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Discovery Gardens Toastmasters Club

DGTC VOICE ISSUE # 08-April 2017 - Club News And Events

Club No : 2991308, District 20, Division F, Area 05.

Discovery Gardens Toastmasters Club


ere born, till t Frrom the day we we we die, we commun nicate. The e municato ors not only y successful comm a what the ey want, have achieved but alsso change ed the wo orld. We are exxtremely lu ucky to be e part of Discov very garde ens Toastm masters Club. It I is an insp piration. We W help each other o to im mprove our vital skills. We W all hold d hands to ogether with our Toastm masters Clu ub to mak ke us grea at communicators!! This is the e nd 2 edition of the DGTC Newslette N r in 2017 7 to the re eaders.

We W thank all the executive committee e and mem mbers of the t out their su upport it would w club. Witho b posssible. Logiic will not have been ta ake you frrom A to B but im maginatio on will take e you everywherre. We hop pe you wiill enjoy read ding our ne ewsletter the way w we en njoyed cre eating it. We W welcome w f feedback k so that we w can im mprove ea ach step ttowards excellence e.  

It’s a collection c of variouss articles starting g from ou ur Presiden nts’ note and our Area Director’s D report followe ed by ourr memberrs’ valuable article es.

TM M Piyush so olanki  VP‐PR






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President’s Message

w hat


exciting contest..simply amazing...this is the feedback of Guest and Senior Toastmasters feedback on DGTC 2016-17 club contest. Thanks so much DGTCians , chief judge DTM Ganesh & his panel of judges & club mentor Ajay & Area Director Deepa S and all silent role players & organizing committee for the extended support to make this contest a great success. We had 47 contestant in all 4 categories and 50% are debut contestant(1st time participating in contest)and they showed a fabulous performance . Senior Toastmasters have rocked the show and set a new trend for new members. Increase in total participation by 27%YOY(Year over year). This Shows great progress of DGTC. congrats to winners and all future winners (participant s).

Area contest was really awesome and glad to share that DGTC has retained the AREA 5 Best Humorous speaker award consecutively for the 3rd time in a row. & Best Evaluation award 2nd time. 3rd time in a row DGTC is participating in Division contest in 3 categories (Humorous , Evaluation, Table topics). Thanks to Venkat, Priya & Anitha. Complete Details of both Club & Area contest are covered fully by our editor in this edition. You will really enjoy it. Overall it was a great contest season and lot of learning for all .


Area Director’s Message

oday - March 27 is the 86th day of the year as per Gregorian calendar. There are just 279 days remaining until the end of the year.



I w ould like to remind all of you about the New Year resolutions planned at the beginning of this year. Many of us thought of many things including;       

Joining a public speaking forum such as toastmasters Start speaking in front of public Start a diet plan Join a new course such as YOGA Start meditation Start a new career, Visit a new place, etc

Now since 1/4t h of the year is ov er, it’s time for us to look back and rev iew our achiev ements so far. Have you achieved as planned or any delay is there in our schedule, how can us re-coup w ith our plans etc. to be considered. Also w e may realize if w e had dreamed for anything un-achiev able?

“ Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep.”

Shall I postpone my dream to next year, or w ill it remain as dream only?I f that’s the case, then it’s our turn to re-define the dream, in Dr.Kalam’s style; “Dream is not that w hich you see w hile sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep.”Get up, dress up and show up to get our goals are achiev ed, w e still hav e time – 279 days – to complete this year. We can ACT NOW and transform the lags to leads! Start NOW; To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly . TM Deepa Surendran ( Area director )

WHO WE ARE WH A E TToastmassters Inte ernationa al is a world leade er in com mmunication and leadership develo opment. Our orga anization n has mo ore than 3 345,000 m members ships. Me embers improve their spe eaking an nd leade ership skiills by a attending g one of the 15,90 00 clubs in 142 co ountries that t mak ke up our global n network o meetin of ng locatiions.

Toastmastters Intern I natio onal Missiion We empo W ower individuals to t becom me more e effectiv ve comm municatorrs and leaders.

D Distric ct Mission n W build new clu We ubs and support s a clubs in all i achiev ving excellence.

