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Discovery Gardens Toastmasters Club

DGTC VOICE Area 28, Division F , District 105, Club No: 2991308 ISSUE 11, April 2018


It has been a busy quarter for DGTC and other clubs in the district with Annual speech contest selection for the DTAC event scheduled in May 018. For Area 28 clubs like DGTC, JLT & Greens it is the teamwork which made the selection event a grand success with maximum participation from the club members.

It’s not just speeches for DGTC. For successful teamwork and collaboration DGTC organizes every year Annual Family Picnic with members and this time It was at Umm Suqeim Park on Feb 9, 2018.

The next big thing from Toastmaster International (TMI) is PATHWAYS. Considering the changes in social environment over the years TMI has developed this new format. I am sure with teamwork again this will be a grand success for DGTC‌

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President’s Corner




Fear of Public Speaking


The journey teaches about your destination


Picnic Moments


TM Rowena V. Neelakantan, CC, ALB President – Discovery Gardens Toastmasters Club (DGTC)


Dear fellow DGTCians, We started the year with a BANG . . . such a busy first quarter of 2018! Our year started with Meeting No. 116 on 6th January as inspired by our themed: “Magic Within” by our Magician Toastmaster of the Day, TM Deepa Sasi. During this meeting, we had the opportunity to witness the Educational session led by our expert TM Hashim Haleem on “Evaluation and Table Topics”. This was followed by Meeting No. 117 on 20th January, all about “Leadership”, hosted by our Toastmaster of the Day, our current Treasurer and a true leader by example, TM Rao. In this meeting, we conducted the mock Evaluation and Table Topics, in preparation for club contest. The month of February proven to be the busiest month at DGTC. Starting on 3rd February, we had DGTC’s Annual Club Contest, themed “The Bucket List” for the first time organized by JLT Toastmasters Club. It is amazing to witness the high turnout of participants across all categories. DGTCians, you all deserve a big Round of applause. Always remember that you don’t compete with one another, but with your own self. Whether it’s your first or second time to compete, it doesn’t matter, what’s important is for you to enjoy and cherish the experience. The following week, 9th February, DGTC successfully organized the Greens Dubai Toastmasters Club First Annual Club Contest. Thank you to our Contest Chairs, MC, Judges and silent role players for your support in this event. Do you know that this club was chartered in February 2013? We celebrated our club 5th Anniversary with a Get Together Family Picnic on 10th February at Umm Suqeim park. What a perfect time (nice weather) to get to know each other along with families, bonding moments outside of the meeting room, as one family! We totally enjoyed delicious Indian vegetarian meal


and had great fun with very interactive games for all ages. On 17th February, It’s All About Love . . . A Valentine Themed Meeting No. 118, from our Toastmaster of the Day, TM Nimmy. She enchanted the meeting with valentine décor and games resulted in identifying potential great singers. Also, we inaugurated the new concept of a beautifully decorated suggestion box for club members to offer suggestions to improve the club. In this meeting, we welcomed our Pathwaysrepresentatives, TM Muhammad Atique Ajmal Pathways Guide and TM Anita Clifford ACB, ALB Pathways Ambassador. The month of March started with DGTC’s participation at the Area 28 Annual Speech Conference “Teamwork makes Dream Work”, held on Friday, 2nd March at Sandeep Hall, Delhi Private School, Jebel Ali, headed by our Area Director, TM Anita Sambhus. TM Kumudini, our Toastmaster of the Day, energetically hosted the “Sports” themed Meeting No. 119. In this meeting, we agreed to create groupings to improve interaction among members, and that this will form as basis in taking responsibility in hosting future meetings. On 13th March, DTM Deepa Surendran inaugurated the new grouping format, with themed Teamwork is Vital to Create Harmony. These are the group names and senior leaders: Winners (Deepa Surendran); Leaders (Dinesh), Paragons (Rowena), Mumtaz (Venkat), Dream Champions (Rajisha), Honkers (Deepa Manoj), KAAS


(Sudhir) and Dazzlers (Priya Nambiar). Such high energy that created harmony with strong competition among groups. As of 31st March 2018, we are pleased to announce that DGTC have 43 members, and proud to say that we have secured the “TALK UP TOASTMASTERS” Award by adding 12 new / dual members during February and March. In addition, DGTC completed the April dues renewal for our members, thereby winning the PROACTIVE club award. Let me conclude by saying, “thank you and congrats” to all my fellow DGTCians for your active support and winning performances. With this, let us begin our TOASTMASTERS PATHWAYS learning journey! All the best and looking forward to making a positive difference together in 2018 and 2019.

