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New Trend Process ď‚ž Directory

submission is a technique in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) OFF page optimization. Directory submission is well known process for the webmaster to optimizing the websites. Whenever webmaster planning do to a directory submission must the website should have good Title, Description and suitable Keywords (research has to be done).

New Trend Process ď‚ž This

Process is mainly used for getting back links from the popular High PR websites. There are three Types of doing process to get back links namely they are as follows, one way linking, two way linking, and last is three way linking. There are many web directories resources available in the search engines for doing directory submission free and paid.

ONE WAY LINKING Two Way Linking Three way linking

one way linking ď‚ž In

one way linking directory submission you need to submit the website title, description and the keywords. This linking is generally called as regular link or free link. In this submission of linking there is not necessary of giving your own website link means there is no need reciprocal link. Your website will get the back link from submission directory website. So the name itself describes it is a one way linking.

Two way linking ď‚ž In

two way linking of directory submission you are suppose to submit the details of your website meta tags along with the company URL. This means in which website you are doing directory submission website link will give a back link to your site at the same time from your site a link will goes to that particular directory submission website. So this is also called as Two way linking or Reciprocal Linking.

Three way linking ď‚ž In

Three way linking of directory submission a link goes from one website say first website to a second website, then a link from the second website to the third website and a link from the third website to the first website. Most people use one way linking for getting back links to the website. Most of the web directories offer free links and also paid links. For submission of the links the site administrative will take some time for the approval of submission.

Three way linking ď‚ž It

may be few days or months, if it’s paid they will approve instantly. Most of the directory submission put the webmaster submission links permanently and some others for validity of period. Because every day directory websites will be stored thousands of links submitted by the webmasters and admin people will take time to approval. By doing directory submission is one more benefit such as keyword positioning.

This is the easiest way of getting back links compared to other process in the off page optimization. You need to submit your website in possible number of web directories so that your website can be benefited more. By doing directory submission you will get back links from the related category websites and impact to increase your website page rank. There is also having a chance to index more number of times in the search engines. Targeting keywords to get the position in the major search engines this is one opt to do directory submission in top high page rank websites by means of Meta tags. ď‚ž 99dollarz

providing best Off Page, On Page Optimization, digital marketing services to the clients across the globe and giving accurate desired results for the website to improve their Page Rank, Keyword Positions, One way Back links, Website Traffic to increase the website business growth. Our company does manual submission not using any black hat techniques, automatic or robotic tools for submissions, so that our webmaster can submit to the appropriate or related categories of the client website, so that there is no chance to get spam or penalty from the search engines for the client websites.

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99dollarz providing best Off Page, On Page Optimization, digital marketing services to the clients across the globe and giving accurate desi...

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