C Club Mission We provide a sup W pportive and a posiitive learning exp perience in which h m members s are em mpowered d to deve elop com mmunica ation and d leadersship skillss, r resulting in greate er self-co onfidence and pe ersonal growth. g

Toastmastters Intern I natio onal Valu ues •

Inte egrity


Serv vice

Exc cellence





PROACTIVE CLLUB AWA ARD. This award is g given to your Club as you have rene ewed 25 orr more members beffore 10th of Marrch 2017.

TA ALK UP TO OASTMA ASTER AW WARD By addin ng five ne ew, dual o or reinstate ed memberrs with a jo oin date between b February y 1 and March M 31



nce upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a Chinese wise man and his disciple. One day in their travels, they saw a hut in the distance. As they approached they realized that it was occupied in spite of its extremely poor appearance.

disciple: “Go back, get the cow, take her to the cliff in front of us, and push her off.”

In that desolate place where there were no crops and no trees,

The wise man, an elderly Chinese man, took a deep breath and repeated the order: “Go ahead. Push the cow off the cliff.” Though outraged at what he was being asked to do, the student was resigned to obey his master.

a man lived with his wife, three young children and a thin, tired cow. Since they were hungry and thirsty, the wise man and his disciple stopped for a few hours and were well received. At one point, the wise man asked: “This is a very poor place, far away from anything. How do you survive?” “You see that cow? That’s what keeps us going,” said the head of the family. “She gives us milk, some of it we drink and some were make into cheese. When there is extra, we go into the city and exchange the milk and cheese for other types of food. That’s how we survive.” The wise man thanked them for their hospitality and left. When he reached the first bend in the road, he said to his

The disciple could not believe what he was hearing. “I cannot do that, master! How can you be so ungrateful? The cow is all they have. If I throw it on the cliff, they’ll have no way to survive. Without the cow, they’ll all die!”

He returned to the hut and quietly led

“You see that cow? That’s what keeps us going,” said the head of the family. the animal to the edge of the cliff and pushed. The cow fell down the cliff and died. As years passed, remorse for what he had done never left the disciple. One spring day, the guilt became too much to bear and he left the wise man and

returne ed to that little shack. He wanted to find out what had h happe ened to th hat

Some etimes our atttachm ments can c be the e bigge est obsttacle to t our growth.

took a fe ew steps closer to the pool where he recognize ed the man from the e past, only y now he was sttrong and d confident, the wom man was ha appy, and d dren were e now nice-looking g the child teenagerss. He was dumbfound d ded, and went overr to the man an nd asked d: “Whatt d? I was here with my m teacherr happened a few years y ago o and th his was a miserable place. TThere wass nothing. What did you do to improve your y lives in n ort time?” such a sho The man looked a at the disc ciple, and d replied witth a smile:

family, to help them out, apologize, or somehow make amends. a r a turn in the road, he Upon rounding could not believ ve what his h eyes were w p of th he poor sha ack showing him. In place there was w a bea autiful hou use with trrees all aro ound, a sw wimming pool, seve eral cars in the garag ge, a sate ellite dish, and a on and a on. Three good-look king teenag gers and their parents p were w celebra ating their first million n dollars. The he eart of the disciple e froze. What W could have hap ppened to o the fam mily? ut a doubtt, they musst have be een Withou starving g to death h and force ed to sell their land and a leave. At that moment, the student thought they must m all be ng on the street corrners of so ome beggin city. He H approa ached the e house and a asked a man tha at was passsing by ab bout hereaboutss of the family that had h the wh lived th here severa al years ag go. “You’re e looking at it,” sa aid the man, m pointing to the people gath hered arou und the barbecue Unable e to believ ve what h he heard, the disciple e walked through the gate and a

“We had a cow tha at kept us alive. She e w had. Bu ut one da ay she fell was all we down the e cliff and died. To survive, s we e had to sta art doing o other things, develop p skills we didn’t d know w we had d. And so, because we were forced to come up p doing thing gs, we are e with new ways of d h better offf than befo ore.” now much he story: Moral of th Sometime es our attac chments can c be the e biggest ob bstacle to our growth. Perhapss the best thing t that could happen is to o push yourr “cow” do own the clliff. Is there e a cow ( id dea, menta al block orr mind set ) in your life thatt is keeping you u miserable? ........ Then now is the e time to push p it overr the cliff. ----------------------------------------------------------BY TM Din nesh

OVERCOMING ANGER Why it is important to manage anger?


nger is a normal human emotion and when it is managed properly it is not a problem. Everyone gets angry, and mild anger can sometimes be useful to express strong feelings and deal with situations. However, if anger is expressed in harmful ways, or persists over a long period of time, then it can lead to problems in relationships at home and at work and can affect the overall quality of your life.