#TOASTMASTERS TIP: When presenting a speech, don’t think about how the audience will look at you. Think about what value you can give them. Radha Tailor


TM Sudhir Kunnath VPE – Discovery Gardens Toastmasters Club (DGTC)


Change is the only one which is constant in our life and unless we change we will be changed. Toastmasters international after several years of study and looking deeper into the changing social environment and the skills that are required to groom Individuals into better leaders and communicators, has rolled out the new educational program called “Pathways” “Pathways” sets you on your journey of personal and professional development. It offers many different avenues for you to explore and achieve. “Pathways” is a journey of possibilities. As you progress through Pathways, you will: • • •

Practice and improve your communication and leadership skills. Challenge yourself to build and refine certain competencies and skills. Complete a range of projects that include persuasive speaking, motivating others, creating a podcast and leading a group in a difficult situation. Members will have the opportunity to select from many electives to extend their learning. With the addition of electives, members have the flexibility to cover all core competencies within each path. Following are the core competencies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Public Speaking Interpersonal communication Strategic leadership Management. Confidence

10 pathways have been introduced in which one path can be taken at one time. 1. Dynamic Leadership - Builds strategic leadership and conflict resolution skills. Competencies groomed are 1, 2, 3, 5

2. Effective Coaching: Builds interpersonal communication, leadership and coaching skills. Competencies groomed are 1, 2, 4, 5 3. Innovative Planning: Builds creative project management and communication skills. Competencies groomed are 1, 4, 2, 5


4. Leadership Development: Builds communication and leadership skills. Competencies groomed are 1, 2, 4, 5

5. Motivational Strategies: Builds motivational leadership and communication skills. Competencies groomed are 1, 2, 3, 5 6. Persuasive Influence: Builds skills to lead in complex situations. Competencies groomed are 1, 3, 2, 5 7. Presentation Mastery: Builds public speaking skills. Competencies groomed are 1,5

8. Strategic Relationships: Builds networking, leadership and communication. Competencies groomed are 1,2,3,5 9. Team Collaboration: Builds collaborative leadership skills. Competencies groomed are 1,4,2,5

10. Visionary Communication: Builds innovative communication and leadership skills. Competencies groomed are 1,3,2,5 So, while selecting the pathways, please decide on the core competencies which you would wish to develop. As you progress up the path, you will cross various levels which signifies your standard and awareness about your core competencies until you become an expert. Level 1: Mastering Fundamentals Level 2: Learning Your Style Level 3: Increasing Knowledge Level 4: Building Skills Level 5: Demonstrating Expertise

As part of “Pathways� you can reward your members or you can be rewarded with badges which will certainly be a further motivator. This educations program will be a milestone in the journey of toastmaster and let us utilize it.


Fear of public speaking

TM Ankita Secretary – Discovery Gardens Toastmasters club (DGTC)


