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All about the Feathers


All About the Feathers is a dead pan comedy, a story about the odd ways that friendships bloom. A support network unexpectedly develops around Chalo and Rocky. Among those who champion their cause is Chalo's workmate, who likes to practice shooting, tell Bible stories, and discuss trends in cosmetics. There's the kid Chalo meets on the bus who writes a song for Rocky that he performs on the trumpet. And there's Candy (Sylvia Sossa), an Avon saleswoman who becomes Rocky's protector when Chalo runs out of places to hide him. Tracing the idiosyncratic nature of these alliances — most often in scenes consisting of one deftly framed continuous shot — Villalobos cultivates a dry comic style reminiscent of early Jim Jarmusch: cockeyed, minimalist, and affectionately attentive to behavioral quirks — both human and avian. “Por Las Plumas” (All about the feathers) and Ernesto Villalobos won the awards for the Best International Film & Best Director at Festival Central Icarus. The award ceremony was made from the Capuchin Convent in Antigua, Guatemala on the 21 of November. "I am overjoyed that has been so well received in Central America, particularly in the Icarus. It is the first award winning film and I'm happy that was almost home," said Villalobos. Furthermore, Villalobos took the award for the Best Director.

“Por Las Plumas”

Film: Por Las Plumas (All about the Feathers)

Writing a screenplay is hard enough; selling a screenplay, producing and distributing a film boasts tougher odds than winning the lottery. Por Las Plumas - the comic-edged thriller set and filmed in Costa Rica - was written, and directed entirely by Neto Villalobos. In October of 2012, the team embarked on a search for money to fund their first full-length independent feature film; financial backers surfaced from Costa Rica, and overseas and the project was a go. Cinergia, the prestigious and influential Central American film fund that supported Villalobos' film Por Las Plumas. Our association with Indegogo has also been a source for a great Crowd funding experience. Making a film, especially a full-length feature, for limited funds could be labeled a modern day miracle. After scouting locations, choosing actors and crew, filming of the project started filming in November 2012. After several months of editing, and shooting at Pursical the next objective was distribution. We beat the odds by not only finding financial backing, but also mainstream distribution. We were living here; Costa Rica is a beautiful country, and Neto had written a script that was set here."We wanted to have a new experience - "an adventure" - and also to live in a place where we could lower our overhead and thus have freedom to write and make films."

"We are very happy and proud. It is the first time a Costa Rican film participates in such big events and stands out in the North American festivals and markets. Poor Las Plumas� (All About the Feathers) has won wide acclaim and recognition for the (Work in Progress film) in the 31st Miami International Film Festival USA, during March this year. It also participated in the Cannes Film Festival, France during May 2013. And it also took part in the Toronto International Films 2

Festival Canada and San Sebastian (Spain) Film Festival in Sept. HBO purchased the film rights for telecast in the US last week and which will be effective from 2014. Telecast in Latin America is handled by Pacific Grey. During November 7-17 it participated in the Stockholm Film Festival and was in Guatemala last week in Oakland. It is planning to attend the Habana film festival in Cuba between 5-15 December. 'All about the feathers' was crowned as the best film of Icarus Festival in Guatemala on the 22 October 2013. ‘In addition, Net Villalobos won the award for Best Director. "I am overjoyed that has been so well received in Central America, particularly in the Icarus. The first prize winning film and I'm glad it's been almost home," said Villalobos. In today's world where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity go hand in hand, it is not enough to be just any other Director. As a CEO of a truly global company, one need to be willing to always learn new thing to run his or her company keeping with the times, says Kris De Meester who is also an Associate Producer of Por Las Plumas. I saw an opportunity of investing in a movie which is full of hard work, enterprising, and team effort. I always hoped it will succeed.

Por Las Plumas is an excellent movie from Costa Rica. I am proud to have studied there and have lived there for a considerable amount of time. People are wonderful. Remembering a 7 year old child prodigy and teacher Natalia Vargas who is from Alajuela and who taught me Spanish. Their family is from Puriscal where I had been there long time ago. Wonderful people. Great place where the shooting has taken place. Neto is an exceptional director who made a simple movie into a wonderful cinema. Everyone can relate to the story. It is about friendship. It is about emotions. It is about Life. Por Las Plumas is a… Great movie … please don’t miss it... Best, Raj Kosaraju , Associate Producer , Film: Por Las Plumas


Por las plumas ( all about the feathers)  
Por las plumas ( all about the feathers)  

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