The board is a metaphor to our heart. When one says or does things in anger, whether in the workplace or at home, it leaves scars in the heart. No matter how many times one apologizes, the heart will never stay the same. The wounds would heal but the scars will remain. The next time you are angry at your subordinates or work colleagues and are about to say something hurtful, ask yourself

Impulsive actions can ruin lives and precious relationships over time. ”Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned”.

“Harsh words break no bones but  they do break hearts”. Words kill,  words give life, and they are either  poison or fruit….you choose… 

There was once a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he would lose his temper, he should hammer a nail into a wooden board.

As the boy learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered gradually dwindled down. He discovered that it was easier to control his anger than to drive those nails into the board. Finally, the day came when the boy did not lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy should now pull out the nails from the board. The father then told his son to look at the holes in the board, that the board would never look the same again.

first if there is a way to say it in a tactful manner. Impulsive actions have ruined relationships a number of times. “Harsh words break no bones but they do break hearts”. “Words kill, words give life, and they are either poison or fruit….you choose… If someone uses harsh words on you, walk away without reacting, if at all possible. Forgiveness is liberating. Do not carry grudges in your heart. The burden can immobilize your journey to greatness.

Mah hatma Ga andhi wass angry when w he was w indisscriminate ely thrown n out of the train in Soutth Africa, in spite of carryin ng first cla ass ticke et but he e didn’t react r mu uch and his ang ger lasted in 40 seco onds whic ch I think iss a hea althy ang ger and Gandhijji was an a enlig ghtened person. p

means m diss-ease. When we are a not att ease with w our life, we form into disease. Starting with w smalll cough, cold and d going sttraight up u to diab betes, arth hritis etc. Decisions D are mad de on a daily d basis and you y have a choice e. Either you fill the holes in the hea arts of your staff or colleague c es with compassio c on, caring g words and a actio ons, or use u cruel words to o intimidatte and destroy them. t How wever, it would sttill be be etter if you y strive e to unde erstand yo our emplo oyees unique u p personalitie es and working w styles, mentor m th hem if you can, and encou urage them t to im mprove an nd explore e. I wish you try these techniqu ues and ha ave a wonderful w l, peacefful, loving, happy, calm and a greatt life‌

By B TM T Narasim mha Rao

Stud dies show w that ho olding on to hang ger can n lead to increase in n blood pressure p and hea art rate an nd chang ges the flo ow of bloo od in th he vessels and redu uce the hearts h bloo od supp ply which can causse heart attacks. a Everry time we w get an ngry, we are putting poisson into our system. Every tim me we have a fig ght with wife, w husb band, motther, father, siste er, children, boss, a colleagu ue, a friend we are giving g poison to t ourselv ves. Anger is a big b dose of poiso on which h gradua ally com mes in th he form of diseasse. Disea ase


My Role My e       as    


Serge eant A At Arm ms

tt’s been a privilege ed to be part of DGTC D E EXCOM a and be appointed d as Serge eant A Arms (SSAA) of thiis Club. At

aster The Sergeantt At Arms (SAA) serrves as ma hostt and makes the t prop per phy ysical arra angementts and responsible for f the ord derly conduct of all a Club me eetings, in ncluding meal m ering, meeting m room layout and orde controlling clu ub properrty betwe een meetin ngs. e are SAA A key role and respo onsibilities: Here 

   

Keep track of the clu ub’s phy ysical a the ba anner, lectern, propertty, such as timing device, and otther mee eting als materia Arrive early to prepare the mee eting bers, and d stay late to place for memb b’s equiipment and stow all club als materia Greets all guests and memberss at each meeting m Kick offf meetings to ensure mee eting starts on time as schedule e Collectts ballots and tallies votess for awardss Attends and pa articipatess in Execu utive etings Committee mee

W What mak kes this role e super sp pecial? n this role, you will get the chance c to o speak In a each meeting, at m which is a great way to p practice y your comm municatio on skills an nd build g greater se elf-confide ence as a public sp peaker. In n my opin nion, this rrole requiires a systtematic a and organ nize perso on who values v tim me and p passionate e to develop his/he er leadersh hip skills th hrough To oastmaste ers Club. ve what it takes to t be the e future Iff you hav SAA, I wou uld encou urage you u to apply y for this ole and be prou ud to be e part of DGTC ro E EXCOM. a ( SAA ) TM Rowena

Table Topics " If I'm a butterfly for a day!". For a few minutes I really became the colorful and beautiful butterfly I love!! T M Kalpana


able topics was one of my favorite speeches in the whole lot! That's why I chose to enroll my name in table topics even as a ice breaker!! This time it was an awesome topic as my favorite: " If I'm a butterfly for a day!". For a few minutes I really became the colorful and beautiful butterfly I love!!

