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The Use of Numerological Science in Problem Solving Numerology is basically the study of the relationship between life and numbers. Over time, it has been discovered that complex number systems and relationships can be used to effectively chart out a person’s life. Numerology is varied in its approach and has many systems and such which govern the entire system. Numerology is also used by Pandit R.K.Sharma who is a best astrologer in India for problem solving. It can therefore successfully be said that the life of a person is measurable in terms of numbers and any negatives are correctible. Its origins go back to time immemorial and its widespread use and patronage can be seen in the Vedic times in India, Greece, China and even Egypt. The concept of numerology therefore is an ever present popular concept and its use has off late begun in daily life of the common man as well. There is no specific approach or system that governs this concept. There are various methods and alphabetical and numerical systems and their use depends on the training of the numerologist and his/her competent usage of the instructions. Each number is given a specific definition, and all these definitions are aspects of the human thought process and so on. The definitions as said before are not restricted to a watertight system, some of the common definitions however are:

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Yang - Individual./Aggressor

Yin - Balance/Union/ Receptive 3. Neutrality- Communication/Interaction 4. Creation. 5. Restlessness- Action 6. Responsibility-Reaction/flux. 7. Consciousness/Thought 8. Sacrifice/Power 9. Highest level of change. These are however only common examples and these may change according to the system of use and the numerologist. These days, numerology is being used very commonly in names and dates. The numerology name is basically a name that has been designed with the help of alphabetical systems in order to bring good fortune and luck. Many of those who desperately require these things, often make subtle changes in the spellings of their names in order to more effectively channelize their flow and capture rid themselves of negative energies. A numerology name does not entail change of the complete name and only an addition or subtraction of one or two alphabets is usually sufficient. The basic numerological system is to continuously add numbers which correspond to the name till only a single digit value remains. That value is then referred to a chart of definitions so that the problem can be figured out. Such system is also followed by Pandit R.K.Sharma who is a best astrologer in India.

There are various numerologists who can be approached for a detailed analysis of any problems being faced by a person. Since the arrival of the internet, there are also free numerology websites available which people can use to find out for themselves the nature of their problems and any corrective action. The free numerology guides on the net provide great ease of access to all those who do not have the access to a numerologist and is great help to those who seek advice regularly. People, who follow regularly this system, can pick up the underlying principle and in turn can advise other people as well. *People who are about to get married often find out their numerological compatibility with their partners. This helps them positively assure themselves of their decision. The

numerological compatibility is found out by simple methods and can be found out online as well with just the complete names of the couple.*

The Use of Numerological Science  
The Use of Numerological Science