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An elevating experience... 30,000 feet off the ground, or on it!

Boring and repetetive... Things you will never hear about our menus Skygourmet boasts of a delectable collection of menus designed by our highly creative and skillful chefs. Be it Indian, Continental or Oriental cuisines, hot meals, cold meals or bakery, the taste of Skygourmet dishes will leave you asking for more. And the excitement has just begun!

We do repeat ourselves... With consistent quality, hygiene and creativity Our food has passed several stringent audits about food safety and quality. Whilst this has happened for food meant to be eaten several thousands of feet in the air, there is no reason why we can not repeat the feat on terra firma. After all, we follow some of the very stringent food safety and quality control measures in our food production and handling processes. And we take pride in doing it consistently, while making sure that highest standards of quality and creativity goes into bringing food to you that you can relish.

• Fully equipped microbiology lab, manned by highly qualified personnel • HACCP requirements are monitored at each stage of production, assembly and dispatch • Rigourous staff training in food safety

The Skygourmet Advantage • International pedigree and experience: the Gategroup »» 110 locations worldwide, 7 locations in India »» Proven name in India in airline catering and hospitality • Quality »» Best in class quality processes and practices »» ISO 22000 Certification »» Consistently high scores on Medina audits • Mechanized kitchens for better hygiene and efficiency »» State-of-the-art equipment »» 107,600 sq. ft of facilities »» Capacity of 25,000 meals • Refrigerated transport for extra freshness and longevity of food • World class chefs with international experience »» Expertise in menu design »» Efficient management team »» Well trained support staff

Aiming beyond the skies... It has been TEN glorious years that Skygourmet has been providing delectable cuisine choices to its high flying patrons. While doing so, it has established itself as a front runner in the airlines catering business. Skygourmet now extends the promise of the quality and innovation to its institutional and corporate clients—the same quality which has been bringing about the smile of satisfaction to the faces of millions of airlines passengers since 2002.

Some facts: • Over 1,000,000,000 meals served to date • Sizeable market share in both domestic and international airline catering • Caterers to prominent national and global airlines • Nestle, DeShaw, Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) amongst our existing institutional catering clients • Largest fleet of temperature controlled vans

Ask for an exciting menu... And get quality and peace of mind—free! With Skygourmet food, you can rest assured of the food that tingles the tastebuds, stimulates the senses and soothes the soul. But, that is not all. You get an assurance of best in class quality, creativity and food safety all in one place! How exciting will it be when the employees of your organization start looking forward to come to office simply because the food being served at the cafeteria is superb! Or how about this—there is an increase in the attendence of your employees at your offsite meetings because they know that Skygourmet is catering for the event? Well, we are sure that they will have much important things than food on their minds when they come in to work. And yet, this is exactly what we want to do—keep your and your employees’ minds off the worries about the safety, nutritiousness and the taste of the food. And with our reasonably priced solutions, there is no need to cut corners and keep a constant eye on budgets. An affordable something that goes a long way in ensuring a satisfied, happier work force.

Offerings... Our institutional and corporate catering solutions include buffet and packed meals options. We cater to a large variety of food preferences including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options covering a large gamut of regional Indian dishes as well as choice selections from international cuisine. Services Overview: • Airline catering • Institutional catering • Outdoor catering

We undertake outdoor catering assignments as well as special arrangements for team gatherings and parties.

Our talented chefs will be delighted to design a menu for your organization keeping in mind the cultural mix and other factors determining the food preferences. With our efficient work force scale is not an issue. We have a capacity of producing about 25,000 meals in a day which we hope will meet your demands adequately well.

Skygourmet Catering Pvt. Ltd. Indira Gandhi International Airport Complex Diagonally Opposite Rose Garden New Delhi 110 037 Tel: +91 (11) 4766 7600 Mobile: +91 99 5831 1155 Fax: +91 (11) 2565 3386 email:

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Skygourmet present their new extended offerings in institutional catering after proving themselves in airline catering in India