In a town hall meeting on the first day of my college, I was asked to introduce myself to a crowd of around 300 students, professors and other staff. Though I was a confident career-oriented woman, I always preferred to be away from stage lights. And that moment when I was called upon the stage I had no clue on what to talk. Soon after I greeted the audience, I started shivering. Realized that the research article I read the previous day was insanely true. Death is second on the list of things that people fear the most. The first one was public speaking. And instead of mentioning my name and details I started blabbering whatever came to my mind. Suddenly someone in the audience yelled “You are not audible.” As a reflex action, I switched on the mic that had been trembling in my hand for a while and without realizing continued to speak my mind out. And that second, a thought occurred to me. Wait a second, I said loudly. I can see that guy standing at the end of the auditorium. I can see him laughing at me and am shivering because he will continue to laugh at me. So, my problem, no everyone’s problem is that the audience will judge and laugh at them. The problem is solved. My right hand stiffened against the mic and my left hand moved towards my temple and swiftly pulled my specs off. I announced confidently, now I don’t see even the people sitting in the first row. I don’t read your expressions and so I don’t fear you now. Everyone got startled. After a brief introduction of me, my family, my hometown, educational qualifications, work experience and a deafening silence of 20 sec there was a huge applause. I quickly put on my specs not to miss the celebrity who might have just entered the hall. Alas, the applause was for me. A tiny drop of tear just slipped my eye and landed on my cheek while I quickly mumbled Thank you and slithered off the stage as quickly as possible. My professor appreciated my sense of humor and encouraged everyone to be as brave as me. Deep inside I knew that I did not deserve any of it. But I decided that I am going to fight this fear and really deserve all those claps for myself very soon. I joined Toastmasters and worked hard on my public speaking skills. All the members in my club have been quite supportive in achieving my goals. Now I do look forward for opportunities to speak to wider range of audience. Experience is the lesson of the past to lessen the burden of the future. 9

The journey Teaches about your Destination

TM Rajisha Ajaikumar VP- Membership, Discovery Gardens Toastmasters Club (DGTC) 10

I started my journey with Toastmasters 4 years ago. One day my husband said, “Just come with me. I will take you to an interesting place.” I didn’t know where it was until I landed in this club. I always believed that public speaking was not my cup of coffee. But when I saw people like me speaking and others encouraging them I asked myself, “Can I too”? The VP Membership was short of members so she encouraged me to join. I said, “No please”. My husband said, “Yes please”. I had no choice, no voice. So I decided to start my journey with DGTC. I got my slot, to do my Ice Breaker speech. It was easy to write my Icebreaker speech as I had to speak about myself. At home I practiced well, and I was confident. I knew word by word and sentence by sentence. However, when I reached the meeting room, my heart started beating fast. I felt like escaping from there. But everyone was holding an agenda on which my name was written. Again, no choice. Somehow, seeing the smiles of the encouraging members I decided to give my speech. I pretended to be keeping eye contact and smiled even though I couldn’t see anyone. When I finished, I felt relaxed. The encouragement from the members made me write my second speech. I decided to say something from my heart; a controversial topic- “I hate cooking.” I can spend hours drawing, painting, reading or doing any other things but I hate to spend time in kitchen. My topic sparked a huge controversy as an Indian woman hating cooking is just unbelievable. My evaluator scrutinized my speech in a positive and white-washing manner. Each and every member criticized me during the break. This speech not only taught me to organize my speech but I also learnt that Toastmasters is not a place to convey what you want to say, but share what others want to hear from you. Then I stared writing speeches thinking of the interesting incidents that have happened in my life. I connected my experiences with the objectives of each project. Under the guidance of my mentor, I started writing different stories. I took an emotional touching story for my project 3. I could easily connect the objective of project 3 “Get to the Point”. I was well appreciated. To select a topic for project 4 “How to say it”, was a bit difficult. We must use rhetorical devices, like similes, metaphors, triads. The speech must have descriptive words. Listeners must be able to feel the speech. I feel it’s the most challenging speech. So, I 11

decided to speak about a horrific ghost game which we played at mid-night during my hostel days.

I did my 5th speech on my dream car. My very own blue Mini Cooper which is still a dream. I won my first Best Speaker trophy. This experience made me realize that if you make fun of yourself, people will laugh. So, I participated in the Humorous Contest and won a trophy in the club which qualified me to the Area Contest and then to the Division Contest. I could change my perspective towards public speaking. I was also elected to the executive committee of the club and I became part of the team driving the club. It helped me a lot in boosting my confident. Today, when I look back, I thank my husband for pushing me into this wonderful world of the students of communication and leadership. My entire family attends Toastmasters meetings. My journey continues to this day. Discovery Gardens Toastmasters Club helped me discover my abilities. Now I dream high and aim high. Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.






DGTC Voice ! - Newsletter_ Issue 11  

April 2018 Newsletter Publication

DGTC Voice ! - Newsletter_ Issue 11  

April 2018 Newsletter Publication