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Extract taken from The Jeshua Letters

the amazing and insightful story of Jayem’s encounter with Jeshua (Jesus)


SILENCE Now we begin. Silence. Again, I say unto you: silence. Just beneath the roar and din of your world, Is found a quiet voice calling to the one Who has journeyed over immeasurable distances And through time without beginning.

So gentle is the voice that surely we are mistaken. Unlike the cry of the world, Its sound is unfamiliar, And goes so often unknown. Therefore, Silence for the seeker of the Truth Once known, then lost. Silence is the door at which I stand and knock, Knowing that if the seeker is still, My knock will be heard And I shall enter therein.

Can you allow of silence? Are you willing to quiet the longings Born not of the Father But of the roar of the world? Seek first the Kingdom of heaven, And enter therein through silence. Oh, you who believe even beyond your own beliefs

Way of the Heart


That you are lost from the Father, And separated from His divine Love,

Can you not see it is but your own voice Which calls unto you? I bid you come to silence, That the voice may finally be heard. Here marks the gentle turning point In your ongoing journey. Herein is the way home rediscovered. I stand here at just this end of the pathway,

While you wait there, At the edge of the world you have imagined Into being.

Turn gently, then, Your ear from the din You have for so long been immersed within. Turn gently and hear My voice calling: The Way is before you now, And the table is prepared. Our Father awaits us. Come unto silence,, let the journey end. It is but a short step when Once you turn to Me and Hear Me.

Come, I bid you, come! Amen. b

Reaching a state of inner freedom as regards emotions does not mean being apathetic or insensitive, not does it mean that existence loses its colour in the slightest. It simply means that, instead of being the plaything of our negative thoughts, moods and temperaments, we become their masters. ~ Matthieu Ricard 28

Volume 14

| Issue 1

Poem: Silence 14.1  

An extract taken from The Jeshua Letters, the amazing and insightful story of Jayem’s encounter with Jeshua (Jesus).

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