the mud-filled can in the chilly spring water often enveloped me with such a deeply satisfying sense of contentment all but the process itself seemed to disappear. I was not looking or seeking or pursuing. I was just being me – Just being. I sometimes find myself thinking about the many ways that I unconsciously clutter my mind and my life with an often incessant pursuit of a more simple and streamlined way of being. I sometimes default into a pursuit for solitude and presence, rather than allowing my life and actions to flow freely and naturally from within the presence of this moment itself.

I often seek to find a better way, an easier way or a more direct path to being simply, when simply being is almost humorously resting right under my nose. It is right here, right now, in this very moment. It rests quietly within the very process of the process itself. As I sit watching Mikey and his pennies, I am not pursuing any presence but rather resting within the presence of this moment. Like a rusty old, mudfilled coffee can being submerged in pure water of a flowing stream, I find myself deeply content. Right here, right now. Rather than seeking to master this present moment, I find myself within a depth of service to Life itself, in the service of Presence. My heart fills with a love for my beautiful child of such an adoring purity that it almost seems to hurt. I find that true mastery comes not in the seeking to love but rather in the process of loving itself. b

Dale Hoffman Dale Allen Hoffman is an “eternal student of the Aramaic teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) and a 14-year teacher of spiritual insights from the ancient Aramaic language and culture. He has been a featured writer and guest for several publications and radio programs and is the Director of the international Aramaic Healing Circle. For more information, visit:

The Rusty Coffee Can by Dale Hoffman  

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