I lived the life of a butterfly hovering around many beautiful and fragrant flowers over gardens all over the world!! I bathed in the sweet nectar of different flowers and enjoyed those few minutes as though I lived my whole life as a butterfly!! My fellow competitor,

The Be ee steals tthe necta ar from some of my m flowers and makes his honey ycomb w was hive!! I overw whelmed w with joy th hat I make e so many people happy and d keep them smiling g!! I was in bliss that I ev ven forgot to thank k the respe ected jud dge who se elected th his topic fo or us to ta alk!! Â

Thank yo ou all of you for giving g thiss wonderfu ul opportu unity to liv ve the life e of a butte erfly!! by T M Kalpana K

new ideas and experiences, we sharpen our list ening skills, we t hink


I joined Toast mast ers just t o give a t ry t o get rid of my fear t o face crowd! But t oday, aft er 1.5 years, I am a passionat e and a commit t ed Toast mast er. I am very confident t o face audience now. In Toast mast ers, we support each ot her, we list en t o

creat ively on a regular basis, we offer new ideas of improvement s, we get guidance from our ment ors, we get rewarded, we learn t o do bet t er every t ime, we learn t o t hink on feet , we get rid of filler words like uhs & uhms, we net work wit h new people and expand our circle.


I am glad t hat with DGTC & it s evergreen and welcoming members support , t oday I am glad t o be a compet ent communicat or‌. t hough t here is long pat h ahead of t his marvelous journey of learning & self-improvement ! " TM NISAR VPE

OUT OF COMFORT ZONE t is irrefutable to say that toastmaster provides a platform, where we can learn public speaking in a supportive atmosphere, build our confidence in front of an audience and also network with intellectuals of similar level and capabilities.


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

“It was a magical transformation “ in my ability from ICE Breaker and Project 10 speech. with a span of 1.3 years.

It was a fantastic year for me in Discovery Garden Toastmaster club. I have successfully completed my competent communicator and recognized for this exceptional achievement. With my journey of the project speeches, there have been a massive improvement in my ability and became more confident in front of audience. It was a magical transformation in my ability from ICE Breaker and Project 10 speech, with a span of 1.3 years. It was a 360 degree learning program where I have not only learned from my mentor but also learned from new members including guests. I had an opportunity to serve the club as a Treasurer and learn tremendously on managing the finance and accounts not only for the club but at personal level as well. There are ample opportunity provided by senior leaders of the club to improve not

only soft skills but much beyond that. I grabbed an opportunity to start a new club in Green Community with support of seniors and serving the club as a President. So far it is an awesome, fabulous and fantastic experience for me. This role helping me to enhance people management, marketing and leadership skill. It requires me to work closely with club officers and inspire each one of them to promote the club for membership drive. We are promoting the club by distributing fliers, creating meeting event on meetup and promoting it on Facebook. Being president, I am also mentoring, coaching and guiding new members, who joined the club and inspiring Guests to convert into member. Finally, I pen down saying that, toastmaster is unique set up to mature your public speaking and leadership skill, together with interacting with people from numerous background. --------------------------------------------TM Manoj Maru Treasurer


CO ONGRATULATIONS C CLUB CON NTEST WIN NNER   TM RO OWENA FOR Intern national  sspeech   TM NITA for table topic   TM NISAR For H Humorouss speech   TM PR RIYA for e evaluation n    


TTM VENKET for Hum morous sp peech    TM Priya for Evaluation   T TM ANITA A  For Table topic ( first runner Up )  


President TM Dinesh

VP Education

TM Nisar

VP Membership TM Kumudini

VP PR TM Piyush


TM Manoj maru

Secretary TM Deepa M

SAA TM Rowena

Dgtc voice april 2017  
Dgtc voice april 2017