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Dear Friends,

November, 2012

We thank you all who contributed during the Joy of Giving week, our children and their families appreciated the donated goods very much. We are looking forward to your continued partnership with us to reach out to those in need. God bless you and yours!

Living a victorious life means that sometimes we have to develop new habits. Many of us often live a negative reality and we must change from an “I can’t” attitude to an “I can” attitude,; from “It won’t happen “ to “It will happen”. Become what W. Clement Stone called an “Inverse Paranoid”- Someone who says that God and the universe are plotting good for me! ==JEL

You can increase your joy today by helping someone that is less fortunate than you—Joyce Sharing with others is just like reaching out to that neighbor in need. Who is your neighbor?—Joyce Call us at: 91-9811255878; 91-8377932501 Contact us at: Visit us at:

Activities and progress of the center:  Joy of Giving week, received boxes of clothes from Samsung, Noida.     

Volunteer’s visit: Mr. Rajesh Jain and family, Carmel. Rice and atta distribution to families. Parents and teachers meeting. Conducted Life skills workshop at the DPS Indrapuram. Funds collected for Children’s Day celebration.

Upcoming month Activities:  Children’s Day celebration, Khushion Ki Bahar.  Christmas preparation.  Winter excursion for older children.  Needing winter tracksuit for 80 children.

Good thots: Think about Good Things Author Unknown Think of the things that make you happy, Not the things that make you sad; Think of the fine and true in Mankind, Not its sordid side and bad; Think of the blessings that surround you, Not the ones that are denied; Think of the virtues of your friendships, Not the weak and faulty side. Think of the gains you've made in business, Not the losses you've incurred; Think of the good of you that's spoken, Not some cruel, hostile word; Think of the days of health and pleasure, Not the days of woe and pain; Think of the days alive with sunshine, Not the dismal days of rain. Think of the hopes that lie before you, Not the waste that lies behind; Think of the treasures you have gathered, Not the ones you've failed to find; Think of the service you may render, Not of serving self alone; Think of the happiness of others, And in this you'll find your own!

Nov month Newsletter 2012  

Activities of month of Nov. 2012

Nov month Newsletter 2012  

Activities of month of Nov. 2012