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Now, Virtualise your Complete IT Training Enable your students to Learn Programming Languages Online! (BETA) is a revolutionary portal that enables your Institute to take your IT Training Courses to the cloud! With Krazykoder’s patent-pending technology, not only can your students access and discuss your IT course theory material online, but they can also actually perform their complex lab assignments online too! From the comfort of their own home!

No more lab-crowding and hassled faculty staff. What you get is not only an edge over your competition, but also reduced infrastructure costs, more capacity, more streamlined processes, happier faculty and amazingly delighted students! enables students to learn: Java









Design Patterns

...and many more latest technologies online

Not Just Theory, Practicals Too! Students can actually write & run complex programs online! With krazykoder’s patent-pending technology, students can now compile & run existing code examples, write their own code from scratch, submit assignments and work on complex projects - all from their browser! First time on the web!

Benefits for institute: Get your IT courses in the cloud! Get a revolutionary edge over other offline institutes Reduce cost on infrastructure & real-estate Increase capacity Increase faculty efficiency Faculty can now be geography-independent Truly enable your students to become ace programmers!

Benefits for students: 24x7 access to your training material 24x7 access to lab environment No need to install any technologies on their local box Faculty can create readymade examples for students to run and reflect on Allow students to practice, practice, practice within a safe controlled environment!

r e d o K y z a Kr Rajesh Mooorjani : +91-9890037551

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