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from Su Vulnerability. As I type this I know that by the time you read it you will be holding our new baby in your hands. I wish that I could be there to see how you respond to this change in what we offer, and I hope with all my heart that you will be pleased. As you will have read in the letter we have been topping up the shortfall of the Journal income for all its life. It has gone through so many evolutions in size, distribution, appearance consciousness and readers. As all the while we were attempting to ride our own waves of transformation, adapt, make the right decisions and follow our hearts. We truly want to have you remain a member of ‘The Family’ and we love extending the work of the many wonderful teachers and writers that we call ‘our friends’. I guess as a pair of old Baby Boomers ourselves, we are still avid readers. I go back to my favourite books and articles many times and share them with friends when the messages are helpful, they are like food for my soul. Raj has been saying for years that he would like to produce the Journal as a book that is easy to carry and meant to keep and now he has his wish. This latest adaption initially was the result a decision to move to a print format that allowed us to keep publishing. It came at the apex of realizing that we are being offered the chance to look at everything we do and make it all more effective. We realized that with all the money that goes out on the glossy magazine we could be giving you so many benefits that are more tangible. What really makes our hearts sing is the possibility of connecting all of the beautiful souls who came into this lifetime to make a difference, to revolutionize consciousness. You are the flowers of humanity, as individuals sometimes it might seem that you don’t have great impact, but as a loving collective you change everything. We are being given amazing creative inspiration to develop a really dynamic network hub that is intended to create services and support for everyone. 4

Volume 13

| Issue 3

We have a number of really talented members of the family supporting us in the creation and conscious shaping of how to move forward and as these new facilities come online we will notify you and keep you in the loop. We anticipate most of that happening late 2008, early 2009. As we sat in the soup of change the one theme that repeated itself over and over is that your level of capacity for conscious challenge, the level that you pull into creation through your desire for Truth is really valuable to all consciousness. In truth, not many are interested in reading things that stir the comfort zone and catalyse change deep in the psyche. Never a comfortable place, yet truly it is where the pioneers of this day and age live. And, when it’s where your heart is - It’s So Exciting. As I read authors of the likes of Bo Lozoff, and realize what a beacon he has been for so many, inspired from as far back as 1966 as spirit lead his life onto a path of radical transformation and intensely demanding creativity, I am humbled that I have the privilege to hold his books in my hands. I am even more humbled that my heart bursts into gratitude as I read these beautiful frontiers of thought, Truth and Love. How are we given the Grace to understand? You will, I am sure have noticed the wonderful cover shots. A beautiful sister of the heart, long time Steiner teacher, Lynne Beclu is blossoming in her remarkable gift as a photographer and has supplied the wonderful photos that we used and they include a shot of her daughter and niece with a new baby. How about that for a CV of successful womanhood, without even saying a word? I am so filled with Love and Wonder of all that is unfolding ahead. Thank You God, from the bottom of my Heart for all the Beauty, Wisdom and Growth that comes with every change, the living expressions of Holy Perfection. The further I go into this journey the more evident it becomes that every challenge is the opportunity for an upgrade of Love, consciousness, growth and creative possibility. With the advent of our newsletter between journals we will talk again soon. May the warmth of God’s Love be palpable in your days, and the depth and Peace of the Divine Mother hold you in tenderness that shapes and extends your Vulnerability, until your Heart is as wide as the sky. Love

Su anne

Way of the Heart


Suz Editorial 13.3  

Editorial for Issue 13.3 of the Way of the Heart Journal - a living entity, existing for the purpose of community, bringing people together...

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